Eat better and smarter with Hamilton Beach -#HBChallenge Media Event

Last week I attended the Hamilton Beach #HBChallenge media event and I gotta say,  I was really impressed with the whole line.  I have never really used Hamilton Beach before but have seen the products at the store. What I noticed the most was the new sleek designs and the amazing price point in their products.  I also like that for household appliances, they are not humongous.  They are a nice size, a good size to me and I appreciate the sizes because we live in an apartment and I found the products to be a good size for condo/apartment dwellers.  So I’d like to share with you some of the products that I liked and learned about, and I hope you will too.  I will be doing some reviews this month so stay tuned!  And….I know it may be a little early, but these are really affordable great Christmas ideas too.

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Coffee Maker & Hot Water Dispenser

coffee-maker-and-hot-water-dispenser-hb-challengeSome key features that I like about this coffee maker are the hot water dispenser!  I have my eye on this one as it’s priced at $104! I’ve been drinking tea’s more often since my “Live it Plan” and this is a very sleek, nice size appliance for home. It’s BPA free, you can prepare your oatmeal with the hot water dispenser too. It’s programmable, 32oz (good size), auto shut off,  choose between regular or strong brews. 

Set & Forget 5 Qt Programmable Slow Cooker


Tis the season for slow cookers!  The Hamilton Beach slow cooker comes with a high, low, and keep warm setting.  Priced at $70, you can’t go wrong with  a Set & Forget.  Come home to warm meals that you’ve set in the morning. I’ve never used a probe so I look forward to reviewing this piece with the Best of Bridge Slow Cooker cookbook.  Warm, nourishing meals…Mmmmm.  I also think every new mom needs a slow cooker!

Single Serve Blenders with Traveler Lid

single-serve-blender-hamilton-beachA cute, little blender.  What spoke to me about this was how great it would be for making your own dressing. Of course you can use it for smoothies too! Also a great little handy appliance for the dorm for your kids/grandkids in college.   Priced at $27 you can’t go wrong with this little kitchen appliance.   It’s also BPA free.

Ice Cream Makers

ice-cream-maker-hamilton-beachHey, you can’t go wrong with an ice cream maker when priced at $57.  Imagine, fresh ice cream made in as little as 20 minutes without carrageenan, modified milk ingredients and other thickeners.  Homemade ice cream made with real cream has me giddy inside as I have a few recipes I’d like to try.  I can’t wait to review this.

Quiet Blend™ Blender

quite-blend-blender-hamilton-beachThis made really delicious blenders at the event.  It really is a lot quieter compared to other blenders and they are in partner with Jamba.  You get a fabulous recipe book to use with this amazing little blender, priced at $200.
It’s powerful, it pulverizes ice cubes and tough fruits/veggies.  It’s dishwasher safe and BPA free in the food zones.  It’s a great must have for the whole family.

Meat Slicer
meat-slicer-hamilton-beachCalling all foodies and chef’s!  If you make your own cold cuts and prepare your meats at home, this is for you.  Brand new from Hamilton Beach is the Meat Slicer, priced at $100.  BPA free as well, this meat slicer is a serious kitchen device that gives you clean slicing for home.  I always wonder how often they clean those meat slicers at the grocery stores or how they slice for customers who can’t/don’t eat pork?  This might be your answer if you shop cold cuts in bulk!

Well, there you have it.  My top 6 picks from the Hamilton Beach media event.  I hope you like them and got some great idea’s on some new appliances for the home.  And all Hamilton Beach products come with a 5 yr warranty.

Which one is your favourite?

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  1. Elizabeth Vlug | 13th Oct 16

    I wouldn’t trust myself with the Meat Slicer, I’m a little clumsy in the kitchen sometimes. But that Slow Cooker looks really, really nice. Thanks for the reviews.

    • Erica | 13th Oct 16

      I just used the slow cooker tonight and it was great! What a nice way to “set it and forget it’ 😉 Beef Bourguignon was dinner tonight and the kids ate it up!

  2. Krista M | 21st Oct 16

    I just saw the slow cooker at Walmart this week, it looks super cool. I’ve never used a probe before either but nice that it comes with one.

  3. Victoria Ess | 29th Oct 16

    I love the slow cooker!

  4. Lynda Cook | 1st Dec 16

    I love the slicer, it looks a lot better then the one I have now!!

  5. Stacy Scott | 1st Dec 16

    I am so Loving the Slow Cooker, Being a Mom to 10 this would make a little more easier .

  6. Tracy D | 1st Dec 16

    We need a new blender, but I love the ice cream maker, just for fun!

  7. Luzviminda Gunter-Smith | 2nd Dec 16

    I like the sporalizer, very neat wah of preparing veggies

  8. Dennis Marsh | 3rd Dec 16

    Looks awesome, i wanna try it.

  9. Cheryl Almas | 3rd Dec 16

    I like the Quiet Blend™ Blender

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