Decadent French style lasagna #DimancheSoir

Need I say more? This is such a delicious classic and if you know me, I love all things French when it comes to cooking and baking for my family.

This meal is so simple.  Make or buy fresh lasagna noodles, get good quality ground beef and my secret weapon is the newly discovered Stefano Faita Tomato & Basil at Sobeys(not sponsored).   It is so fresh, no sugar added and it’s my new go-to whenever I need a good tomato sauce.


My kids loved this meal served with a good crusty Italian garlic bread and glass of whole milk to wash it down, the kids were full and happy.  So here is how we do lasagna at our home.  I mean, come on, I’m talking meat sauce and bechamel and a mix of mozzarella and Comte cheese.  It all comes together quickly so I hope you’ll enjoy.

[yumprint-recipe id=’32’] Try this simple French Lasagna for #SundayDinner tonight! Meat sauce and bechamel is such a delicious combination and lots and lots of cheese. #lasagana #frenchstyle #easy #delicious Click To Tweet


  1. Kristen | 12th Sep 18

    Talk about a delicious comfort meal!!!

  2. Nell | 12th Sep 18

    I’ve never heard of Stefano Faita Tomato sauce?! I know his show though!

  3. Jasmine | 12th Sep 18

    Making this tonight and I’ll grab his sauce next time! You always have excellent taste! xx

  4. Lynda Cook | 17th Oct 18

    I just made a lasagna with bechamel sauce, and what a different taste, it was very good and one that I will probably make again!!

  5. Kam | 19th Oct 18

    This looks so good!!! I’ve never heard of the Stefano brand…wonder if I can find it in Vancouver??

  6. Anne Taylor | 19th Oct 18

    This looks absolutely scrumptious! We’ll definitely be trying this!

  7. Debbie White-Beattie | 19th Oct 18

    Your recipe looks incredibly delicious and I love your ingredients but I’ve never seen Stefano Faita tomato sauce before.

  8. nicky | 19th Oct 18

    These photos are making my mouth water! Looks like a delicious recipe.

  9. kathy | 21st Oct 18

    Stefano brand? that’s certainly new to me I will have a look next trip out.Looks totally delicious !

  10. wendy hutton | 21st Oct 18

    never heard of Stefano brand but this looks so delicious

  11. ivy pluchinsky | 22nd Oct 18

    This sounds so good

  12. kristen visser | 22nd Oct 18

    oh wow! this dish looks absolutely delicious! i have it bookmarked cause i am definitely giving this one a try!

  13. Silvia D | 19th Nov 18

    a delicious twist on lasagne! love to try the recipe!

  14. Janet Meisner | 24th Nov 18

    Thank you for the lovely recipe. It looks delicious.

  15. Sarah | 25th Nov 18

    This sounds so good! I have never had comte cheese before but I love to try new things.

  16. Lynda Cook | 25th Nov 18

    I used to watch Stefano on tv when he had his own half hour show, I see he has grown!

  17. kathy downey | 29th Nov 18

    Finally have all the ingredients,hoping to make this tonight!

  18. Shirley OFlynn | 11th Feb 19

    This looks so delicious! The ultimate comfort food. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  19. wendy hutton | 14th Feb 19

    oh this looks soooooo delicious am going to have to try this recipe

  20. kathy downey | 14th Feb 19

    We’ll definitely be making this again soon it’s delicious !!

  21. Shirley O | 1st Dec 20

    This recipe looks delicious! I will have to give it a try.

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