Tiny Love Gymini® Under The Sea Multi-stage Activity Gym

What a month it has been!  I’ve been busy with posts and hosting lots of fabulous giveaways!  Well, nothing has really been for baby and I am thrilled to tell you about the Tiny Love Gymini Under the Sea Activity Gym I’ll be the first to stay that I wish when my kids were newborns, friends and family would have thought to gift us a little gym for baby.  I never knew how great they were until we had them with our son. 


What are the charming features of the Tiny Love Gymini

• The Charming underwater Gymini that encourages independent and joint playtime
• Baby activated Musical Electronic Crab Toy adds a whole new dimension of fun
• With Easy-Pull Pelican Toy, Crinkly Jelly Fish and Musical Crab Toy
• Stand-alone Mirror provides for extended tummy time.
• Fun mat that helps extend tummy time, encouraging the development of gross motor skills
• Sliding rings enable flexible toy positioning, expanding playtime options
• Colorful engaging design that appeals to babies
• Enables Batting and Sensory Exploration (0+ months)
• Enables Cause & Effect learning (5+ months)


The Tiny Love Gymini® Under the Sea is designed to capture baby’s imagination and encourage cognitive development. With 7 different activities including a self-activated musical crab, the baby is building their gross motor skills one sea creature at a time. The crinkly jellyfish, five satin ribbons, easy-pull rattling pelican toy, rings, and easy to grip fish teether gives baby multiple play time options. The vibrant mirror encourages extended tummy time helping baby to increase upper body strength as you can see pictured above.

In a time crunch for the holidays? You can buy the Tiny Love Gymini at Walmart of buy a gift card and guide them to this post so they can know more about the adorable Tiny Love Gymini!   
th_giveaway3Giveaway is Canadian only, 18+ yrs to enter.  Fill out the raffle below and share the giveaway for bonus points!  We are thrilled that Tiny Love is going to give one lucky family their very own Tiny Love Gymini® Under The Sea Multi-stage Activity Gym. Giveaway ends Dec.30/16, you’ll have a nice prize to kick off the New Year!  Talk about a great Baby shower gift too!
Tiny Love Gymini® Under The Sea Multi-stage Activity Gym


  1. Judy Cowan | 22nd Dec 16

    My niece is the baby in my life right now, love to gift things to her whenever I see anything I think is cute or that she might need. That is what an Aunt is for right? This activity gym would be fun for her.

  2. kathy downey | 22nd Dec 16

    Hi and Happy Holidays toy you and yours,my favourite way to gift for the baby in my life is all the little extra’s a grandma loves to buy

  3. Jeannie | 22nd Dec 16

    Right now my niece is all about things she can put in her mouth. So she loves teethers!

  4. Gillian Morgan | 22nd Dec 16

    I like to gift JJ with toys that engage him in activity.

  5. Victoria Ess | 22nd Dec 16

    I love buying cute outfits.

  6. Silvia D | 22nd Dec 16

    I have step grandbabies and love to buy unique and cute things, especially keepsakes

  7. Albert | 22nd Dec 16

    this would be a great present for my niece!

  8. Wendy Hutton | 22nd Dec 16

    clothes and teethers right now

  9. Lee dixon | 23rd Dec 16

    I’m so excited to buy a pack n play, crib, crib mobile and adorable clothing!!! I also am buying new toy balls and cars for my son so he doesn’t feel left out.

  10. Florence Cochrane | 23rd Dec 16

    I like to always give a bath or crib toy

  11. Sherry M | 23rd Dec 16

    My son has just told me they plan to have a wee one in the near future. This will be my first grand baby. So excited to have a baby in my life.

  12. Pam | 23rd Dec 16

    I always like to gift board books and a fun towel for their first swimming experiences.

  13. lori butler | 23rd Dec 16

    my thing is learning toys.

  14. Chandra Christine O'Connor | 23rd Dec 16

    My fav way for my granddaughter is toys that are fun but stimulating and educational too. Plus cute outfits. Something they need, something they want, education, and fun.

  15. Lisa Bolduc | 23rd Dec 16

    I am due with my second. It’s a girl. My first was a boy so this time around I am exited to buy headbands and dresses

  16. Treen Goodwin | 23rd Dec 16

    I love to buy outfits for my Grand babies and spoil them when i can 🙂

  17. melissa marie | 23rd Dec 16

    i love getting babies toys my children loved or getting cute outfits

  18. Sarah De Diego | 23rd Dec 16

    Anything educational, that gets the baby to think is my go to gift.

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  19. Marra | 23rd Dec 16

    I’m excited to buy everything for my baby that is on the way

  20. Lucy | 23rd Dec 16

    With gifts that help them learn.

  21. nicky | 23rd Dec 16

    I like gifts that are both cute and useful – like bibs, toys, and clothing.

  22. Kim K | 23rd Dec 16

    I like gifting fun educational toys

  23. shirley p | 23rd Dec 16

    I like gifting educational toys

  24. caroline m. | 23rd Dec 16

    I love shopping second hand for quality items like real fabric blankets and clothing made of linen, cotton, wool, silk or hemp. These are good for the planet and good for baby.

  25. Viv Sluys | 23rd Dec 16

    I like to get some practical stuff for the baby’s mama to keep her sane and I like to get toys for baby that encourage brain development and movement.

  26. Joshua Spiers | 23rd Dec 16

    I like to gift based on reaction! I love seeing them smile!

  27. kristen visser | 23rd Dec 16

    I love to gift meaningful gifts for the babies in my life. One of my favorite thing is making up ornaments for babies first Christmas and sticking in a note of all the important moments and popular things that have happened within the world in the year baby was born

  28. sara rai | 24th Dec 16

    Love buying teddy bears:)

  29. Brenda Lacourciere | 24th Dec 16

    I like to gift baby things that can help with development.

  30. Tainan Lu | 24th Dec 16

    I love buying cute outfits for him.

  31. Linda | 24th Dec 16

    I like finding and playing new music for my baby who loves it.

  32. jan | 24th Dec 16

    I love keeping them busy with puzzles

  33. Cloe St-Amour | 24th Dec 16

    Love gifting educational toys like baby einsteins!

  34. Carey Hurst | 25th Dec 16

    I like to gift essentials and things I know helped me but no one ever thought about. Of course sometimes a toy or two , but I like to give practical things esp at the baby stage .

  35. Christine D | 26th Dec 16

    Gift cards are helpful to mama- sometimes letting them chose what they need is better

  36. Laurie Alain | 26th Dec 16

    We have a new addition and this would be a great gift for me to be able to win for them. I love these products only wish I’d of had them when i was having babies.

  37. Tina F | 26th Dec 16

    I love buying cute outfits and educational toys.

  38. Alison Braidwood | 27th Dec 16

    I like to gift my nieces interesting and educational toys I find. They have every toy known to man, so I try to look for things that are different.

  39. angela m | 28th Dec 16

    I love to buy board books, outfits ,and anything personalized.

  40. Caryn Coates | 28th Dec 16

    I love buying cute baby outfits

  41. Karine | 28th Dec 16

    I love gifts that truly make them learn, so toys they can manipulate and games i can interact with them too

  42. Jonnie | 29th Dec 16

    I like to gift money to be put away for savings as the parents see fit.

  43. Holly MacRitchie | 29th Dec 16

    We are always getting new books for our daughter, that is her favourite thing!

  44. Erinn Lishman | 30th Dec 16

    I try to purchase what the mom and dad need or request, and stick to useful items such as diapers and wipes and medicine suitable for babies!

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