Etsy retailer of the week: Zooble #2014HolidayGiftGuide

I started my Christmas shopping a couple of weeks ago and whilst browsing etsy I came aross this darling store- Zooble.

What I got:
We love natural play and I purchased this sweet Fairy Castle play set.

The mushrooms are sold seperately but I had to get those as well as they are so sweet.  My son even enjoys this with his sisters when he puts the Innotab Max down! Sigh….
This folds up nicely and when we go out and dine the twins can play.  The Gnomes Math game is fun learning if you like more natural ways to learn(think Montessori, waldorf) and quiet play.
All toys are hand made in Vermont and if you order before Dec.15/14 you will still get it in time for Christmas.   They ship worldwide.  This is a shop I will shop on regularly.  So many great items and at a reasonable price for high quality, hand made items.

What else do we love from Zooble?

Ice Castle (do you have a Frozen fan?)
My son loves math with this! Number Gnomes
Do you see why I love this shop so much!  So many great TOYS!  Go take a look for yourself and come back and tell me what item(s) you adore.  Visit them on Facebook for coupon codes and sales and new item listings.

Shop:  Zooble


  1. LisaLisa | 9th Dec 14

    WOW this is so cute! I love the Woodland Fairy Set too. I have never heard of Zooble before thanks for sharing!

  2. Amanda Komoski | 9th Dec 14

    The Number Gnomes are so cute and would make a perfect gift for my son since this is what he is learning at school!

  3. Debra Rutt | 9th Dec 14

    I love that Woodland Fairy Set. I think my daughter would have lots of fun playing with them and they’re easy to take on the go!

  4. Maya Fitzpatrick | 9th Dec 14

    Love these items. They truly make a special and unique Christmas gift. I really like the # gnomes. I think I’ll get that for my son. He loves math

  5. Sarah Lynn | 9th Dec 14

    The “Bowl a Gnome” looks really fun!

  6. Danielle K | 9th Dec 14

    OMG how cute is this stuff! I’ll be shopping their site for Christmas.

  7. Mom vs. the boys | 9th Dec 14

    oh my gosh, bowl a gnome looks adorable and fun!

  8. Rai | 9th Dec 14

    Wow, this looks like fun. I’m sure it will keep the kids quiet for hours.

    • Everything Mom and Baby | 9th Dec 14

      The best noise from kids playing is them playing. Sounds from toys drive me up the wall, lol.

  9. Crystal McLeod | 9th Dec 14

    These are too super cute!! Love them! I have never ordered anything from Etsy even though I look all the time! I need to bite the bullet I’d say!

  10. tammileetips | 9th Dec 14

    Those are adorable!!! I bet they are handy for on the o and distractions for kids. A lot more fun then coloring books!

  11. Spaceships | 10th Dec 14

    So cute! My son would love them.

  12. Paula Schuck | 10th Dec 14

    I want the fairies for my girls. How cute is all this stuff? Completely adorable and fun and naturally creative.

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