EMB Gadgets: Dropcam the easy-to-use home video monitoring camera

 “Wi-Fi Video Monitoring for home, baby, pets and business”
Most people think that home monitoring is just about security. Sure, security is a key use for Dropcam but so is checking in on your home to view the everyday things you don’t want to miss – from kids arriving home from school to packages being delivered and pets misbehaving. With 3 kids at home and as we are going to be moving into a bigger space I love having my dropcam.

Using your computer or smart phone, just dial in to your home and take a look around. It’s incredibly simple to use and set up.  I can’t emphasize that enough.  I love how easy it is.

 I also find it neat that I can receive alerts for motions and sounds to my smart phone and I can “drop” in and chat live at home, my voice comes out of the camera.  I foresee checking in on my hubby when I get girls night out(I can dream right?) and I can help him if he can’t find anything! LOL! Or better yet when hubby and I have a date night we can pop in and see the kids.
There are so many fun ways besides security that you can use dropcam.  It just takes 60 seconds to set up. You use your computer to find your WiFi network.

How to set up:
I attach my dropcams USB into the computer and am launched to the dropcam sign in site. Enter your name and password and find your Wi-Fi connection.  Then you just plug it in.  Get the app for your smart phone and off you go!
I do like this nifty gadget.  I wish it had a swivel stand but other than that it’s the only complaint I have and I wish the Cloud recording was free but for only $10 a month I can splurge and use it for when I know we’ll be needing to check in and watch live what is going on when the cats away.
Dimensions:  4.5″ x 3.15″ x 3.15″
Weight: 5.5oz
Power: 5V DC, 2.0A

What it comes with?
HD camera, aluminum stand, wall mounting hardware, 10 foot USB cable, USB power adaptor and Quick start Guide.


  1. Grace | 14th Oct 13

    This looks great and you have inspired me in all the ways that it can be used besides the security aspect.

  2. JoKnows | 14th Oct 13

    That is very cool! We could definitely use that in our home. 🙂

  3. Kelsey Apley | 14th Oct 13

    That looks like a great piece of technology to own for sure!!!

  4. Jinxy and Me | 14th Oct 13

    This looks like a definitely useful piece of technology!

  5. Turning the Clock Back | 14th Oct 13

    I have been considering something like this now that I have teens…not that I dont trust them but hey, they are TEENAGERS!

  6. Mariah @ FormulaMom.com | 14th Oct 13

    My husband would love to have this in our home. So many great uses!

  7. Kerrie @ Family Food and Travel | 14th Oct 13

    The two way talk function is really cool – as is the notifications to your phone. Great when you go on holidays!

  8. Shari G | 14th Oct 13

    We like to let our boys play downstairs in the playroom but sometimes they do things they aren’t supposed to. So we put up a camera and it helps so much1

  9. Jennifer Van Huss | 14th Oct 13

    I have a video monitor for my kids and I wouldn’t change it. I love being able to watch the kids and talk to them when I’m not in the same room.

  10. Lyne Proulx | 14th Oct 13

    That’s great if you want to keep an eye on the kids lol! Love it. Thanks for sharing.

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