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We recently took a vacation to our home town Winnipeg, Manitoba and had the wonderful opportunity to review a couple of nights at The Fairmont.  You can’t beat the perfect location at Portage and Main.  You can walk to the Forks, the Exchange District, The Manitoba Museum, and the Goldeyes baseball stadium is just around the corner!   
Upon our arrival we were greeted with good ‘ol friendly Manitoba smiles and welcomes from all of the staff.  As a family staying at the Fairmont it was so nice to be treated and catered to like the VIP’s that regularly frequent The Fairmont. That high level of hospitality is exactly what sets this hotel apart.

arents who choose The Fairmont Winnipeg know they are getting first class service and amenities for their children, whether they have toddlers, tweens or teenagers in tow.”

When we got to our gorgeous double room we were so happy to see it had everything we needed.  Most importantly a fridge and two beautiful cribs for the twins.  Whether families are on an epic journey or a weekend getaway, The Fairmont Winnipeg understands the pressing and unique needs of parents and is prepared to make every child’s stay magical.
getting ready for bedtime…we had two cribs in the joining room
They decorated the kid’s room with such a special touch of thoughtfulness.  Did you know Winnie the Pooh’s is named for Winnipeg? ( A cute and interesting story that is worth investigating if you are unfamiliar with it).So to tie in with that the twins got cute little Pooh bears! It’s so nice to see Winnipeg start to celebrate some of its marvelous history that never seemed to be mentioned when I was young. My son found a comfy robe on his bed that he immediately put on to lounge with dad and put his feet up.  We also had delicious treats of macrarons and butter cookies.  This is something the hotel does so well.  The Fairmont Winnipeg makes everyone feel like a VIP.
Some of the amenities that sealed the deal for us as a family was that they have a salt water pool and a salt water hot tub, babysitting, location, location, location!  Also the beds are very comfortable (not always the case even in fine hotels) and the pillows are just right.
I am  a foodie and the hotel offers a healthy twist on kids favourites. At all Fairmont hotels, children aged 5 and under eat free from the children’s menu while kids aged 6-12 eat for half price when ordering from the regular menu. If your child has dietary issues or you need something specially prepared the kitchen staff is always happy to accommodate and make something special for your children.  Please visit the Fairmont’s Lifestyle Cuisine Plus.
About to take a dip in the salt water pool!
The girls enjoying a snack and our view

We left the Fairmont with big smiles on our faces.  They are so attuned to the city and striving to make a visit to Winnipeg a priority for the travelling family.
Having grown up here, my husband and I were heartwarmed to feel the positivity and pride eminating from Winnipeggers that may not have been so apparent 20 years ago or so when we left.
The Fairmont is right in the heart of everything, and in the winter months it is a stones throw from the Winnipeg Jets at the MTS Centre and the Forks with it’s record breaking skating rink! 
Now if only I can be back in the Eucalyptus Steam Room for peace & quiet……..For more on The Fairmont Winnipeg please visit Everyones An Original 
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  1. Mariah @ FormulaMom.com | 15th Aug 14

    Oh I love the special little touches for the kids! Those are the kinds of things that make vacations and trips just a bit more special!

  2. Andrea Kruse | 15th Aug 14

    I love the little extra touches that places will do for kids. I didn’t know that Winnie the Pooh trivia! Very cool.

  3. Joyce MommyTalkShow | 15th Aug 14

    Love how hotels are catering more to families. It really makes the trip so much easier and enjoyable.

  4. Jenny Hodges | 15th Aug 14

    I have never been to Manitoba! I love how the hotel has things for kids of all ages! And diet is so important! Our family is gluten and sugar free and it’s nice to know other hotels respect that dietary choice!

  5. Tee | 15th Aug 14

    Ohhh…. I love the salt water pool! Sounds like the perfect hotel for a family getaway!

  6. Elizabeth FrugalMomEh | 18th Aug 14

    I love that they have a salt water pool, my cousin has one and its amazing! It looks like a really nice place to stay!

  7. ourfamilyworld | 18th Aug 14

    wow, I love how they decorated for the kids! This thoughtful and lovely

  8. Randa Derkson | 18th Aug 14

    The Fairmont really goes above and beyond. I really like the little touches they give you in your room, it shows they truly care.

  9. Jodi Shaw | 18th Aug 14

    I’ve never stayed there but I love the extra things for kids, the milk and cookies pamphlet is super cute! I think it’s important a hotel makes provisions for families.

  10. Annemarie Leblanc | 18th Aug 14

    I’ve never stayed at The Fairmont before, but it looks like they try to satisfy the people who stay there.

  11. Jennifer Van Huss | 18th Aug 14

    What a great experience! I love when hotels go the extra mile and dress it up for your family! It makes the stay extra special!

  12. Maya Fitzpatrick | 19th Aug 14

    awwww. I love all of the little touches. Looks like you had a blast visiting and staying at the Fairmont Winnipeg. Your girls are too sweet.

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