Embracing rustic charm and beauty at Viamede Resort


A couple of weeks ago we arrived at Viamede Resort.   A beautiful pet-friendly resort nestled around the beauty of Stoney Lake, 35 minutes from Peterborough and 2 hours away from Toronto.  Upon arriving, you go through a cute little town where you can stock up on your cottage essentials or just drive down Mount Julien Road and let Viamede do the cooking for you.  The food at Viamede has been one of the best and favourite dining experiences I’ve ever had at a resort.   At Viamede, breakfast is always included and it’s the 1885 room.  Lunch and Dinner are at The Boathouse and you can enjoy their seasonal menu and for a fine dining and romantic dinner just for adults(don’t worry about the kids!  They’ll host pizza and movie night for you at no additional cost!), you WANT to go to Mout Julien.  One of the things I really like is you can eat your leisure.  You don’t have to come at 5:30 pm to have dinner like at other resorts but you do need to make a reservation for Mount Julien.


Viamede_1885   * Hang out in the 1885 building where you can play ping pong, darts, play board games, enjoy your buffet breakfast, pick out movies to take back to the cottage. 

We loved dining and hanging out at The Boathouse. The food is fresh, made from scratch and it’s made with the best local ingredients.  I loved my Chicken Schnitzel with a garlic cream sauce with homemade Spaetzle like my Oma used to make.  My husband had the best pasta dish.  Did I mention that at Viamede Resort, there is NO TIPPING?   Viamede is completely tip-free, so you don’t have to worry about any extra fee’s.   The Kid’s Menu is great with its selection and is made with the same fresh and high-quality ingredients.

Viamede Schnitzel








I know I jumped right into food before talking about the cottage we booked and you may be wondering what are some of the things you can do at Viamede? But seriously- as someone who is the ONLY cook in this home, I love having someone cook for me for a change and when we’re travelling not having to cook is on the things I look forward to most.  Aside from kid camps and lounging with my husband and catching up.  We did just that at Viamede.   Viamede has so much natural beauty and rustic charm.  I loved our quaint cottage which came with air conditioning and free WIFI.  It has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (one with a jacuzzi tub!) and a sweet little kitchen, great patio and fireplace.  No keys or cards are needed when you check into your cottage, at Viamede you are given a code to key into your lock.  I loved not having to carry around keys or cards.  It was great for my eldest as he came and went and I didn’t have to worry about him losing a key or room card.







Upon your arrival be sure to check The Recreation Board.  From Monday to Sunday you’ll find activities to do as a family or on your own.  There’s the Garden Tour, Nature Hike, VolleyBall, KIDS FUN from 12-3 where the adults are free and the kids are supervised, Kayaking with Kayleigh, Ice Cream Social, Pickling Class(I wish I COULD have done that!) and even Wine Tasting at Mount Julien and Bread Making and Foraging.  I think I need to head back!  I want to do some of those free classes.

A short walk from our cottage you’ll find Stoney Lake Spa, a playground, the beach and of course Stoney Lake.   Viamede has 9km of private forest trails.  If I could have captured the fresh scent of the fresh air, you could smell the pine, the flowers, the herbs growing and knowing it could somewhere be in your next meal. I loved it so much.   It’s also quiet.  Each cottager is respectful as well around and at neighbouring cottages.  





At Viamede you have a beautiful lake that has pristine, clean and clear water to enjoy but also an indoor and outdoor pool that shoots out jets and a sauna. All activities and equipment are FREE! There are canoes, stand up paddleboards(SUP), kayaks, bicycles, a water trampoline, Ben the GM and owner will even take you tubing.  There is a tennis court, 18 hole golf and a farm, too! Basically, if it’s at Viamede, you can use it.  The fitness centre is amazing and offers beautiful views of the resort.  Head to my Instastories to see more of that and other gems that I’ve spoken about.





ViamedeIndoor Pool



Now let me show you the charming, Viamede farm.  This is such a lovely farm that kids can even feed the piggies when you partake in the farm tour at 3:30 pm every day.  I found the farm to be so special as it adds an extra charm that already exists at Viamede but as a foodie and I love eating from and supporting local farms.  The care that is put into raising the animals, the breeds that Viamede has chosen for their heritage style farm is just something you yourself, should experience.  You’ll feel like a kid again as you get in touch with nature and it’s surroundings.





