Creating hygge with the family at Marche Toronto {Review & Giveaway}


Me: “What did you like most about visiting Marché?”
My son: “Spending time together as a family.”

I recently had the best experience dining out as a family.  So much so that I want to make it a ritual to go to Marché every Saturday to create our hygge(hoo-ga) as a family or at least, every other Saturday as they have the cutest sections for seating and a nice kids area for playing. From a French Bistro style to a Swiss chalet to a wicked, cosy bar you get the feel of being in Europe and whilst I am in Toronto this is a nice escape for me on our tiny budget.
It was a real treat to spend a good 3 hrs later and $160 later ($134 on food & beverages, desserts, smoothies + alcohol and a 12% automatic gratuity) later at Marché where the kids ate fresh and nice quality food ($9.90 kids meal includes a beverage, meal and dessert), in-house European desserts and played and played and made new friends as my husband and I kicked back.  He indulged in prime rib(which was huge) and a pint or two, I had wine and oysters followed by traditional smoked salmon rösti. It was a relaxed environment with friendly staff.  Although hygge is a Danish term for good social atmosphere, coziness, comfort and relaxation I am sure the Swiss have a similar term.  If you follow me on Instagram you would have known what we were up to on Saturday.  Although Marché is a little more expensive, the portions are big, the atmosphere is wonderful, the staff are lovely and helpful(for semi-service) and you can get $5 off parking when you spend $20 net or more.  Parking ranges in price from $10-$20 depending on the date and time. OystersMarche

A downtown restaurant where kids can play:
We had a great table by the kids play area.  It’s simple.  Nothing too fancy but fun for kids to explore and use their imagination.  I think it could use a few more toys but a slide, balloons and a place to colour and climb is good enough for my kids.  Picky paid us a visit and the kids loved it!  Picky is the Marché mascot.  He comes out to see the kids and on Sundays they do arts & crafts from 12-12pm.  Fancy a brunch this weekend?



The food
With a very European way of doing things, you feel instantly transported.  From the Italian area for fresh, handmade pasta’s to fresh pizza’s and the juice and smoothie bar you can walk over to the new hot sandwich section, or check out the French section for the fresh quiche or walk over to the Rösti section for that and steaks and vegetables.  There is something for EVERYONE.  Or sip on fresh bouillabaisse from the Seafood area.  Check out my Instagram for more pics on the food

PizzaStationBirthday Parties!
I think I’ll be having the twins birthday this year at Marché because it’s perfect for friends and family to come downtown and I don’t have to worry about food and prep. At Marché they take care of the set-up, cooking, serving, cleaning, and even entertainment so you don’t have to! From buffet, to cocktails to seating and service.  Packages start as little as $9.90 per person.   There is no rental fee and no minimum!  It is not supervised but can be for an extra $100.  If you’d like to book, contact Amanda Ortiz at 647-350-6999 ext. 4  I think this is a great place for a kids birthday party.   Marché is huge.  



Alright, friends.  So there you have it.  We had the beautiful time reviewing Marché down at the Marché Brookfield Place Street Level.  It’s a short walk from the Eaton Centre too!  You can bet we’ll be back.  I really want to go again this weekend because I’ll be honest.  It’s nice to have someone cook for you for a change and a place where kids are welcomed and can play and I can relax and enjoy myself and them.  The kids really enjoyed it and that makes me so happy.

Marché and I have a lovely giveaway for you to win.  We’re giving away a $75 gift card for you!  It’s simple to enter and I’d love some social shares to help spread the word on how this is such a great place for downtown Toronto to take the family.  So, good luck and enter.  Big thanks to Marché for having us and for this giveaway.

Marché $75 Giftcard Giveaway


  1. Lily | 3rd Feb 16

    I love this place – the space, the variety, the quality! My top pick when I am downtown 🙂

  2. katy emanuel | 3rd Feb 16

    this place looks wonderful for family, the children area looks great and it sounds like they have a great variety of items to please everyone.

  3. Diana Powell | 3rd Feb 16

    Love your pictures and the description of the food !!

  4. Kelly D | 3rd Feb 16

    I love your pictures the most~WOW!

  5. Dawn | 3rd Feb 16

    Love Marche and have not been in awhile. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. Nicole | 3rd Feb 16

    Love your descriptions of the food (makes me hungry! ) as well as the kid’s play area.

  7. Courtney | 3rd Feb 16

    I loved the food pictures the most! Looks absolutely delicious!

  8. lynn clayton | 3rd Feb 16

    i like that its kid friendly and the food lokks great

  9. CL Chin | 3rd Feb 16

    Thanks for the photos and review. I used to enjoy going to Marche every so often to celebrate someone’s birthday or for a casual dinner. I didn’t realize that they made changes in the decor and how family friendly they are now. I might consider holding a birthday party there in the near future.

  10. Anne Dougherty | 3rd Feb 16

    Wow, I didn’t know about this place! I will definitely be keeping it in mind now.

  11. Jolie | 3rd Feb 16

    The food, looks amazing. I have not been in a long while and I know that this place was renovated. Looks great now.

