EO Products- A Soothing Bathing Experience for You and Baby

 I was recently given some heavenly scented products to review from EO.
EO is a family run company from beautiful California that was founded in 1995.  To learn more on this wonderful family and the ingredients used click here
Their products are Paraben free, Polysorbate free, Disodium EDTA free and Sodium Laureth/Lauryl Sulfate free. 
They don’t really have a specific baby line but looking through the website there are products you can use for your child over the age of 1 year.
Master Charles had the most delicious bath last night that afterwards he went down like a light. He smelled heavanly as well with the gentle scent of French Lavender.  Here’s what we used.

We had a bath using Night Nite Bubble Bath.
Scented with pure essential oils of Blue Chamomile and Lavender, soothing scents to knock you out into a sleeping bliss.  It’s not a heavy scent at all, quite light actually.  It also contains Organic Calendula to replenish the skin. This was indeed a rich, bubbly bath and Charles had the most fun splashy about and playing with bubbles.  A pampering bath with the Coconut as it cleanses without drying out baby’s delicate skin.  Secondly, once we got out I moisturized his skin with EO’s Everyday Body Lotion Unscented with Coconut MilkI think this my new favorite.  It goes on so nice, baby isn’t greasy so your not struggling to put the diaper and jammy’s on after baby’s been massaged and hydrated, this morning when I was changing him he was still ever so soft.  Organic Coconut Milk pampers and nourishes the skin, Oat Betaglucan moisturizes and soothes irritated skin. 
For a little further added soothing touch I put a little touch of the French Lavender Body Oil on his chakras, and he was blissfully happy and ready to hit Snoozeland.
This smells wonderful, French Lavender is healing, (here’s a little tid bit: it actually increases white blood cell count, keep handy for when you accidentally burn or cut yourself. I always have Lavender in the kitchen) Organic Jojoba restores moisture and skin softness, it makes a great carrier.
So if you are looking for something new to try and are tired of the synthetic and mineral oil laden based baby products out there…we know the brands.   Go to your natural food/health market or simply order online at EO. Click here for the website.
*For Canadian shopping I have seen this line at Whole Foods(Avenue Rd/Davenport), The Big Carrot(Chester/Danforth), Evergreen Natural Food Store(St.Clair/Bathurst), Health Shoppe(Yonge and St.Clair)


  1. Dina | 24th Mar 10

    following from mbc, i too am an aromatherapist so you might like some posts and our giveaway. http://www.familysanityreviews.com

  2. Anonymous | 26th Mar 10

    Become a fan of EO on Facebook – they have a new fan page here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/edit/?id=370792511937#!/pages/EO-Products/370792511937

  3. Mama Ash | 26th Mar 10

    Thanks! I will!

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