Core Restore & Foga with FitMom #jointhemotherhood #corerestore

12052370_979989288690378_7508845829206348953_oI am so looking forward to this and getting reassessed as I wonder how much my abs have seperated, I do forget but I also wonder if they have repaired at all!  I hope to see you there.

CORE RESTORE is a workshop for women wanting address their core health after childbirth. It does not matter if you are a new or veteran mother you will benefit immensely from this knowledge .

You will receive:
An introduction to complete core health for motherhood and preventative core health information.
An assessment of Diastasis (separation)
An instructional teaching of what exercises to incorporate to stabilize and restore your core.
An instructional teaching of what exercises to avoid and guidance on what to safely reintroduce and when.
An instructional teaching of supporting methods for a restorative core health approach.
A workbook .
Individual recommendations.

45 minutes

Is Andrea Page’s comfort cure for mamas aching bodies.

A combination of specific yoga postures and foam rolling techniques to help you.
Reduce discomfort and inflammation
Improve posture and alignment
Improve sleep
Improve body awareness
Improve posture
Improve mobility

30 minutes of self care class that will improve your well-being drastically!  So bring your foam roller(you can get them at Canadian Tire for $25) and take care of YOURSELF.

TO REGISTER ! 10 spots only

logo-1Andrea will be doing this in different locations.  Please follow Andrea to find a location near you!

745 Mt.Pleasant Ave, Toronto,ON
Oct.23, 2015

#JointheMotherhood w/ @FitMomFitness for Core Restore & Foga with @FitMomFitness Oct.23 at 12:30pm. Bring baby & take care of yourself. #GTA #MOM Click To Tweet

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