Conair Rainbow Collection- For the beauty influencer in all of us!

All of my hair appliances are Conair & I have a fun giveaway for you.  After all, they are a trusted brand for all our beauty needs, am I right?  There’s something magical and so 80’s with the Rainbow Collection from Conair. I love the chrome, the iridescence, the colours.  The inner 10 yr old is screaming, “this is so me!”.  If you’re an 80’s kid this is for you!  I don’t know if you caught my Instastory on the Rainbow collection, even my 6 yr old daughter said: “Mom, your hair dryer looks so 80’s!”  I had a laugh but using the collection, I just wanted to pin my jeans, get my Club Monaco sweatshirt and grab a scrunchie and do some styled pics with their products.  So check out my favourite items below.


Rainbow Tourmaline Ceramic Dryer

My Inifiti Pro Hair Dryer is great because the buttons are on the back of the handle and smooth so I am not clicking or pushing on anything while I am blow drying my hair quickly and effectively.  It has a cool setting too which I know I’ll love for the summer, 1875 WATTS, 3 heat and 2-speed settings and another favourite feature of mine is the concentrator for a pinpoint blow out and a diffuser for volume and waves. 


Next up!  Inifiniti Pro Rainbow Titanium Rainbow Flat Iron.   It just looks so sleek, doesn’t it?  I’ve been straightening my hair a lot and this looks like it would give such a smooth finish.  I’d love this one for Mother’s Day. The rainbow titanium provides even heat which means less damage and frizz with increased shine.  Give me all the shine!


Infiniti Rainbow Curling Wand.  Beachy waves please some to be for that effortless, chic look! This curling iron gives even heat that eliminates hot spots so you can style with less damage to your hair!  I have a curling wand by another brand that I bought off Amazon and it just doesn’t work.  Once again, I am swooning over the rainbow collection because I find it so appealing.  


Head to my Instagram and enter to win a Conair Rainbow Infiniti Pro Hairdryer!  I’ll announce the winner on Mother’s Day. CDN only.

Disclosure: This post in partnership with Conair Canada.  All opinions are always my own and never influenced. 


  1. Elizabeth Vlug | 10th May 19

    What a lovely collection!

  2. Lynda Cook | 10th May 19

    Oooooo nice!!

  3. Elizabeth Vlug | 10th May 19

    I think my favourite is the hairdryer. But just by a hair. 🙂

  4. Kimberley | 10th May 19

    The straightener is my favourite although I wouldn’t say no to any of them.

  5. Wendy Hutton | 10th May 19

    Love them all but the rainbow curling iron is my favorite

  6. Elizabeth Matthiesen | 10th May 19

    A very pretty collection, a shame I just got a new hairdryer from my daughter for Christmas.

  7. Emily John | 10th May 19

    I love them all! But I have to say I’m impressed with the My Inifiti Pro Hair Dryer. I have had bad luck with hair dryers in the past they either don’t dry well or takes a long time or they just stop working like my last one :(.

  8. Nicolthepickle (Nicole graham) | 10th May 19

    My favourite is the hair dryer, although they all look really cool.

  9. Treen Goodwin | 10th May 19

    My favorite is definitely the hair dryer , but would love them all!! @treen39 on IG

  10. Tovie | 10th May 19

    Can I want them all 😍

  11. Cyrena Eddy | 10th May 19

    Love rainbows anything! So love the entire collection. Thank you for the chance!

  12. kathy downey | 10th May 19

    Rainbow Dryer is my favorite for sure !

