End of summer fun & cruising into fall with Gobbler Flow Foldable scooters

The twins have been living it up as we’ve been out almost every day on our new Globber Flow Foldable scooters.  It’s been about 2 months of putting these scooters to the test.  Globber scooters were founded in 2014 by experts with more than 20 years of experience in the riding & scooter industry.  Globber has quickly established itself as a key player in the scooter market and they’ve held up and the quality is there!  It even comes with a 2yr warranty.  We’ve gone on hikes, they’ve had races, we’ve gone to the skate park, it’s been on trips with us as it folds up so easily and it takes up little space and it gives a fun ride.  My kids absolutely love their Globber as this is their upgraded one as they’ve grown out their previous ones that their grandparents got for their birthday(pictured below), the original, 3 wheeler, Elite. 

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The amount of joy when they saw the big brown box for us to review was so much fun, I hope you saw the unboxing on Instagram!  The twins have been kind enough to share their scooters with their big brother too as the Flow Foldable has a 4 height adjuster on it, it’s perfect for kids and teens and has a triple structured deck design with EVA soft foam grip tape supports up to 100kg.

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Putting the scooter together as easy as 1,2,3.  Literally.
“Innovation is ingrained in Globber’s identity. Globber’s scooters offer the only product on the market with a patented steering lock button which helps young children learn to ride, the first foldable 3-wheel scooter on the market and an assisted 1 second folding mechanism specifically designed for the commuting scooter rider. “

The push-button folding system is extremely easy to use and will make getting to school not only fun but easy to store in their classroom or lockers. 

.@GlobberNA FLOW 2-wheel scooters for teens and children 6+ come with a long, wide rear brake for not only facilitating braking but also prolonging the rear wheel’s longevity! #flow #scooter #foldable #giveaway Click To Tweet

We’ve been on many adventures as we walk and scoot around in Winnipeg, like right here by the Red River in Riverview.  I think I walked 7km that day with them!  It’s been a great way to get me outside and walk with them and to be a part of their healthy lifestyle of getting active.
.@GlobberNA Flow Foldable scooter adjustable T-Bars come with a super-wide, curved 4-height adjustable T-bar for kids to keep riding on their 2-wheel scooter into their teens! #review #globber #scooter Click To Tweet


With the @GlobberNA the FLOW series teen scooters all come with a double clamp at the bottom of the T-bar for a solid fixture! #scooters #globber #getoutside Click To Tweet
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I can’t wait to show you where we’ll go next to the city with Globber scooters as the season’s change but you can bet I’ll be sharing more great pics and more races between the two!  I hope you’ll tag me #mamaashglobber on your adventures as well! You can find Globber at Toys R Us, The Bay and Amazon.ca 

Giveaway (3)

Globber North America wants one lucky Mama Ash reader to win their very own Flow Foldable scooter valued at $149.99.  It’s super easy to enter, I’ll be checking your entries.  Canada Only, 18+yrs to enter, excludes Quebec. Giveaway ends September. 4, 2020
Globber Flow Foldable Scooter Giveaway

00000IMG_00000_BURST20200626092243170_COVERDisclosure:  This post was written in collaboration with Globber North America.  My opinions are my own and are never influenced.


  1. kristen visser | 27th Aug 20

    oooo This would be perfect!! my middle daughter broke her gobbler scooter. I love the height adjuster, soft foam grip tape and the wide rear break!

  2. Jonnie | 27th Aug 20

    I love the two year warranty and high quality materials

  3. Monique L.S. | 27th Aug 20

    I like that it folds up. Makes it easy to store and transport. Thanks!

  4. Linda | 27th Aug 20

    I love that the push-button folding system is easy to use.

  5. Shirley O | 27th Aug 20

    I love that it has 4 height adjustable feature and grows with your child.

  6. nicky | 27th Aug 20

    I love that this looks sturdy for my kiddo!

  7. Tannis W | 28th Aug 20

    I love that it’s foldable, height adjustable and comes with a two year warranty. That all sounds great!

  8. ducky | 28th Aug 20

    I like that it folds. We can take it easily to other parts of the city for our staycation walks.

  9. AH | 28th Aug 20

    Fantasitc! My boy would love this!

  10. Sandra R | 28th Aug 20

    I like the adjustability!

  11. Anu Chopra | 28th Aug 20

    loves that it has 4-height adjustable

  12. Cairine | 28th Aug 20

    I like that the T bar is adjustable so as the kids grow it can be changed.

  13. Denise M | 28th Aug 20

    I like this scooter is compact so you can take it on holidays with a person.

  14. Erin N | 28th Aug 20

    This scooter looks amazing! I love that it is foldable and adjustable! Super cool. Fingers crossed.. Good luck everyone 🙂

  15. wendy hutton | 28th Aug 20

    I like that it is foldable and so light

  16. Edith Rennes | 28th Aug 20

    I like that it is fold able.

  17. stephanie n | 28th Aug 20

    I love that you can change the height of the bars as the kids grow!

  18. Ed | 28th Aug 20

    I like that it is compact and foldable.

  19. jan | 28th Aug 20

    The fact that the Flow Foldable Scooter is adjustable is awesome.

  20. Cathy Scharf | 29th Aug 20

    Very neat prize!

  21. Sandra Dufoe | 29th Aug 20

    I love that it is easy to store over the winter months and that it is very sturdy.

  22. ivy pluchinsky | 29th Aug 20

    I like the adjustability that it has

  23. Diana Z | 29th Aug 20

    I like the push button folding system.

  24. Nate | 30th Aug 20

    I like that it can fold and take up less space

  25. Kristy Elizabeth | 30th Aug 20

    I like that it is easy to put together.

  26. Jenness M | 31st Aug 20

    I like he push-button folding system that makes it easy to fold up and store!

  27. Juliee Fitze | 1st Sep 20

    I like that I can fold and throw it in the truck to head to the park.

  28. Marlene v | 1st Sep 20

    I love how portable and light it is.

  29. Janet M | 2nd Sep 20

    I like the height adjuster and that it is lightweight and foldable- perfect for fun and also safe.

  30. Melinda | 2nd Sep 20

    I like that is foldable and light making it easy to carry.

  31. Patsy | 3rd Sep 20

    I like that it’s super easy to store!Thanks 🙂

  32. wendy hutton | 24th Nov 20

    such a great little scooter

  33. nicolthepickle (Nicole Graham) | 26th Nov 20

    What a fun looking scooter, and that shot with the deer is excellent.

  34. Janet M | 26th Nov 20

    I like these foldable scooters and it will be fun to return to them in the Spring.

  35. nicky | 1st Dec 20

    These scooters look great. I know my kiddo would love one from Santa!

  36. Micheline | 2nd Dec 20

    Great gift idea, kids sure do like the scooters.

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