Crio Bru~ A brewed, chocolaty drink made from roasted & ground cocoa beans


What if I told you that drinking cocoa would increase your energy(yeah, I know…no brainer), reduce hunger and strengthen your immune system?


photo courtesy of Crio Brü    

 I have recently been enjoying Crio Brü and when I had my first brewed cup in my fabulous new Bodum french press I was over the moon.  I tweeted and facebooked I am giving up coffee and switching to Crio Brü!

I received this 3 piece starter gift set and I will have one set to giveaway as well!

In the set I was treated to Cavalla beans which has natural hints of cinnamon and coconut.   It brews just like coffee so you could brew this in your coffee machine if you don’t have a french press. I’ve brewed them both ways and enjoy it equally the same.
Vega Reál  is made with cocoa as well but with hints of strawberries and green tea.  It is so delicious.
 How do you brew Crio Brü? It’s easy! Directions come on each bag but just add your cocoa, hot water and let it steep for about 10 minutes.


Some facts on Crio Brü’s cocoa, click here to learn more:

  • Cocoa beans boost your immune system
  • Increases energy naturally with theobromine (not caffeine!)
  • Curbs your appetite to lose weight (HELLO!)
  • Supports heart, brain and bones with magnesium
  • Maintains healthy blood sugar levels with chromium and zinc
  • Healthy and safe for kids
  • Gluten Free

Where to BUY Crio Brü in Canada? Click {here}

Want some Crio Brü recipes? I am so going to try these as I had no idea that I could incorporate them into food! Click {here}

So does this sound fabulous to you? It tastes like a gourmet hot chocolate and I love it and I want you to enjoy your own gift set as well.  Here’s what you have to do to enter.  This is done through Rafflecopter so if you’re on a tablet or your mobile give it a moment to upload and click on Read More….

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Tara Forshaw | 22nd May 12

    I think I’d like the Cavella Drak Roast

  2. Erin | 22nd May 12

    Sounds delicious would really love to try it!!

  3. MamaHunfy | 22nd May 12

    Cocoa River!

    hun423 at

  4. Ashley | 22nd May 12

    They all sound yummy! And as someone who can’t have regular hot chocolate due to the fillers I’m SOOOO excited. It’s been 6 years since I had hot chocolate

  5. | 22nd May 12

    mmmm – all chocolate flavours are good. but this sounds super yummy: Sambirano

  6. Nessie O. | 22nd May 12

    I would love to try the Cavalla one.
    nessiecatherine at gmail dot com

  7. ginette4 | 22nd May 12

    Sambirano sounds so good
    anger_family @yahoo dot com

  8. Heidi | 23rd May 12

    cavalla sounds great – love coconut!

  9. Anonymous | 23rd May 12

    Cavalla Dark Roast. Yum!
    Kristina Scott

  10. Lisa Smith | 23rd May 12

    Coca River

  11. Rebby | 23rd May 12

    I would love to try the Coca River!

  12. aperry | 23rd May 12

    Vega Reál

  13. Michelle | 23rd May 12

    Cavalla Dark Roast

  14. Lisa KH | 23rd May 12

    Vega Reál sounds super yummy to me!
    weezi_k (at) hotmail (dot) com
    rafflecopter name: Lisa K

  15. tobyhir | 24th May 12

    Coca River

  16. Olivia L | 24th May 12

    They all sound great, but I’d love to try the Vega Real.

  17. Aleasha | 24th May 12

    Sambirano sounds so good!

  18. Belinda M | 25th May 12

    The cavalla sounds good


    Belinda McNabb

  19. Amy C | 25th May 12

    The Coca River sounds good.

  20. Bree | 26th May 12

    Coca River sounds good

    breej23 at hotmail dot com

  21. Tara | 26th May 12

    the Cavella Drak Roast

  22. Amar | 27th May 12

    I love using a French Press and mine is broken and I’ve been meaning to buy a new one. Coffee and I guess cocoa, tastes amazing using a press. A taste test proved people preferred coffee made with a press and I think it said it was because natural flavor oils are released. Great giveaway, so excited!

  23. Fan R. | 28th May 12

    Coca River is great!


  24. Rachel | 28th May 12

    Sambirano sounds yummy to try!

  25. cherdon | 31st May 12

    Coca River sounds like it would taste gooooooood

  26. Becky | 1st Jun 12


  27. Mommybug | 3rd Jun 12

    Mmmmmm, Cavalla dark roast! Coconut and Cinnamon

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