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Equip Massage Supply is a great one-stop shop for all your natural beauty needs and so much more as they offer massage therapy supplies, furniture and equipment. Vanessa carries the best of the best and that also goes towards her fine selection of Made in Manitoba products.  You have to check out their beautiful bath and body gift sets.   In my gift basket I got to try out the amazing locally made in Manitoba, Herbs & Butters skincare, StufF cosmetics bag to keep my makeup and skincare in its chic bag.  Reusable and amazingly soft eye makeup remover pads from 8 o’clock Crafts(made in Winnipeg!) and the most amazing handmade soap from Old Soul Soap company.

Herbs & Butters Skincare


Herbs & Butters is a beautiful, natural skincare line backed by science. All products are made right here in Manitoba and I’ve been using this skincare line off and on through the seasons to see how it works as my skin changes.  I love their Q10 Serum, I can use this year-round and even alone in the summer for optimal hydration and it truly helped with my elasticity; my skin wasn’t as flaccid and it gave me a glow.  It is made with the most beautiful blend of Rosehip oil, CoEnzyme Q10, Sea Buckthorn(my favourite!!) and Frankincense. It’s definitely one of my top favourite serums that I have used on my skin. If you’re looking for a great eye cream, the Green Tea Eye Cream is great for reducing puffiness and hydrating and soothing the delicate skin around your eyes.


When I paired the Q10 serum with their Raspberry Moisturizing Cream it was too rich in the summer- I was getting some milias even though I exfoliate often. I was not happy with my complexion, but now that it’s drier in my home and it’s colder out, my skin loves the combination of the two.   This is an excellent cream if you need extra moisture and nourishment. It has the nourishing oils of avocado, raspberry and olive oil and it’s not too heavy as it goes on light but it’s very high in nourishing the skin.  It also has no strong scent.

Herbs & Butters has the most delicious smelling Olive Cleanser I have ever used as it smells like vanilla which I think is actually the sucragel!  It’s an amazing oil cleanser.  As you add water and slather this amazing cleanser on your beautiful face it will turn into a milky consistency.   It’s perfect for sensitive skin, dry skin and I find it soothes my redness and the odd hormonal blemish on the chin.  This is a favourite must-have and it’s an amazingly clean, non-toxic cleanser. One of the best!   All of Herbs & Butters are non-toxic, natural and truly one of the best green beauty skincare brands I have ever used.  It is very high quality at a very affordable price.

Farmer’s Daughter

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20200529144744292_COVERIf you love candles as much as I do,  Farmers Daughter is a new candle company to me.  It is made in Manitoba and a fine candle that provides natural scents, also non-toxic and I love the lovely crackling sound of wood.  It’s my favourite kind of wick.  Check out their Fall/Winter collection of 5 hygge infused scents and treat yourself today!  It burns lovely.

StuffI take my StuF bag everywhere.  It stays in my purse and keeps my bag nicely organized.  But there is more to this bag.  They are made here in Manitoba with upcycled fabrics by Julia Pedersen. StufF is also to help fund their Treehouse Project!  It started when their boys asked for a treehouse that would also have a zipline to even trap doors. Well, who is going to pay for such a treehouse?  So, she got creative and started making these beautiful bags to help raise funds for their Treehouse Project.  Each one-of-a-kind ‘StufF’ bag keeps beautiful fabrics out of landfills while giving back to the community and you can get them at Equip Massage Supply.

I hope you enjoyed my weekly feature of Made in Manitoba. I hope you’ll browse Vanessa’s shop and treat yourself to her gorgeous gift boxes. It’s easy to arrange a pickup and to get your gifts!

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