Eco Nuts

I gotta tell you about something. It’s nuts. Seriously it’s nuts.  Okay….it’s EcoNuts.
Would you believe this  fruit from the Soapberry Tree can wash your laundry and cloth diapers amazingly well?  It can be thrown into the compost or even the flower garden when done.

 I would say this is the first soap I recommend to everyone and anyone, but quality of soap nuts play a part too and Eco Nut is the BEST when it comes to the various brands of other soap nuts.
Why?  Because I said so.
No seriously they are.  In this picture an Eco Nut soap nut is on the left compared to another brand.  Recently EcoNuts switched sides of the mountain and they are now 30% larger.  No fertilizers, they are 100% certified organic! It is the shell from the soap nut with the seed removed, it is a fruit so if you are allergic to nuts you have nothing to worry about when using this for yourself.
The fruit from the Soap Berry tree contains saponin when mixed with water it suds up as you can see this video:

My experience with them has swept me off my feet. 
These are the BEST for cloth diapers.  I used them for the first time a couple of months ago.  I put 5 soap nuts in the bag provided, tossed Chunkles cloth diapers in after sitting in a wet pail(yes, I do a wet pail. Dry doesn’t work for me) and washed on hot. 
I was astounded on how well they clean!  No stains, even after bluberries and no ammonia smell what so ever.  I actually put my face right up to the diaper and liners, took a deep breath in and no smell but fresh, clean diapers!  I am SOLD.

Eco Nuts are organic, NUT allergy safe, biodegradable, antimicrobial, safe for eczema/psoriasis sufferers, great for septic and Gray Water systems, fragrance free and vegan.
You will love this soap when you try it.
To learn more, check out their FAQ section here
For retail locations click here

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