The Dose Control by Breville

Everyone needs a good coffee grinder? Right? If you’re a coffee drinker you’ll probably say “yes”.  If you prefer to grind your coffee like I do, you’d probably say “yes”.   Let me tell you about the Dose Control by Breville.

Why you should buy whole beans?
I love a rich dark, oily bean.  When I open up a new bag of coffee that I am trying I always hope it’s going to be oily.  I love those oils from coffee beans as I appreciate a rich, dark, roast.  By buying whole beans, you are getting the bean as you should. Whole and waiting to be grinded by you so you don’t lose any flavour.
Here are two main reasons I don’t buy pre ground coffee:
~ Contamination: Coffee oils are precious. Whatever odours are around can be taint the coffee, alter the flavour and well. Affect the the quality as you take your lovingly first morning sip.
~ Moisture: When coffee is pre-ground and sitting on the shelf, the ground coffee is exposed to moisture and ‘dilutes’ the coffee oils

The Dose Control
Dose-Control-ReviewIt doesn’t take up counter space, it’s easy to use, you can customize your grind on various setting whether you prefer drip, percolator or your french press and espresso.  With this special adjustment you are able to get balanced extraction of flavours right from the start with the right amount of grinds.  I’ve been using the French Press a lot more and I like the variety.  I use this not only for my morning coffee but I love getting a fine to medium coarse grind for my coffee body scrubs!
The Bean Hopper, where you place the beans is easy to adjust and makes for a great way to play around with the different grinds to find which is perfect for you.  I can also either place my coffee filter right underneath or my coffee jar and grind a little extra for the next day or two. 

As you can see my grinder is well loved.  With 60 grind settings, connical burrs for grinding you can bet I am getting a serious grind.  Priced at $199 this is a seriously fine coffee grinder.  I can’t think of anything negative to say.  Thanks to Breville for sending me this to review!  I had my eye on this.  You can also check out my Grind Control review.  It’s a great coffee maker but I like to have more control of my grinding and its uses so I do give the Dose Control a 10/10!

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Make your own refreshing Coffee Foot Scrub Scrub!  Did you know caffeine may reduce cellulite? So give your thighs a rub too if you want!  Of course coffee is a strong scent in itself and you don’t need to use essential oils if you don’t want to.  I love the benefits of essential oils so I use it wherever I can.  By using the mini muffin tin, the scub fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.

1/2 cup of finely ground coffee beans
1/2 cup of coconut oil (in liquid form)
6 drops of Eucalyptus

Combine all ingredients together and scoop it into a mini muffin tin.  Pop them in the freezer to harden, roughly 10-30min.  I like the mini muffin size as it’s great first thing in the morning shower. It’s refreshing on your feet or thighs! I feel energized and the size is perfect.  You could use an ice cube tray alternatively.  Once they’ve hardened you can pop them in the ziploc.  They say when you exfoliate your feet you are also releasing negative energy! 
I like my Thursday Plantation essential oils for this, you can find them in stores across Canada.  Affordable and a nice quality for simple blending and diffusing.  After using the scrub, mist yourself with my Lavender Water recipe  and check out my Lavender & Coconut Oil DIY Scrub!
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  1. Elizabeth Vlug | 15th Jun 16

    Sounds like a fabulous coffee grinder, thank you for your review. I really should grind my own coffee more often, although some mornings it just seems like too much work and I reach for the pre-ground coffee. I might just try that scrub too- cellulite you say? lol

  2. Quanda | 16th Jul 16

    I love to grind my own coffee beans as well. Thanks for sharing an informative review.

  3. Victoria Ess | 13th May 17

    Those scrubs look fab!

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