EMB Thursday Style File: Dr.Martens Shop, Toronto #madeinEngland


I could easily make this a Throwback Thursday post.  I lived in 8 hole boots as a teenager.  In fact my very first pair were a pair of shoes and I was in gr.9 I believe.  I remember my step sister having a hissy fit because she wanted a pair as well!

I love Doc’s.  Love, love, love them and the store on Queen West is awesome.  So many great styles and friendly sales people.  I splurged and did some shopping.  I got a pair of Chelsea’s for me because I need a pair of boots that I can slip on when babywearing.  But I should mention we are Dr.Marten family. My son has a pair of boots, I do, the twins and husband as well.

The kid booties are just awesome!

My sons boots go on easy thanks to the inside zipper seam, flexible sole, leather quality and extra padding on the inside. Was working them in a problem? Not all! They are still the comfiest.
I never thought in a million years I’d be kicking it old school and have my kids in Dr.Martins.  But why would I be surprised? I like leather shoes for kids and I love that they are still made in England.
Check out these cute booties for your little walker. Quality and workmanship is important for developing feet. It’s worth the investment.

Where to shop? Visit Dr.Martens Canada

Visit the store in Toronto,
391 Queen St West 416.585.9595
   Like Dr.Martens Toronto on Facebook for sales, contests and new designs
Visit www.dr.martenscanada and tell us…which booties do you like?


  1. Heather Smith | 9th Jan 14

    I love the red ones! Absolutely adorable and so perfect for little walkers!

  2. Kelly Hutchinson | 9th Jan 14

    I love the Auburn. Have always been a huge Doc Martens Fan 🙂

  3. Jonnie (JB) | 9th Jan 14

    OMG! I loved Doc Martens when I was a teen too. I didn’t know they made them for kids but you can bet I’ll be buying some now that I know. The little booties are just adorable and I know you can’t beat the quality of Dr. Martens!

  4. Dani @ lifeovereasy | 9th Jan 14

    love love love Docs! did you know they have a line that are guaranteed FOR LIFE???? my daughter has a gorgeous bright purple pair, and my other girl has a floral pair. they last forever!

  5. Denise McDonuts | 9th Jan 14

    I seriously have wanted a pair my whole life! I neeeeeeeeed to get a pair!

  6. Emily | 9th Jan 14

    I like the red ones!! Perfect for a boy or girl and will last through all kids!

  7. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? | 9th Jan 14

    I had a pair of Dr. Marten’s back in the day! I think the little Union Jack ones are adorable.

  8. Inspire Me Heather | 9th Jan 14

    I had a pair too, long time ago and they were THE best – loved them! They still look great, cute for the kids as well!

  9. Shash | 10th Jan 14

    I still have my very 1st pair of Dr Martens!! They are classic, my daughter would love the British flag pair. She’s all about One Direction and everything UK right now. 🙂

  10. ourfamilyworld | 10th Jan 14

    The red ones are absolutely gorgeous!

  11. Little Miss Kate | 10th Jan 14

    OMG those shoes for your girls… it is just too much!
    Makes we want to have another baby ( a girl this time) just so I can buy things like that.

  12. Suzanne Rudge (MapleMouseMama) | 10th Jan 14

    This is a panic! I too wore Docs as a teen/young lady and I LOVED them. I can totally see the benefit of having your youngsters wear them now and those booties, too cute! Thanks for the walk down memory lane 🙂


  13. Chelsea Day | 10th Jan 14

    OMGoodness I love those new Doc Martens. I used to have a pair but that was years and years ago. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Sofia | 10th Jan 14

    For girls, I love the Auburn bootie (so darn cute!). But I don’t have girls…so I’d love to get my boys the Brooklee (flag), oh yeah!

  15. Jen Farr | 10th Jan 14

    Love those baby booties. And I love my cherry 8 holes!

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