EO’s All Purpose Soaps

All in One cleanser for home.  Who would have thought? I was more than thrilled when I was contacted to review these from one of my many favourite lines

I think my favourite so far is the Lavender scented All Purpose Soap. I just cracked open the Meyer Lemon and it is delightful as well for it’s fresh scent, perfect for Spring cleaning and then there’s Peppermint, I ‘m waiting until Christmas to crack this baby open..if I can last that long.  That’s how much I enjoy using these All Purpose Soaps.
Let me begin by telling you about the convenience of these soaps.  Beside doing dishes(which leave’s them clean and sparkly, yes I was by hand) with them, I used them to wash my veggies, clean the counter, wash crayons off the wall, wash C’s cloth diapers, wash windows(since I’m Spring cleaning, thank you Meyer Lemon for the scents of inspiration), my coffee pot, my cast iron cookware..um do you get the picture yet? Of course, you do.  It truly is as it states, One Soap. Hundreds of Uses.

It is making its way North of the border and I cannot wait, mind you I want the jumbo size now..hint..hint EO(it’s your fault you know, you make great products).
EO’s line of life’s essentials for cleaning and beauty are paraben free, Polysorbate free, Disodium EDTA free and Sodium Laureth/Lauryl Sulfate free.  It does contain Organic Calendula, Organic White tea and essential oils pertaining to the scent of the All Purpose Soap you choose.
Thanks to EO, I Live Clean.  Now, give ’em a try when you see them on the shelf.  Since having Master C I am 10x more aware of how I clean.

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