Diaper Genie Elite with Activated Carbon Refill Review- Get the stink out of your ‘sposies! #MomTrust with @PlaytexInfant

Product Information: Diaper Genie now with new activated carbon refill made with safe, natural activated carbon that locks in odour molecules rather than just masking odour with fragrance. Can be used throughout the nursery or anywhere you want to eliminate odours. ” ~Playtex
Since introducing solids from being breastfed exclusively lets just say the poops with with twins is stinky business! So how would the new DiaperGenie Activated Carbon hold up on it’s promises? I’ll tell you what I like the most about this. No stinky synthetic fragrance to disrupt the endocrine system and mask odour!
We go through 10 diapers a day. Maybe more if I go a little crazy in the fruit department if you catch my drift.  I remember using a similar product when I was cloth diapering my son and it worked in the diaper pail.  I’ve completely forgotten activated carbon until Playtex sent me their new Diaper Genie Elite and Diaper Genie Activated Carbon refill.  Let me tell you.  IT DOES WORK and I suggest you get this.  Whether you use cloth diapers or disposables(‘sposies) this will keep the ammonia smell at bay the lingering pee pee diapers can have.  Especially if you cloth diaper.
Every time I disposed the ‘sposie I was not welcomed with a in your face aroma of yesterdays dinner from my girls last night time diaper change.  That’s a good 12 hours of diapers sitting there over night!
How to use the Activated Carbon Filter:
Simply remove the carbon filter from the plastic wrap and insert it into the case then adhere the case to the middle of the lid.
Where can you use it?
You can use this in the nursery, gym bag, wet bag anywhere you want to get rid of odour safely and naturally.  You can probably use it on any any diaper pail too.
How long does it last and where can I buy it?
We are going in 37 days of using this filter, it lasts about 90 days and so far so good.  So stop spraying with synthetic air fresheners pop over your local Babies R Us and pick up a Playtex Diaper Genie Carbon Filter.
They retail for $5.99 and you get 4 in a pack.
Disclosure: I am part of the #MomTrust campaign with Playtex Infant and all opinions are always my own.

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