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Can anyone really afford to overlook tire maintenance or replacement when the safety of the people we care about most are often the people we drive from place to place?  With winter ahead and flurries to begin have you checked or changed your winter tires?  Our last visit at Kal Tire was in the Spring, as we were switching off our winter tires for our 3 season tires (I still can’t believe we drove our first winter in those 3 season tires) we found out that our brake pads were going to need replacing soon. What my husband and I both love about Kal Tire is the in-depth testing and checking they do when switching out tires. We both didn’t know our front brakes needed some TLC in the next couple of months. Read more below……

#WhodoYoudriveSafelyfor? Check your blades, battery, brakes and belts.Your wiper blades should be changed at least twice a year so they can effectively wipe away blowing snow and rain. #KalTire Click To Tweet


#WhodoYoudriveSafelyfor? Optimum braking is critical for your vehicle to perform on snow and ice in winter. Have your brakes checked along with your engine belts and hoses at @KalTire. #KalTire Click To Tweet

When we bought our car we were under the impression they were All-Season so when we went to Kal Tire last year I was surprised to hear that they were in fact, 3 Season.  Thankfully they were in very good condition but as we switched out our tires, the in depth checking they do to insure our tires and alignment are safe is the best in my opinion and we learned about our brakes.  There was no way we could feel safe and for others around us on the road as they were at 2mm and that’s pretty scary.  I never thought to check brake pads but they noticed the wear and tear last Spring(they were about 4mm then) and with switching to winter tires we thought it best to get those brake pads changed. We figured we have a couple of months and we spoke about our brakes throughout the summer to budget it in and we thought to get it done when it was time to put our winter tires on. So at the very end of October- we got it done!
If you’re applying the brakes and you notice a pull to the left or right, it could mean one of the vehicle’s calipers or wheel cylinders are seized. That can cause the other side to do all the work, and the tire that’s braking harder will pull to that side. Learn more about Brake Safety here. 

What is brake service?

Brake service is a preventative maintenance step that can go a long way in ensuring your brakes are working properly, especially in emergency situations.

Brake service:

  • ensures the brake system is functioning properly
  • prevents premature brake wear from sticking or seizing parts
  • removes debris embedded in the brake material that can lead to noise or grooving of the rotors
  • extends pad life by ensuring the brake system works in balance and brake pads wear evenly
  • prevents overheating in high use situations (ie going down steep hills in the mountains)
  • removes rust buildup from rotor edges that can lead to noise issues

As usual at Kal Tire we got great service. They even tweaked our back breaks as they were still in good condition but had rust.  Our tires got torqued, we swapped in our winter tires and on our way we went, safely.  We just got our first snow storm and we can now drive safely on the roads here in Winnipeg.

#WhodoYoudriveSafelyFor? Cold air can make the pressure in your tire drop significantly, affecting your vehicle’s ability to bite ice and snow. Don’t forget to check the inflation of your spare tire and make sure your tire changing kit… Click To Tweet


Which begs the question. Every time you get behind a wheel, think about who you are driving safely for?  

For me, it’s obviously my husband and kids that I worry about.  Having learned that we had 3 season tires last year(read about it here!) from school drop off, to activities, to my husband driving to work and home and everything in between I am thankful that we have the best winter tires from Nokian which is exclusive to Kal Tire. A couple of things we like about Kal Tire, aside from being a family-run Canadian business, is they offer a price match guarantee so you can be completely satisfied that you got the best price and they also have a very impressive FREE customer care plan(check it out!)

#WhodoYoudriveSafelyFor? Keep a winter survival kit in your vehicle and make sure it stocked with the following supplies. First aid kit,bottled water, health bars, blankets,boots, gloves, and an extra winter coat. #KalTire Click To Tweet


Using 3-season tires, tires with severe wear, or incorrect tire pressure, often results in negative outcomes for drivers and increases the chances of collisions. Are these risks you can afford to take? When was the last time you had your tires checked?  What’s the best time to check tire pressure?  Well, let me tell you that the ideal time is when they’re ‘cold’—first thing in the morning or a few hours after the vehicle been parked (in the shade, possible). If your tires are warm from driving, you’ll get a less accurate reading. Inspect your tires regularly. A simple tire pressure check, and visual inspection of tread can keep you and your loved ones safer on the road this winter.

#WhodoYoudriveSafelyFor at @KalTire some tips to remember this winter season is to look for the made-in-Canada severe service symbol on the sidewall of your winter tires and true all-weather tires. Click To Tweet

Another reminder:
All-season tires are not all-weather tires, in many provinces you are required to have winter tires for major highways from October through April.  When you do your part and properly check and maintain your tires, you are part of a solution towards making the roadways safer for all. All-Season tires are truly suited for spring, summer and autumn.  They meet the minimum for 3 season driving but the tire compound in the tread of these tires is less effective and becomes hard once the temperature dips below +7 Celsius.  When that snowflake(the winter tire symbol) is gone, it’s time to get new winter tires and if you’re ever concerned, head to your local Kal Tire and get your tires checked!


I hope I’ve given you something to think about as you get ready for winter(a must read) and getting those winter tires on! I’d love to know- Who do you drive safely for?  Comment below! 

Disclosure:  This sponsored post was written in collaboration with Kal Tire.  All opinions are always my own and never influenced in any way. 


  1. Lynda Cook | 12th Nov 21

    I’m lucky to be married to a mechanic, he looks after all of our maintenance and tires, and it’s very important to have winter tires on throughout the winter months

  2. Janet M | 14th Nov 21

    I just had my safety check done and it is so important.

  3. Katie | 10th Dec 21

    I have never done any work on my own car. I would have no idea where to start. I’ve never even changed a tire!

  4. Tara Pittman | 10th Dec 21

    My car needs new tires but I don’t need the all seasons. There is no snow and very few rain days

  5. Alita Pacio | 11th Dec 21

    Driving safely is a priority. And getting those winter tires is a must for this winter

  6. Richelle Milar | 11th Dec 21

    It is so important to have safety check it will secure our safety. My car also need new tires.

  7. Ave | 11th Dec 21

    I don’t drive, but my husband does. We don’t get snow here, so we use the same type of tires all year round but we do change them when needed.

  8. Sarah Bailey | 11th Dec 21

    Before winter is always a good time to give your car a once over, I’ve been thinking about changing to winter tyres this year as well.

  9. Terri Steffes | 11th Dec 21

    Love the title and it made me think. I’ll be checking my car and doing right by it.

  10. Marysa | 11th Dec 21

    Our minivan had so many issues, we didn’t feel safe keeping it, so we just got a new car. It is so important to keep up with maintenance and to make sure everything is running in top condition.

  11. Catalina | 12th Dec 21

    Yes, we changed winter tires. And it’s important to do that. We are always take care to be prepared for winter in advance.

  12. Lynndee | 12th Dec 21

    My brother lives in Canada with his family and he always changes his tires during winter. I think it’s a must if safety is your priority.

  13. Jill | 15th Dec 21

    I don’t recall my breaks ever getting checked I’ve switched out my tires??? Hmmmm..
    Maybe we should try Kal Tire? Gonna look them up.

  14. Rick | 15th Dec 21

    Great post, Erica. Always loved your detailed posts with Kal Tire. Found this via Twitter!

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