  12. Erika | 3rd Feb 16

    Would love to take the family here!

  13. Pam | 4th Feb 16

    I like that you included info for the kids (playing, parties) but also a food focus for the adults.

  14. JOANNE FRANK | 4th Feb 16

    I love that its kid friendly and amazing food

  15. Victoria Ess | 4th Feb 16

    I like how family-friendly you portrayed it!

  16. SweetPanda | 4th Feb 16

    I love that you have indicated there’s kids meals available and information about the play area

  17. Melinda Jana | 4th Feb 16

    I love the part about the food. sorry total foodie

  18. Robyn Bellefleur | 5th Feb 16

    I am glad that you informed me of this place, I haven’t heard of it until now. It sounds like a great place for the whole family.

  19. Sharon | 5th Feb 16

    The food pictures were my favourite lol. I’m glad they put in a play area for children

  20. Ann Kieswetter | 5th Feb 16

    This looks like a fun family restaurant! I especially like the writeup on the food. Would love to try the fresh pastas!

  21. Lisa penney | 5th Feb 16

    The pictures are making my mouth water!

  22. angela september | 5th Feb 16

    I like that it looks like a place that is fun and delicious for the entire family!

  23. Margaret Imecs | 5th Feb 16

    I love the food review with the pictures.

  24. aarone mawdsley | 5th Feb 16

    the food looks good

  25. Katherine Moore | 5th Feb 16

    My favourite part of your review was learning about all the amazing different food options sure to please every individual in the family as well as to know that it is kid friendly. My Son has a really hard time sitting through a meal. This family friendly dinning experience looks like they would be supportive of his need to move around where in other establishments it would be frowned upon. I would love to try this out to see if we too could have a positive family dinner adventure. Thank you for sharing.

    • Erica | 7th Feb 16

      Thanks for entering. It’s one entry per household as per the Terms & Conditions so I can’t add Steve M. entry. Thank you and good luck!

      • Steven M. | 10th Feb 16

        My apologies. Looks like I need to talk to my Wife before entering contests- she’s fast : ). Didn’t know she already put her name in. Please take out my entries. Regards, Steven.

  26. Allie f | 5th Feb 16

    I love the images of the food, they really capture the essence of the quality of cuisine!

  27. Shane | 6th Feb 16

    I really enjoyed your photos of the food. Looks like they have a great variety

  28. Allison | 6th Feb 16

    somewhere to take nieces and nephews downtown!

  29. Sarah at Journeys of The Zoo | 7th Feb 16

    I didn’t know that they had a kids play area or characters that the kids could engage with but now that I know, we’ll definitely stop by!

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  30. DaveO | 7th Feb 16

    I like the picture of Picky.

  31. Tiffany Rotulo | 8th Feb 16

    I’ve never been there so I enjoyed your photo. Looks like a great place to take the kids. The food looks yummy too.

  32. Tracey | 9th Feb 16

    I love the variety at Marche – there is something for everyone.

  33. Lina | 11th Feb 16

    I loved how you started your review:

    Me: “What did you like most about visiting Marché?”
    My son: “Spending time together as a family.”

  34. Monique L.S. | 12th Feb 16

    I liked the pictures the best – very appetizing.

  35. Maggie C | 13th Feb 16

    Your food pics are the best!! Esp the one with all the desserts. =)

  36. nicoleroannef | 13th Feb 16

    I like that you covered a wide range of dishes that I am also interested in. I haven’t tried their rosti yet but I will soon remedy that!

  37. Omid | 13th Feb 16

    The food is probably what I like the most, but the kids play area sounds cool, too

  38. loucheryl | 13th Feb 16

    I loved the info you provided about having birthday parties there!

  39. laura M | 14th Feb 16

    i like that they have a kid’s area so I can eat & my kid’s can have fun at the same time!

  40. Eldon | 14th Feb 16

    I like how kids can play there

  41. Doris H | 14th Feb 16

    I love your review of the diverse variety of dishes….they sound fantastic.

  42. Nicole Jubleew | 14th Feb 16

    I loved your description of the food.

  43. michelle matta | 15th Feb 16

    I like that your review showed me that Marché is a whole experience, not just a restaurant. That’s an important distinction and we all need those places in our lives. Intrigued!

  44. em | 16th Feb 16

    kids have a play area and there’s such a wide variety of food.

  45. BlessedTA | 16th Feb 16

    The food

  46. Yuen C | 16th Feb 16

    I like the part about the food and the pictures

  47. Lucy | 19th Feb 16

    The great photos!

  48. Marilyn Legault | 20th Feb 16

    I love the kid friendly atmosphere. Great photos.

  49. Valerie | 21st Feb 16

    Family friendly makes Marche fun & fantastic. How else can children become accustomed to good food at restaurants?

  50. Bailey Dexter | 22nd Feb 16

    I love the family pic’s at the Marche , when I can see a real family you know it a great! The food looked so good! Thanks for sharing!

  51. Jen | 22nd Feb 16

    I loved your food pictures!

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