  13. ivy pluchinsky | 10th May 19

    I just love that hairdryer! I could use a new one

  14. Delee | 10th May 19

    Wow! 🌈 All are so beautiful coloured! 🌈 I really loving them all but would pick the hair dryer! 🌈

  15. Jolie | 10th May 19

    My favourite is the hair dryer. Thanks for the chance and happy Mother’s Day!
    Entered on Instagram as @jolie238

  16. Michelle Policelli | 10th May 19

    I had no idea Conair had this rainbow collection! I love them all but the curling wand is my absolute favourite because I love beach waves ❤️

  17. Paula ritchie | 11th May 19

    The curling iron is my fav

  18. Janice McKay | 11th May 19

    I’m loving the rainbow curling iron a lot; I don’t own one as my hair has gone wavy with age. Yet my favourite has to be the Rainbow Tourmaline Ceramic Dryer. My current dryer is a Conair Euro 1600 and if I’m not mistaken, is 25+ years old! And not at all iridescent! It’s brown, broken in places and badly scratched 😂
    IG handle is @bitterexdroid

  19. Grace S. | 11th May 19

    Love them all.

  20. Rebecca | 11th May 19

    Amazing collection. My favourite is the hairdryer. @rebeccamytong

  21. Victoria Ess | 11th May 19

    These are so pretty and chic!

  22. Pam | 11th May 19

    My fave is the hairdryer and I love the eighties!

  23. Florence Cochrane | 11th May 19

    I love the hairdryer. So nice.

  24. sbabij | 11th May 19

    I think the Inifiniti Pro Rainbow Titanium Rainbow Flat Iron would be my first choice! I have some natural curl I try to tame 🙂

  25. Judy Hunting | 11th May 19

    Love them all but the hair dryer is my fav

  26. Deanna Bolton | 11th May 19

    Love all three, and I sure could use these as well! Thanks 🙂

  27. Silvia D | 11th May 19

    I really love them, could use that hairdryer!

  28. Kelsey | 11th May 19

    I love them all!!

  29. KelseyMG27 | 11th May 19

    Ooh they’re all so pretty! I’ll say my favourite is the hair dryer though ’cause I need one of those. Haven’t had one in years, I always borrow my sister’s haha.

  30. Theresa | 11th May 19

    I’d love the Inifiniti Pro Rainbow Titanium Rainbow Flat Iron! Its been ages since I’ve had a new flat iron and I love to wear my hair straight. Having less frizz and less damage would be a plus for sure!

  31. Johanna Newman | 11th May 19

    Love all Three

  32. nicky | 11th May 19

    These look so cool! Love the colours.

  33. Lorraine Grande | 11th May 19

    Great rainbow collection! I could not survive without a flattening iron so this is my absolute favourite bonus on the rainbow 🌈

  34. Nicole C | 11th May 19

    I love the flat iron since I use it every couple of days 🌷

  35. Sherry Bortolussi | 12th May 19

    I think every woman needs all 3. 🙂 especially me!

  36. Colleen Rose | 12th May 19

    Love them all ! Fresh new rainbow colours are amazing

  37. Jennifer Hakze | 12th May 19

    Very nice

  38. John Mc Carron | 12th May 19

    These all look really good!

  39. Denise M | 12th May 19

    This looks great. Thanks for highlighting it so we can learn more about it.

  40. Cynthia Lee Moreau | 13th May 19

    Rainbow collection is awesome! l love lots of colours!

  41. Sarah | 14th May 19

    So pretty and cool.

  42. Florence Cochrane | 14th May 19

    That Inifiniti Pro Rainbow Titanium Rainbow Flat Iron would be great for my granddaughter.

  43. Shirl | 14th May 19

    This is a very nice collection

  44. Nate | 15th May 19

    looks very good

  45. kristen visser | 16th May 19

    this collection is amazing!! so fun with the rainbow colors <3

  46. Christine Faria | 17th May 19

    It’s just as beautiful in person! I can’t wait to try it!

  47. Heidi c | 18th May 19

    My girls would love the rainbow 🌈 colours!

  48. Janet M | 19th May 19

    I do like this collection.

  49. loucheryl | 21st May 19

    I really like the look of the Rainbow Tourmaline Ceramic Dryer. I would love to have it. My old one is so huge and clunky!

  50. Laurie P | 29th May 19

    Great line of products from a reliable brand!

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