Cuski Swaddle Blankets and the Original Baby Comforter

CUSKI-LOGO-purple Cuski: the anglicised version of the Welsh term ‘CYSGU’ meaning sleep

Oh friends of Everything Mom and Baby…yes,  you! Let me tell me you about Cuski.  I am loving this line which is made up of the most luxuriously soft bamboo swaddle blankets.  Seriously they are the softest ones I have touched and their Cuski baby comforter(sweet Waldorf style dolls) is really unique to this side of the pond.  But first let me dish on the swaddles.

What I love about the swaddle blankets:
– Super soft and cuddly.
– Multi use!  I wear mine as an infinity scarf.  That’s how much I love it.Cuski


– High quality. It is made in Turkey using the finest bamboo
– It comes in BLACK! In fact they are the only manufacturers in the world that make a black swaddle.  Have a look.
– It comes in so many great colours and styles that they are coveted by celebrities in the UK which is where the brand Cuski originated.
SweetDreameez_RainbowStars_CuskiRockstarsSwandoodlesFabbyMidiSwandoodle_Cuski_1@Cuski1 #bamboo #swaddle #muslinblankets are now available at Check out the incredible softness & chic styles. Click To Tweet


They are a wonderful light blanket and my girls also love their Cuski as there is always one in their crib.  I wish I could show you all how deliciously soft these are but I am a sucker when it comes to high quality textiles.  It’s the fashion designer wannabe in me.  I love fabric and I love Cuski! These are selling really well in my e-shop.  They are a higher price point but they are also a higher quality product compared to the other guys in the US…wink wink and not made in China.

Now for these special dolls:
The Cuski: The Original Comforter.  These are really sweet and the perfect gift to give to a baby that has been born premature and also a nice gift for full term babies.  I’ll explain why over half a million Cuskis have been sold worldwide and are adored by babies and toddlers in over 30 countries.  Cuski is a simple, naturally safe alternative to pacifiers, dummies or soothers and is made from naturally soft, washable fabric that has the unique ability to capture mummy’s own special scents.   Keep Cuski close to your skin before passing it on to your baby – you can tuck it into your top at feed times or sleep times or take Cuski to bed with you – and it will take in all your unique aromas and scents.  These scents will stay with Cuski so that when the time comes to settle your little one down to sleep, pop Cuski in too and the closeness of you will stay with baby as they drift off to sleep, leaving them secure and comforted. They are also fully machine washable.

Cuski is fully tested and complies with all Canadian and International standards and is being used in SCBU and neonatal hospital units in the UK. They are recommended by midwives and are the ONLY baby comforter in the world with its own written ‘UK National Health Service’ protocol for use in hospitals.

cuski group
Suitable from birth, Cuski has all the qualities a child looks for in a comforter – softness, suckability, sheer lovability and of course a label to twiddle but unlike a traditional blanket it can be easily replaced if lost or damaged. Cuski’s unique shape stimulates your child’s imagination – a round shape is the first shape a baby recognises.

Where to buy Cuski in Canada?
Win it Canada and USA!
We are offering  a lovely giveaway for a Cuski Baby Comforter in Fizzy(orange and grey stripes) and a beautiful set of the Fabby MiniSwadoodles(a pack of 2)
Giveaway enOct.2, 2015
Cuski Giveaway



  1. Anne Taylor | 10th Sep 15

    Loving the Junah Mama Poncho- Red and the Cuski Sweet Dreameez-Rainbow!

  2. cassie | 10th Sep 15

    I love the freja babywearing necklaces in your shop. For Cuski, I love their great swandoodle fabulous collection in the dark blue & white stripes

  3. Victoria Ess | 11th Sep 15

    I love the Cuski Fabby Midi Swandoodle and would also like the JPMBB Wrap in Iris/Charcoal Grey!

  4. Shannon | 11th Sep 15

    I love the Midnight Starts Cuski Swaddle! as well as the emeibaby Baali ssc!

  5. Erin W | 11th Sep 15

    I love the Cuski Sweet Dreameez-Rainbow and the Junah-Dufflecoat. Love your selection!

  6. Viv Sluys | 11th Sep 15

    I absolutely love these Cuski swaddle blankets!! I’d never heard of them before and now I really want one! The Cuski Sweet Dreameez-Midnight Stars is my favourite.
    My last two babies were summer babies so I didn’t have much need for a baby wearing coat. By the time they were 6 months and it was getting cold it was easier to just put them in their coats and me in mine but, since this baby will be born at the beginning of January, I am thinking of getting a Junah-Tragejacke{Softshell}.

  7. Bailey Dexter | 11th Sep 15

    My favorite product would the Junah-Dufflecoat 3 in 1. What a perfect coat! Another great item is the Freja Toys Black, White & Grey Babywearing Necklace!

  8. jan | 11th Sep 15

    love the Waldorf Cuddly RedRose with Brown Eyes

  9. Judy Cowan | 11th Sep 15

    My favourite is the Sweet DreameezZ in Rainbow Nights and I also like Cuskiboo Cream-ee. All the products look great!

  10. Justine | 11th Sep 15

    Love the look of the Cuski Fabby Midi Swandoodle. Other favourite item in the shop is the lovely Junah Dufflecoat – great for chilly weather and different stages of being a mama.

  11. Nicky | 11th Sep 15

    I love the Cuski Sweet Dreameez-Midnight Stars! I also love the Freja Toys Black, White & Grey Babywearing Necklace!!

  12. Gillian Morgan | 11th Sep 15

    I think the Cuski Fabby Midi Swandoodle is gorgeous. I love the JPMBB Physio Carrier Elephant Faux Leather/Elephant Pocket. Its such a beautiful carrier.

  13. Tannis W | 11th Sep 15

    I like the Cuski Sweet Dreameez-ZzedZ and would love to try the Emeibaby hybrid SSC in ocean.

  14. KellyPC | 11th Sep 15

    I love the Sweet Dreameez! those stars are super cute but I love the black/gray stripes too!

  15. Kelley Moore | 11th Sep 15

    My favourite is the Sweet DreameezZ in Rainbow Nights

  16. Kristina | 12th Sep 15

    I love the Cuski Fabby Midi Swandoodle
    and the babywearing necklaces!

  17. Melinda | 12th Sep 15

    I like Cuski Sweet Dreameezz-ZzedZ and the Junah Dufflecoat.

  18. Lisa bolduc | 12th Sep 15

    I really love the sweet dreamzz in starry nights…. super cute. I also have tried the delora diapers. I love how they are eco friendly.

  19. JaimeeM | 12th Sep 15

    I really like the Cuski Sweet Dreameez- Starry Nights and JPMBB BASIC Almost Black.

  20. kristen visser | 13th Sep 15

    love the Cuski Fabby Midi Swandoodle and the Junah Dufflecoat

  21. Jenny Major | 13th Sep 15

    I love the freja babywearing necklaces

  22. Robyn Bellefleur | 14th Sep 15

    The La Petite Echarpe Sans Noeud Charcoal Grey/Black is my favorite and I also love the Baby Bonnet ChiChilicious Red.

  23. Monique L.S. | 21st Sep 15

    I like the Cuski Fabby Midi Swandoodle and the Freja Toys Black, White & Grey Babywearing Necklace.

  24. Marla | 21st Sep 15

    Love Cuski Fabby Midi Swandoodle So pretty

  25. Christina Stone | 21st Sep 15

    I love the Cuski Baby Comforters and the Freja Babywearing Necklaces!

  26. Nicole L | 29th Sep 15

    I love the Cuski Fabby Midi Swandoodle and the Junah Mama Poncho.

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