Ecoholic Body by Adria Vasil: Get intouch with your Inner Green Goddess and get this book!


If are into skincare, the nitty-gritty of ingredients that go into skin/body products and other toxic junk…this book is FOR YOU!  New mom or pregnant? This book is for you too because you need to know what you are putting on your skin and what you are wiping your baby’s bottom with and more.

I had the utmost pleasure chatting with Adria for her book launch at Consonant.  They hosted the event and definitely get our thumbs up(I love their line!) for their natural skin care line.  A perfect venue for such a book.  Also, you can buy your own copy at their shop as well.
Located just North of Eglinton on Yonge Street.   Pop in and treat yourself to skincare you can feel good about. I recommend their kits 😉

Naturally, we spoke about infant skin care.  I spoke about the brands that I know and love and as an Esthetician, I am very much into the topic of skincare. We spoke about a popular brand used at hospitals….You’s kinda disturbing that by late 2011 Johnson & Johnson’s was still using formaldehyde preservatives!!!! What also saddens me to Health Canada’s blasé approach to banning toxins in skin/body care.  For the young and old.
What do you think of this?  Sure phthalates are banned in some toys but it is still in skincare.

” Especially when a study is published in the journal Pediatrics found that the more lotion, shampoo and powder that are used on babies, the higher the level of phthalates in their pee.  In fact breaking down the products of phthalates we found in 90% of 163 babies tested.  The situation was even more glaring in events under eight months old.”, pg.389

 Kinda sad, isn’t it? You have to read her Kids and Babies section because it is so informative and tells you straight up on what to avoid and what products she recommends.

Adria makes this book to be such a fun easy read as well.  I’ve gone through and have re-read so many of the chapters because it is such a unique guide for Canadians and it comes with a lot of Canadian resources for green product inquiries(such as, David Suzuki Foundation) and my favourite….recommendations on Canadian brands.

You’ll also want to read about what Adria has to say about baby wipes.  I suggest if you’d like to be wiser and greener.  You don’t want those nasty chemicals used on your baby’s bits.
I do suggest you check out Lovey’s Tushy Wash and Nature’s Pure Bliss Baby Fresh.  They are my top pics for a natural solution to use with homemade wipes, cloth or natural cotton pads.   

Ecoholic Body has everything you need to know about from skin care, how toxic the ink is in tattoo’s, hair care, health topics such as pharmaceutical pollution to clothing, jewellery, healthcare products and so much more.  She is my new Green Goddess! I also can’t stress enough about what a great read this is.  To get in touch with your inner Green Goddess pick up a copy {here}

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Naturally, I have to give Adria my: 
It’s a fantastic Canadian resource.

                     Tell us. How concerned are you about what you put on your body and what your family uses?



  1. Brandi Yee | 8th Aug 12

    This sounds like an awesome book! Especially because I’m realizing more and more how important it is to be eco friendly and how it benefits your body as well 🙂

  2. Elizabeth FrugalMomEh | 8th Aug 12

    This sounds like a great book, thank you for sharing!

  3. Whispered Inspirations | 9th Aug 12

    This is so interesting. I make it a point to not buy products that contain harmful toxins like these for the very reasons. Thanks for sharing.

  4. ~ The Country Mouse ~ | 9th Aug 12

    I am so much more aware of the chemicals in products now, then I was when my kid were babies. I am sad thinking about all the baby wipes I used. Thank you for posting this very important information.

  5. Little Miss Kate | 9th Aug 12

    Looks like a good read. I have been slowly switching over to more Eco friendly options with fewer chemicals. I have found that i have needed to try a couple of brands before settling on one that works for us

  6. ashley picco | 9th Aug 12

    thanks for sharing…I have been trying to make the eco switch

  7. Christine | 9th Aug 12

    Looks like a great book. Thanks so much for sharing. I think it’s important to get in touch with our inner green goddess!

  8. Jodi Shaw | 9th Aug 12

    What a great resource and definitely something to check out. Wonder if you can download it on Kobo?

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