Now let me tell you about Mount Julien. Chef Mandie uses the freshest and local ingredients from their farm, their forests, and she even visits the local farmers to prepare an exquisite meal for you.   Every dish, wine, spirit and beer is carefully created or chosen to evoke a sense of time and place and Ben the GM did just that.  He made our stay so memorable.  I felt so welcomed and there is no pretention here.  Look at our table, the ambiance was magical.  It was such a fantastic experience and the high light of my summer as I haven’t fine dined since our honeymoon, 13 years ago!   I had no idea I could eat Clover? Do you know what a nice flavour it has when you add sea salt on top of a pea puree and radish? The most delicious Pea Soup balanced ever so perfectly with fresh Mint? Delicious Perch from the lake atop of brioche bread crumbs to the most magical salad I had ever eaten and the wine! My husband’s favourite course was the salad and I enjoyed the moistest and delicious duck I’ve ever had to end with a spectacular Cuban rum called Black Tears that paired perfectly with fresh Ontario Strawberry sorbet with chamomile. 

” Wine pairings vary by day, season, and bottle as well – most wines are hand-picked from Prince Edward County by GM Ben Samann. Many wines can only be sourced once, and when it’s gone, it’s gone. ”   

The menu style can be broken down to this:

  • 5 course – $90, pairing $45
  • 7 course – $110, pairing $55
  • 9 course – $130, pairing $65
  • All prices include tips.


















Looking back at these pictures has stirred up such emotion as this province offers so much for you to discover but it’s the people that make it too.  Viamede Resort is one of those gems I hope you’ll discover and I hope you’ve enjoyed my post on our visit there.   The staff are truly wonderful and kind, this has been one of my favourite resorts that I’ve had the honour to visit this year.  We’ve made friends with guests and staff and they’ve all told me the same thing.  They love the charm that Viamede holds and that everything is included with so many activities to enjoy at your leisure.  Everyone I chatted with have been repeated customers and now I know why.  
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Disclosure:  This post was written in collaboration with Viamede Resort as we were hosted to share our experience at this exquisite inn.  All opinions are always my own.


  1. Sierra | 31st Jul 19

    Those views from the boathouse are so pretty! What a nice stay. I love all of the greenery around the resort.

    • Mama Ash | 31st Jul 19

      I am so wishing I was sitting at The Boat House right now! I miss Ben, Abby and Kayleigh. I’d love to chat with them again and just relax at the lake. A boat ride with Ben would be awesome too!

  2. Chelsae Lund | 1st Aug 19

    I love that his resort is pet friendly! It is hard to come by those! It looks beautiful and there is so much to do outdoors! I would love to head north and get out of the hear to enjoy the outdoors.

    • Mama Ash | 2nd Aug 19

      The Dog Park is so pretty too. It’s great for our four-legged family members.

  3. Dawn | 1st Aug 19

    So beautiful! And that food looks delicious!

    • Mama Ash | 2nd Aug 19

      I wish I was there right now!

  4. Rianna Stavrides | 1st Aug 19

    The food looks amazing, I would totally go here because of that lol! Everything else looks fun and inviting. The rooms look cozy, I would definitely add this to my bucket list! 🙂

    • Mama Ash | 2nd Aug 19

      Thank you! I am so glad you liked my post on Viamede. I hope you visit and enjoy all the delicious food. I am craving the Cubano Sandwich my husband had.

  5. Sapana V | 18th Nov 19

    OMG. That’s such a nice place. Great pictures. Thanks for posting such a detailed article about it. I can’t wait to visit it….!!!!

  6. Shirley O | 1st May 20

    Such a picturesque location with so many fun things to do and the food looks delicious!

  7. Janet M | 30th Nov 20

    Your photos are beautiful. It would be a lovely resort to visit.

  8. Shirley | 4th Dec 20

    The food looks amazing I love all of the photos

  9. Astora | 9th Apr 21

    Very nice spot!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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