Everything Mom and Baby “Tech Friday”: Nexus 7 Tablet Review @StaplesCanada

Before I begin this review I need to make one thing perfectly clear-I am in no way an electronic whiz and this review is for the layman or woman wanting to know about the Nexus 7 Tablet and it is amazing.  I know what I need from a tablet and this device delivers.
I want a tablet to keep my daily notes, give me access to Facebook, Twitter and email.  I want to be entertained with easy access to music, movies and games.  All the basics.  The irony is the Nexus 7 Tablet from Staples.ca does all that with its Android operating system(4.1, Jelly Bean and is the latest version) with great ease but I’m finding myself using the extensive GoogleBook app way more that I ever thought.  It’s a fabulous e-reader! Back-lit and it’s the size of a paperback.  I actually prefer this to my Kobo.  Pages download quickly as do the apps thanks to the NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor.
Size and Shape
Size matters.  Sorry but it had to be said. The Nexus 7 is the perfect size and shape.  It’s smaller than our iPad which has been bothersome to me for packing in my diaper bag.  The Nexus 7 has a terrific screen size for movies, games etc.. and I can take the tablet with me everywhere and fit in my coat pocket.  It’s not in any way obtrusive. It’s high-resolution display protected by scratch resistant corning glass.  It has over one million pixels so your HD movies are clear & bright as are when you’re playing games.
The widgets are designed for the greatest ease of use and using the Nexus 7 is straight forward and easy to use.  You hold any icon down for a second and you can move it anywhere, in my humble opinion Nexus 7 takes to the next level for finger touch control.
I love the apps available.  Google Earth is amazing.  My husband has spent hours(the Nexus 7 has brilliant battery life) going around the world and honing in on cities and mountain ranges to visiting his hometown and the street he grew up on. 
The Voice Search is really great too!  I’ve always been suspicious of voice activating apps-they never hear you correctly.  This one is spot on.  Even for my husband who sometimes mumbles.  He said he feels like Captain Kirk when he uses our Nexus 7 and Voice Search.
I have to sing you the praises of the Android 4.1 system. From its writing edge technology to its speed and uniqueness – but all I really care about is whether I can figure it out and use this tablet practically.  The bells and whistles are cool and we are still discovering more and more but it’s size, ease of use and intuitiveness are my big positives.  One negative that I have heard about androids it’s battery life.
My husband like I said above has spent hours on Google Earth, downloaded apps, played music and has watched video’s and it has not run out as quick as other android products.  The full charge has lasted him a reasonable amount of time and that is very important to us. 
We’ve been very pleased with the Nexus 7 Tablet and highly recommend it.  With Fathers Day around the corner  I think this will make the Father in your life very happy!
Thank you Staples.ca for sponsoring this review.


  1. Shayna Murray | 24th May 13

    I absolutely LOVE my tablet. It’s so handy! It’s also great to help keep the little one entertained while travelling!

  2. Bewildered Bug | 24th May 13

    I’ve been trying to get my husband to look at NON-Apple products, like this – but it’s a no go 🙁 This looks like a really awesome tablet though! And tablets are proving to be VERY useful to me!!

  3. Jennifer Van Huss | 24th May 13

    What an awesome tablet! Sounds amazing for non techies! Thanks for sharing!

  4. OrangeHeroMama | 24th May 13

    Great review! We’ve been contemplating a new tablet!

  5. Parenting Patch | 25th May 13

    We have an iPad that we never use. I prefer to use my iPhone or my laptop. I have not gotten into tablets and may never.

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