Elate Cosmetics~ natural, vegan, sustainable make up

Oh, how I love makeup! Oh, how I love toxic-free makeup! Let me tell you about Elate cosmetics.  It’s Canadian and awesome in a nutshell.  Being an avid fan of green beauty I was excited to discover Elate and review some their new colours for Spring.  I haven’t come across anything negative to say about the line so, here’s the love.  I want you to visit their site and compare the ingredients with what you have.  Does it impress you? Does it make you question why there’s so much? What are parabens?  Does your major cosmetic brand disclose ingredients on their site?
Elate is so simple in terms of ingredients and are transparent, the makeup goes on great, it stays on nice and it not heavy or irritating at all. It’s “gorgeously green.”


Why toxic-free? Why gluten-free? Why cruelty-free?
Because all of the above is not so great.  That’s why!  I personally don’t want to use makeup that has carcinogenic ingredients, nor do I want it tested on animals.
They offer high-quality, toxic free, eco-friendly cosmetics at a fair price.  

The makeup
Elate Mascara in Black~ I love this mascara!  I found with other brands my eyes were getting sensitive and itchy.  I can get a beautiful, natural, smudge free look with their mascara.  It feels gentle, it goes on nice and I can layer for a fuller lash.  It is wonderful. 
Elate Liquid Eyeliner~ I never thought I’d find a fabulous toxic free liquid eyeliner!  I love liquid eye liner it has been my look since I was 16.  I am picky about the the colour depth, the type of brush, the consistency and overall hold up.  It stays on my eyes and lasts and there’s no cracking.  I gotta say, I love the purple IDOL colour!  I never thought to use purple but I loved purple eyeshadow for my hazel eyes so why not eye liner? It is 10x better than a competitor that you can find at the Bay that blares its loud music.  
ElateCosmetics-Eyeliner-MascaraCreme Blush I love my colour Heroine as it gives me a boost of youthfulness and I feel so rosy and fresh when I use it.  I like to apply it with my fingers and blend with my brush.  Creme blushes are easy to use and multipurpose.  I usually blend it with my lipstick of use it alone and add more colour with my lip liners.  But as you can see above, I have a nice natural glow that is not greasy.  It has borage oil, argan and jojoba just to name a few of the ingredients.


Lipsticks~ There is a colour for you in there!   I love the moisture and how smooth it goes it one.    Muse is a great everyday colour that I never leave home with out it.  Here’s a kiss for you, my friends.  I’ve blended Muse and Heroine together.  Made with organic ingredients to nourish is my kind of lipstick. 
I want you to pop over to their site and check out the ingredients which is why I haven’t gone too much into it, but it is beyond refreshing to find a Canadian company using such clean ingredients as such as I can achieve great looks that are healthy for my skin, in style and  that nourishes my lips and soothes my eyes.  My everyday look can be found thanks to Elate Cosmetics.  I like that I can such a nice natural look and healthy glow.  Oh how I love Heroine, Creme Cheeks!



  1. joy | 24th Jan 17

    I think I would get a lipstick !

  2. Kim K | 24th Jan 17

    I love finding cleaner, healthier products. I would get a lipstick but I like several other items too.

  3. Lynda Cook | 24th Jan 17

    I would love to try the lipstick or the eye liner, they sound wonderful!!

  4. jan | 24th Jan 17

    I would love to try their Radiate Elate Moisturizing Lip Gloss

  5. Amy Heffernan | 24th Jan 17

    I would choose eyeliner. Yes I would love to make the total switch. I think it is great!

  6. Erika E | 24th Jan 17

    I’d like to try the eyeliner. I’ve been trying to use more healthy products on my skin.

  7. caroline m. | 24th Jan 17

    Absolutely! I don’t use any makeup because they are generally so toxic (those products), I’d happily try the lipstick. Finally a company making non-toxic eco friendly that are ALSO PACKAGED in eco friendly non-toxic ways. Very hard to find indeed!

  8. Lisa Bolduc | 24th Jan 17

    I would love to try the Full Tint Foundation and see what type of coverage of get. Love how economic friendly the products are. Makes me feel better about supporting an envirocompany

  9. Melissa Fowers | 25th Jan 17

    I would try the eyeliner for sure.

  10. Claire Garbat | 25th Jan 17

    I would choose the eyeliner! I love clean skincare and cosmetics:)

  11. Tanya N | 25th Jan 17

    I love the packaging! I’d probably try a gloss or foundation first because a lot of days that’s all I wear.

  12. nicolthepickle | 25th Jan 17

    I’d love the Joy eyeliner it looks pretty. I would like to switch to more natural. Some things have been annoying my skin lately.

  13. Alison Braidwood | 25th Jan 17

    I’d get mascara. I have to buy Almay or Marcelle, or some other hypoallergenic line, as I have sensitive eyes. The Elate line sounds perfect for me.

  14. Caryn Coates | 25th Jan 17

    I would love to try the eyeliner

  15. Katherine L | 25th Jan 17

    Love the design! I’d like to try the eyeliner!

  16. nicky | 25th Jan 17

    I’d love to get some KINDRED SKIN SUMMER OIL from Elate Cosmetics!

