Discover the “Magic” with Playmobil

This past weekend was filled with so much joy thanks to our friends at Playmobil.   A new launch is always fun and exciting and getting the twins in on the action is a great way to bond with my girls.  New from Playmobil is the Magic Collection and I must say, it is rather pretty and they have been playing with it every day!  This is the twin’s first playset from Playmobil and I don’t think it’ll be their last.  The colours, the quality and the “magic” they feel when they play…it’s the first toy they go to when they get home from school. 

The Crystal Palace, I’ll admit looked a bit overwhelming to put together but once I started snapping things in, I was done in a little under an hour and it really is pretty.   It’s sparkly, it lights up with the hidden gem in the “basement”.  This is such a lovely theme as my girls love their ice princess and I can’t wait to show them video below!


The Crystal Hideout(pictured below) was the first piece we put together and I saved the Crystal Palace for Family Day.  “The path to finding the love crystal is full of obstacles. Use the key to solve different mysterious tasks. After arriving at the top of the rock, the lovers activate the crystal and make it shine

Finya has snuck out to the hideout with her Prince Florin, they are from different worlds and their love is forbidden……..


and just for you! I have a great giveaway to help get you started on building your collection from Playmobil’s Crystal Palace! My twins want to give you the Playmobil Sleigh with the Royal Couple!  Head over to my Instagram to enter to tag a friend to let them know about the giveaway!
Also, check out the series on Youtube!   As I said, my twins are going to love their playset even more as they learn the love story of Finya and Florin.

Good luck with the giveaway and I hope you’ll discover the “Magic” with Playmobil! As usual, the giveaway is Canadian and ends Mar.1/19 

Playmobil Sleigh with Royal Couple


  1. patricia gautreau | 22nd Feb 19

    Would be so nice , Kelsey would be so happy . Thanks for the chance .

  2. kathy downey | 24th Feb 19

    Thanks for the giveaway.Playmobil is such a great quality product.Your daughter has such a beautiful smile.

  3. Twingle Mommy | 1st May 19

    Playmobil makes such great toys for kids. My girls are totally captivated by this set. We have purchased a few of the smaller bits for it and they love them!

  4. Victoria Ess | 8th May 19

    My niece would love this and she’s the perfect age for it!

  5. nicky | 14th May 19

    This looks wonderful – I bet my niece would love it!

  6. Calvin | 17th May 19

    Makes a cool gift, nice!

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