Color Me Wonderful! Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free is a must have

As a mom of toddler twins, I am scratching my head wondering why didn’t I get Color Wonder ages ago? I mean, seriously.  I wouldn’t have to wash marker off the walls, scrub crayon off the floor, apologise profusely to the restaurant that my twins coloured on their tables.  Sigh….

What is Color Wonder?  It is the best invention that’s what, but putting that aside Color Wonder is a non-toxic, mess-free colouring system that offers your child oodles of fun and creativity with Crayola’s mess-free colouring.

Kids love to watch the colours magically appear with #ColorWonderMessFree inks & paints will not appear on the skin, walls or carpet! @Crayola Click To Tweet

Here’s a peek at just some of the awesomeness you can get from the collection.  It’s my kids.  Happily playing together with the Finger Paint-creative play! Something I’ve never thought to buy because of you…know-MESS.  But Crayola thought of this genius product.  Crayola Color Wonder Fingerpaint. That green blob on the floor is NOT from ColorWonderMessFree. CLEARLY!  Now you see why I am so thrilled.

#ColorWonderMessFree is a creative system of inks and paints, developed by @Crayola scientists! Click To Tweet
colorwonder-twins_embColor Wonder is so unique in that it’s geared for kids 3-5yrs but I think I could have used this sooner.  It has a uniqueness to it that it only works on Color Wonder paper as the markers and paint are colourless until it is used on Color Wonder Products.  It’s so cool!

” The magic of colour without the mess. Crayola’s unique patented technology. Color Wonder is a mess-free colouring and drawing system. Color Wonder Markers are designed to mark only on Color Wonder paper.”
colorwondermessfree_frozenThe above comes in a series of kits. It’s called the Color Wonder Kit.  Frozen, of course, was a hit. Paw Patrol, Thomas the Train and Disney Princess.  The kits come with activity Color Wonder paper and markers.  It’s the best way to spend $10.  Perfect for the Holidays!

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I can bring this over to my parents new, clean, white home and not worry about the kids accidently getting marker on the floor, on the table or when they are running around with their markers.  Because, you know- toddlers!  Oh, look a wall! 

I also like bringing their Color Wonder pad on the go as we dine out a couple of days a week since hubby is in the pub industry and we go for the odd road trip. When the kids get bored I whip out a new kit. Ta-dah!  I know they love their cartoon characters but seeing their own creativity flow with a blank slate as they marvel at the clear coloured markers popping up with beautiful bright colours is marvellous and that makes me as a mom of little artists very happy!


Now kids can color anytime & anywhere; mess-free thanks to #ColorWonderMessFree from @Crayola Click To Tweet

I hope I’ve gotten you excited as well to check out mess-free colouring from Crayola.  I am a fan and you can bet this Christmas season I am going to pick up more Color Wonder Mess Free products.  Please note the giveaway is Canadian only.  Please read the terms & conditions.

Disclosure: This post is part of the and Crayola and the #ColorWonderMessFree sponsored program. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. This post reflects my personal opinion about the information provided by the sponsors.

Crayola Color Wonder


  1. Judy Cowan | 16th Nov 16

    These are great, already picked one up for a Christmas present.

  2. Lynda Cook | 16th Nov 16

    Oh wow, this is something I need for the grandkids, love the sounds of this NO MESS!!!

  3. Treen Goodwin | 18th Nov 16

    This is awesome , something i need in my home for the grand kids , they seem to like to draw on the coffee table walls and table lol , how i would love this and i love the sound of mess free 🙂

  4. Carol M | 18th Nov 16

    What a great gift for kids and parents.

  5. ivy pluchinsky | 18th Nov 16

    wow i would love to win this for my niece! good luck everyone

  6. kathy downey | 18th Nov 16

    NO MESS,would be heaven!!

  7. Tammy Dalley | 21st Nov 16

    awesome, my boys would love this

  8. steve hopkins | 22nd Nov 16

    My kids would love this

  9. Carole Dube | 24th Nov 16

    My granddaughter would love this and so would I! No mess!

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