Build them up with MEGA BLOKS! Discover these 5 tips #Holiday2015



Your little builders are going to enjoy what’s new from MEGA BLOKS this holiday season!  The Block Scooping Wagon is not only fun for kids, but it cleans up too.  I think that’s what I appreciate with the Block Scooping wagon, am I right parents? Kids play and clean all at the same time.  My kids love to dump the blocks(it comes with 20 blocks) out and use them to build anything and I love imaginative play with blocks. The bright colours are nice and we can see those blocks.  I also enjoy seeing my kids play together and creating together.  Interactive fun at it’s best!

MEGA BLOKS - Infographic

Parenting expert, Alyson Schafer also weighs in on MEGA BLOKS:  “Children are experiential learners and need to interact in real time, with the real world to develop properly,” says Alyson Schafer, internationally renowned therapist, author and parenting expert, who has partnered with MEGA BLOKS to create its new Early Childhood Education Toolkit. “Free play is the natural way our brains are meant to grow and that’s why MEGA BLOKS construction toys are so beneficial to a child’s development. A simple task like stacking MEGA BLOKS teaches children how to widen the base to support a taller stack, the feeling of teetering and stability, persistence and patience in building, while receiving social encouragement,” she says.

Another great product from MEGA BLOKS is the Big Building Bag.  80 pieces and lots of time to play.  These big block’s are a great size for toddlers to develop their creativity and motor skills!  Mega Bloks is a hit in our home. When play time is over my one twin especially loves to be the leader and gather all the blocks and zip them back in the bag and proudly announce, “See Mom. I clean!”
Did you know that MEGA BLOKS is made in Canada? Canadian-made in Montreal at North America’s largest toy factory, MEGA BLOKS are the perfect building blocks for early childhood learning and assist with physical, creative, cognitive, social and language development. They create stimulating experiences from stacking tall towers to manipulating components and discovering new shapes and sizes with toys like the Big Building Bag and Block Scooping Wagon.  

The Power of Play – Top 5 Tips for Parents to Maximize Playtime

Parenting expert, Alyson Schafer, teamed up with MEGA BLOKS to create these helpful hints and tips for parents to keep playtime fun and engaging for their toddlers.

1.    Children Thrive On Routine And Predictability: Practice patience with your child by creating a set playtime and sticking with it. 

 2.    Create Independent Playtime Too: Help them come up with a few ideas of what they’d like to play with, and help get them set up, in order to balance “parental playtime” and “independent playtime.”

3.    Round Out Your Activities: Come up with fun ideas for activities, in a range of developmental areas!

4.    Make Good Organized Play Space: Kids need a place to play and it should be equipped with basic items, and without parental worry of noise, spills and property damage.

 5.  Let the Child Lead: When you join your child in play, let them lead the play – this is their time to explore and learn through mistakes.

Bonus Tip: If you have more toys out and active than your child can clean up in five minutes, you have too much going on in your playroom. 

I think it’s safe to say we’re big fans of Mega Bloks. Even though the product was sent for my kids to play with to facilitate this review,  opinions are always my own and are never influenced in any way.



  1. Judy Cowan | 11th Dec 15

    Great tips! Mega Blocks are always a favourite!

  2. Victoria Ess | 11th Dec 15

    I like the tip to Round Out Your Activities! Toys are so good at building this in now!

  3. Melanie Barclay | 11th Dec 15

    I agree with Create Independent Playtime Too, My daughter and I would play so much together that now she has a hard time playing by herself for anything. Where with our son were trying to allow him independent time

  4. elizabeth gil | 16th Dec 15

    Great Tip … to many toys out then my child can clean up in 5min can create to much in my playroom.

  5. Tiffany Rotulo | 17th Dec 15

    I like tip #2 Create Independent Playtime

  6. Cheryl | 18th Dec 15

    I like the tip that the children thrive on routine and it’s very true and I notice if we go off routine my children’s behaviours is different

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