Elari Diaper Wallet ~ The sweetest most perfect little diaper accessory for Mom!

Made and designed in Canada- I am in love! I love quality products made in our “True North strong & free” oh and the dye used is non-toxic.
I use my Elari Diaper Wallet all the time!  Not always for diapering though.  I mean look at it.  It’s made in such a cute trendy design and I love function.  Well, I think I especially love that it came with a changing pad.  A really good size change pad that folds up ever so sweetly.  
Before Elari Diaper Wallet I would head over to the loo with baby on the hip, diaper and wipes container as I fumbled with a wiggly tot.  In fact, I once dropped a diaper on the way to the washroom and we had an explosion.  I could have sworn I brought a diaper.  I was in the bathroom thinking what the heck am I  going to do? Her pants were ruined.  I couldn’t walk back to the restaurant with a baby and bare bum! Thankfully a stranger helped me but man…I wish I had an Elari diaper wallet then! Since receiving this lovely product for review, I never leave home without out!
Come see what great styles they have. You are guaranteed to find one you love.  Retails for $49.95 you’ll find that you will be using this all time – even not for diapers.  When I don’t want to carry a diaper bag for mommy I can store my makeup, cell phone, bank card etc.. in it just as an example.  When babywearing I can pack my essentials and have it on my wrist without having a bag slip off my shoulder.
To celebrate Elari Diaper Wallet getting my Seal of Approval so my mama fashionista’s know they are getting a product they will love and use.  Elari Diaper Wallet is kindly going to give one lucky mama an Elari of their own!
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*The pattern Wallets are no longer just an online exclusive – stores love them too
Giveaway is open to USA and Canada


  1. Lori Lewis | 29th Aug 14

    What a brilliant idea! I, too, have been in situations where I’ve left the wipes in the diaper bag or just completely forgotten to grab a diaper! I love all of the chic & stylish designs. If I won I think I would choose the Pick Me a Peony wallet – it’s gorgeous! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  2. Nicky | 29th Aug 14

    i would get the Don’t Make Me Teal You Again, because of the amazing inside colour, and chic outside pattern.

  3. Anonymous | 29th Aug 14

    I like A Little Bit of Chocolate and love that it has a coordinating Change Pad

  4. Annie1 | 30th Aug 14

    I’d choose the Dress Me in Sapphires and I love that they are washable!

    Anne Taylor

  5. Wobbles o' Wisdom | 30th Aug 14

    Pick Me a Peony, i like that you can use it for makeup also

  6. blogginggal | 30th Aug 14

    I like the Dress Me in Sapphires and I like that it would make my new niece’s life easier once the baby arrives! (Suzi)

  7. Laurie Bolduc | 30th Aug 14

    I would choose the Take Me to the Opera wallet

  8. sara rai | 30th Aug 14

    I love the Don’t Make Me Teal You Again one. i love how its washable

  9. Tara | 30th Aug 14


    love that it’s not “babyish” that you could use it for other things like makeup

  10. Diana Z | 31st Aug 14

    I love the Buy Me Latte. Like that this wallet is so versatile! It takes you through different stages in your life.

  11. Little Miss Kate | 31st Aug 14

    I like the Don’t Make Me Teal You Again – great modern pattern outside with a pop of colour inside

  12. Tannis | 31st Aug 14

    I like don’t make me teal you again.

  13. Nicole B | 1st Sep 14

    I love the buy me a latte! I love how compact they are so you don’t have to carry a diaper bag everywhere!

  14. Juliee | 3rd Sep 14

    I would choose the Dress Me in Sapphires

  15. Char T | 5th Sep 14

    I would choose Don’t Make Me Teal You Again. And I love that it’s machine washable!

  16. Angela M | 5th Sep 14

    I love the one your featured in the review, Don’t Make Me Teal You Again. I love that it is machine washable too!

  17. Sarah Mustardseedmommy | 6th Sep 14

    I like the Paint My Chevron Purple wallet! I love that it’s so compact!

  18. Journeys of The Zoo | 6th Sep 14

    My daughter would giggle with delight is I came home with this, http://www.elari.ca/collections/all/products/pick-me-a-peony

    Thanks for hosting and making this giveaway open to Canadians.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  19. Lissette Falcon | 10th Sep 14

    I absolutely love the “I’ll steal Your Heart” black interior diaper wallet! It matches the simple color scheme I’m going for and can be used for a baby boy or girl. This is such a stylish and clever accessory to have as a mom and seems extremely practical!

  20. marlibu | 13th Sep 14

    Dress me in saphires


  21. Erin | 15th Sep 14

    I love Don’t Make Me Teal You Again, it’s so pretty and stylish! I love that it’s easily something you can repurpose once your little one is out of diapers!

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