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PUUR Ingrid is a Canadian skincare line that is new to me that  I’ve had the pleasure to review thanks to my friends over at CertClean– North America’s leading certification for safer beauty and personal care products.

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As you may know by now, I love facial oils. Making a facial oil a part of your skincare routine will do wonders for your complexion. In addition to deep hydration, facial oil can also boost your skin’s natural glow and protect it from damaging free radicals.  I love their eye-catching packaging and their products are also affordable and extremely effective.  PUUR Ingrid caters a high quality, made in Canada product that will have you covered naturally head to toe in this amazing clean and natural skincare and body line.


“Brighten your skin and fight the signs of aging with this deeply conditioning facial oil.”

Not only does this oil smell amazing thanks to the gentle effectiveness of Apricot oil it also has Rosemary, Lemon and Pelargonium Graveolens Leaf (aka geranium).  I love Geranium as it has many healing qualities but it doesn’t irritate and is antimicrobial.  With the added benefits that make this facial truly unique is the Evening Primrose which is incredible in EFA’s(essential fatty acids) and Vitamin C to repair and regenerate and the ever so beneficial Squalene. Squalene promotes collagen production-more on that below!   I have loved the benefits, PUUR Ingrid Facial Radiance($20 on sale!) is definitely a favourite of mine and I think it’s suitable for all skin types. It’s CertClean certified and made cruelty-free. 

PuurSqualene“This unscented, multitasking oil is like super-food for your skin and is ideal for all skin types”

Squalene Absolute is something I don’t see too often in skincare brands and it’s such an effective product/ingredient as it’s 100% plant-sugar derived Squalane that penetrates deep into your pores to stimulate the synthesis of collagen and provide a deep level of moisturization.  Add a drop to your favourite tinted moisturizer or foundation for a healthy boost in hydration and collagen.  I think this is a must-have for all my beauty junkies out there. I am savouring every drop as I find this to be a very special product and it’s priced very well at $24.95.   It is CertClean certified, EWG certified and cruelty-free.  If you spend over $75 at PUUR Ingrid you can receive a free bottle of Squalene Absolute! 


“Detangle, de-frizz and deep condition with one simple spray.”

Triple Treat Tonic is indeed a treat for your hair as I use it every other day.  It is made with a blend of essential oils, aloe juice and Glossyliance® to soothe hair without weighing it down. Glossyliance is an innovative plant-derived extract and the ultimate active shine ingredient. Aloe juice smoothes and seals in moisture while the essential oils promote a healthy scalp and leave your hair smell heavenly. I love the scent as it’s citrusy.  It truly is a remarkable product that will leave your hair feeling soft, lustrous and transformed. My twins even use it for their little tangles.   It’s also on sale for $16.95 and it is CertClean certified, EWG certified and cruelty-free. 

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Another thing I appreciate about PUUR Ingrid is their commitment. 
Our PUUR Commitment: We always formulate without 1,300+ Banned Ingredients, Including: Parabens, Mineral Oil, Sulfate-based Detergents, Synthetic Fragrance, Petroleum-based Ingredients, Phthalates, Phenoxyethanol, Formaldehyde and GMO Ingredients.

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Have you heard of PUUR Ingrid before? Are you familiar with CertClean?  

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Disclosure:  This post was written in collaboration with PUUR Ingrid and CertClean.  Items were gifted in exchange for my review.  All opinions are always my own and never influenced. 
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  1. Shirley O | 30th Nov 20

    I like the natural glow that facial oil gives your skin. They sound like great skin care products.

  2. Debbie Beattie | 1st Dec 20

    I love that this is a Canadian brand and I love that they’re cruelty free

  3. HEIDI C. | 1st Dec 20

    I am always happy to support a Canadian brand like this one. It sounds like they make some amazing beauty products that I would definitely love to try.

  4. angela eagle | 1st Dec 20

    PUUR Ingrid is a Canadian skincare line I haven’t heard of but I like to support Canadian brands

  5. nicolthepickle (Nicole Graham) | 1st Dec 20

    I hadn’t heard of this brand before, but they sound like they make excellent quality.

  6. Suzie B | 1st Dec 20

    I haven’t heard of this brand before; but it sounds like a product that would work wonderfully for my skin type!

  7. Sandra Dufoe | 1st Dec 20

    Love to see Canadian products and these sound like they would be great to have.

  8. Micheline | 1st Dec 20

    This is a new company to me, but I love their mission and that they are Canadian. I will also have to check out cert Clean.

  9. nicolthepickle (Nicole Graham) | 2nd Dec 20

    I have not, but I’m really excited about clean beauty. They’re definitely something to check out. Thanks for this.

  10. Viv Sluys | 2nd Dec 20

    This is a new brand to me. I love that their products are free from all those harmful ingredients!

  11. Rosanne Robinson | 2nd Dec 20

    I didn’t know about these products, thx so much for the helpful information. I’m looking forward to trying the PUUR Ingrid Facial Radiance.

  12. Maryam | 3rd Dec 20

    Wow, I love that it is filled with healthy ingredients and it is so beneficial! I learned a lot and will probably be buying it myself

  13. Susan Newman | 3rd Dec 20

    This skincare sounds amazing!

  14. Lynda Cook | 4th Dec 20

    The Triple Treat Tonic sounds wonderful, I would love it for my hair!!

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