Playmobil Adventure Treehouse Review

We had a wicked thunderstorm this morning and it looks like there may be more to come!  It’s a perfect day for games and building and putting away the tablet for some old school play with Playmobil.  After all, it comes with 153 pieces so let’s go into the forest and go up to the tree top for some exciting fun!

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Playmobil sent us their newest set called the Adventure Tree House. Priced at $80 it comes with a lot and will keep kids engaged.  It was fun to put together and to watch all the kids come together and help each other out. From reading the instructions to seeing their own creativity flow.  My son built his with his friend and the twins enjoyed the end result.

Mom said, let them build!


Getting there as it’s coming together….. I must say, the accessories are something else.  A bear and her cub, a pot of gold, bunk beds, pots and pans, you know- all that fabulous stuff that sets Playmobil apart.

Adventure-Tree-House-PlaymobilAnd voila!  My son adding the finishing touches:

I asked my son what he thought about the Playmobil Adventure Tree House and he said he found it really fun and cool.   So if you’re looking for a cool gift or just want to play and build along with your kids we give it a thumbs up!  You’ll love the accessories, the bridge, the animals, the hiding spots in the tree and all around and of course the little cave. It’s such a fun build.  Thanks Playmobil!


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  1. Florence c | 27th Jul 16

    I like that it comes with a lot and will keep kids engaged. I also like that it is fun.

  2. Lynda Cook | 27th Jul 16

    I love that you get a lot of accessories with it, you don’t see that to often!! and the whole set itself is actually quite big a nice size for the kids to play with!!

  3. Debbie S. | 27th Jul 16

    I love that first of all you have to build it. Great way to practice reading and following instructions and building. Such a fun piece. Lots of imagination will be happening when playing with this! My grandson would love this.

  4. ivy pluchinsky | 27th Jul 16

    I like that it will keep kids engaged, looks like a really fun toy

  5. kathy downey | 27th Jul 16

    This would keep the kids busy for hours,I love that you get a lot of accessories .

  6. lisa bolduc | 27th Jul 16

    love how it is easy the kids can put it together and don’t need a rocket science degree to put together like some of the other toys out there.

  7. Anne Taylor | 27th Jul 16

    I love this! Its always fun to watch my hubby put toys together with his grandchildren!

  8. Suzanne G | 27th Jul 16

    I like that it takes awhile for the kids to complete building it.

  9. Cheryl | 27th Jul 16

    I love that your son was able to build it on his own 🙂

  10. Julie F | 27th Jul 16

    I love the fact that it has 153 pieces, my grandson loves playing with fiddly things!

  11. Amy Heffernan | 27th Jul 16

    LOVE how it lets their own creativity flow!! Thanks!

  12. Kim K | 27th Jul 16

    I love all the accessories that comes with the set and how engaging it is for the kids!

  13. jan | 27th Jul 16

    the accessories – gotta love getting a pot of gold!

  14. Amy C | 27th Jul 16

    153 pieces sounds like a lot but I liked how it keep the kids engaged. It would be great for a rainy day.

  15. DARLENE W | 27th Jul 16

    I love that the kids can use their imagination while playing with this

  16. James Robert | 27th Jul 16

    I like the fact my son could actually build this and have fun with his dad

  17. ginette4 | 28th Jul 16

    I loved that it was so easy to build that your son built it! Love this very much

  18. Judy Cowan | 28th Jul 16

    Love all the accessories that it comes with. Looks like lots of fun and love that it encourages imaginative play!

  19. Andrea Amy | 28th Jul 16

    I like that your son was able to build it (which means my son would be able to build it) and all the fun accessories that are included!

  20. JoniW | 29th Jul 16

    I like that even kids think it’s cool

  21. kristen visser | 29th Jul 16

    Not only is this one of the coolest toys but the fact that there are lots of piece to keep the kids busy and engaged for awhile really works with me! It would definitely be something fun that we could all build together 🙂

  22. Silvia D | 29th Jul 16

    love all the accessories and how easy was to put together, lots of imaginative play for the kids!

  23. Julie bolduc | 29th Jul 16

    I like that it comes with lots of assessories

  24. Jamie hall | 30th Jul 16

    I love that it promotes imaginative play

  25. Diana Powell | 30th Jul 16

    Love the quality of playmobil . Very durrable.

  26. Carole Dube | 30th Jul 16

    I like that it will keep my granddaughters engage, and they will have hours of fun!

  27. Joanne Frank | 31st Jul 16

    I love that its durrable and kids minds are engaged . Thanks for the chance

  28. Melinda | 1st Aug 16

    I like that your son and friend enjoyed building the set!

  29. Treen Goodwin | 2nd Aug 16

    I love that its will keep the lil ones busy for hours and great for Nanny and Grandson time , playing and spending time together having lots of fun together …. great quality as well 🙂

  30. Catherine R. | 2nd Aug 16

    I love that it comes with a lot of accessories and that it’s child friendly and promotes imaginative play.

  31. Dianne G. | 2nd Aug 16

    I like all the animals and accessories that come with the set. 153 pieces provide a lot of opportunity for multiple children to play together and learn more about animals.

  32. Kristina S | 3rd Aug 16

    I love the details..bear and cub? So sweet!

  33. Victoria Ess | 3rd Aug 16

    I love the animals and accessories that it comes with!!

  34. Brandee H | 3rd Aug 16

    I like that it is a set that my son would be able to build on his own, a great way to have fun independently.

  35. Pam | 5th Aug 16

    I like that it has a lot of accessories, especially the animals.

  36. Nicky | 6th Aug 16

    i love the hiding spots in the tree – so cute!

  37. Rosanne Robinson | 6th Aug 16

    I like that it engages children in the building process and they use their imagination playing with all of the animals, cave and hiding spots.

  38. Jonnie | 7th Aug 16

    I like that the quality looks awesome and I love how you show it being built

  39. Jennifer P. | 7th Aug 16

    What I like from reading your review was the mention of all the cool accessories – my kids would love all those little pieces to provide extra detail with their pretend play.

  40. Linda G | 7th Aug 16

    My grandson would love the Playmobile Adventure Treehouse. He plays with several sets that this Dad played with back in the 70s. Quality product that lasts and provides fun imagination play!

  41. Jeannie | 8th Aug 16

    I love how it looks and how my kids would be able to build it and be creative when playing with it.

  42. loriag | 8th Aug 16

    I like that playmobil inspires imaginations.

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