  17. Stephanie | 25th Jan 17

    I would definitely choose a lipstick!

  18. Andrea | 25th Jan 17

    I would buy some new lipstick! Yes, I would change to this brand!

  19. Victoria Ess | 25th Jan 17

    I would love to try the eyeliner and make the switch!

  20. sara rai | 26th Jan 17

    The eyeliner seems awesome.

  21. Tannis W | 26th Jan 17

    I already use mostly natural makeup products. I’d like to try the eyeliner from elate!

  22. Vanna Latorre | 26th Jan 17

    These are gorgeous, I love the packaging! I would definitely get a new lipstick. x

  23. Carey Hurst | 26th Jan 17

    I am all about eyes so thinking eyeliner , but would also love a vixen red lipstick if the had that colour, of course could buy both 🙂

  24. Diana Zacharias | 26th Jan 17

    I would love to try the elated eyeliner!

  25. Kaley | 26th Jan 17

    I want to try the mascara and foundation!

  26. Rhonda | 26th Jan 17

    Great info on a local product, I would like to try th mascara. I bought a bunch of makeup from Elate for my daughter last Christmas and she likes it.

  27. Octavia | 26th Jan 17

    I would love to try the purple liquid eyeliner, it’s my favourite colour and I think it would be the right amount of colour without being too crazy. I’ve also been looking at this brand for a while and would love to finally try it.

  28. Lydia Taylor | 26th Jan 17

    I think I’d get either lip gloss or mascara!

  29. Christine | 26th Jan 17

    I would love to try the blush, it’s the one thing I always use.

  30. Pamela Koop | 26th Jan 17

    Would love to try the foundation!

  31. Jolianne LB | 26th Jan 17

    I would probably get a foundation which matches my sensitive skin and doesn’t create break-outs! Or a coral-golden tone lipstick! <3

  32. Amber B | 26th Jan 17

    I have been eyeing a few of their universal cremes for forever! I’d really love to try everything by them eventually. Love everything they stand for 🙂

  33. Robyn Bellefleur | 26th Jan 17

    I would definitely get some new eyeliner. I hate when I run out or lose mine.

  34. HEIDI C. | 26th Jan 17

    I would like to try the lipstick.

  35. Jbinvan | 26th Jan 17

    I’d love to get more Elate liquid eyeliner and mascara! I love Elate and won’t go back to anything else ?

  36. Leslie C | 27th Jan 17

    I love the idea of green make-up & really want to try some, I’d start with lipstick!

  37. Alison Milne | 27th Jan 17

    I would pick a nice neutral everyday lipstick 🙂 I love that they are Canadian as well as natural, sustainable, and vegan!

  38. Christine Lee | 27th Jan 17

    I would try the lipstick! I’ve been looking for a vegan one. Love that this is sustainable too.

  39. Elizabeth O | 27th Jan 17

    i would love the Lipstick.

  40. Sacha | 27th Jan 17

    Can’t wait to try the foundation and concealer. They have been recommended by friends!

  41. Stephanie Migneault | 27th Jan 17

    Love everything natural !! healthy and sexy 🙂

  42. Cocoa M | 27th Jan 17

    I’m always looking for a better eyeliner – so the liquid liner – and I love the colours of their moisturizing lip glosses!

  43. Christine Thompson | 28th Jan 17

    I love the products I have now and plan to replace all my existing makeup with Elate. Was delighted to find a store in Duncan selling it!!

  44. Debbie White Beattie | 28th Jan 17

    I think I’d want to try the lipstick. Yes I’d consider switching to a cosmetic line with all the great attributes this line has and I love the bamboo the cosmetics are packaged in

  45. Elizabeth O | 30th Jan 17

    i would love lipstick

  46. Joanne Mallett | 31st Jan 17

    I just tried Elate for the first time through a subscription box and I love the Universal Creme! I only use cruelty-free cosmetics, and I love that they are Canadian too. I would love to try it all, but in particular the mascara as I am on the hunt for a new one that meets my criteria.

  47. Christine Murray | 31st Jan 17

    I would choose lipstick. Thanks

  48. s powell | 31st Jan 17

    The foundation

  49. Elaine Laforge | 31st Jan 17

    I would love to try the foundation 🙂

  50. Catherine Brown | 31st Jan 17

    I would like to try the eyeliner

  51. Marla P | 31st Jan 17

    I think I would pick lipstick

  52. Dawn gordon | 31st Jan 17

    I have so many allergies that I would be interested in trying many of these products !!

  53. Lori L. | 31st Jan 17

    Love the idea of a universal creme for cheeks & lips, thanks so much for this chance to win!

  54. Elizabeth Matthiesen | 8th Feb 17

    I don’t actually use any makeup but I’ll be passing on this tip to my daughters who do. 🙂

  55. June Murphy | 5th May 17

    The lipstick sounds great! Smooth and has moisture.

  56. kathy downey | 16th May 17

    I would love to try the lipstick it sound very nice!!

  57. Janet M | 22nd May 17

    The lipstick is one I would love to try.

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