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It’s Boxing week sales galore this week and one of my favourite Canadian fashion designers is having one heck of an amazing sale.  Evelyn Thora is the outlet collection from EMK Everyday and if you love high-quality material, design and make this is a brand I want on your radar. Evelyn Thora uses random bolts of colours & prints at season’s end & they’ve created Evelyn Thora as a way to make use of our older EMK materials. Evelyn Thora is named after Erins’ grandmothers who was always her source of love + fashion inspiration.

The Maureen poncho is one of my favourites for numerous reasons.  Mainly, it’s affordable, made in Canada and when you purchase from Evelyn Thora you are supporting a Canadian business- you can shop made in Canada at affordable prices and have high-quality items in your closet.
MaureenPoncho_CreamThis is my go-to, whether I am picking up the twins from school, answering the door and looking put together(LOL!) or walking up to the grocers.  It’s a sweet one size fits all poncho made in a light knit that comes in 7 other colours and prints. I love the relaxed cowl neck.

Here I am rocking a selfie in their Mocha Knit and they are priced at $35 but it’s a Boxing week sale and that means it’s 50% OFF!  Shop the whole Fall/Winter collection at 50% off here

I do recommend you get a few as they make for lovely gifts and they are great to mix and match with your favourite pieces.  Slow fashion means investing in pieces that will last a lifetime and Evenly Thora is extremely affordable and the fact that I can buy made in Canada, slow fashion at a fraction of the price as their competitors is something worth talking about and sharing.

I have never been disappointed in my Evelyn Thora pieces.  They last and last and take a beating as I wear my Maureen poncho a lot, every time I wash it’s like it’s brand new.  It covers my flaws(that are personal to me) and covers parts of my body that I am so comfortable sharing.  The fact that I am even posting pics of myself is taking me out of my comfort zone, lol but I love this Canadian designer so much because she also creates clothing that ranges from XS and can go up to 4X.

Did I mention it’s all made to order????? Isn’t that haute couture, Erin?  Erin is the owner and designer of EMK and Evelyn Thora that has created clothing to be chic, comfortable, figure-flattering and accessible in price & sizing.  So I do hope you’ll go and check them out!  Also, there is free shipping on all orders over $49 and even more crazy discounts on their Last Chance items.  So tell, me- after looking at her site, what are you going to get?

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  1. Mandy | 28th Dec 20

    Love your poncho. I always answer the door in my sweats. I think I need to step it up a notch like you!

    • Mama Ash | 28th Dec 20

      Um, you have the chicest sweatsuits! But, yeah- get a poncho and their dresses are amazing. The material I am very impressed with.

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