FamilyFlexTime with the Ford 2016 Flex Limited

SUV’s are great-but Ford has done a bit more thinking about family driving and the new Ford 2016 Flex Limited is a pretty good start.  We really enjoyed or should I say love as we took it out for a week for some #FamilyFlexTime.  We explored Ontario visiting Blue Mountain Resort and Severn Lodge.
It is like a cross between a standard station wagon and an SUV.  It has easy access(especially for children to get in and out) as it has the close to the ground feel of a station wagon but still maintaining the comfort and reassuring size of an SUV.  Its design, some say it’s “boxy” but, that is what makes it so great.  It is so useful for all the room you have. 


The Ford Flex drives like a Lincoln Continental.  It hugs the road and cruises at any speed without breaking a sweat. Getting the kids in and out is a dream as you may know we have 3 yr old twin girls and a soon to be 8 yr old.  Big SUV’s can be a challenge at times.  It helped that the twins could hop in and climb into their car seats and packing the car was a breeze.   Why? The Limited Flex has a PowerFold third-row seats in the back of the car where the third row of seats is.  You have the ability to adjust the seats to suit your needs. You can have the seat upright or you can lower the seats for cargo with the push of a button.   The seats are exceptionally comfortable too.

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I found the Ford Flex to be pretty reasonable on gas. From Toronto to Blue Mountain we stopped to fill up only after when we left Severn Lodge and a top up at the end.  We drove from Toronto to Collingwood, puttered around the town, then drove from Collingwood to Muskoka and then Muskoka to Barrie and Barrie to Toronto.  As we were driving through Trent Severn, leaving Severn Lodge we got a warning and I like how it tells us how many km we have left.  For the gas worrier, it made me feel at ease.

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The seats can be air conditioned!   I sure would love this in the cooler months ahead too so it can make me all toasty and warm.  It offers seasonal comfort at its best.  At the touch of a button, all the essentials you need are on the wheel.  More on seat information- my son also noticed the seat belt structure.  If there’s impact the seat belts inflate for protection, as a mother I find it very reassuring driving in our Flex, I’ve never seen that before but it makes perfect sense.


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The voice activated also known as SYNC 3 made making phone calls safe.  Use your voice or push a button.  The climate control was easy as your driving and the sound system which my husband is very keen is marvellous.  12 speakers and rear subwoofer produced amazing sound quality.  But back to the Sync 3 feature. As mentioned you can have hands-free calling, navigation, music search and control, Siri seamless integration, voice recognition, LCD screen is also pretty cool as the Sync 3 reacts quickly to your commands. And another feature-No extra charge 911 assist. 



This car is unique and we like it.  It manoeuvres very well and that helps in underground parking which is always a pain with family vehicles but the Flex comes with a miraculous Active park assist which is a godsend in a big, beautiful automobile, it is a 7 seater.  It uses ultrasonic sensors to identify a suitable parallel parking space.  My husband needs all the help he can get.  Don’t tell him I told you that!   It really makes parking easy peasy as all you have to do is accelerate and brake.

Yet another reason I know Ford was paying extra attention to manoeuvrability in a family size vehicle is the adjustable side mirrors.  I mean the whole side mirror tucks in!  Just in case, you are in a tight spot the Flex gives you those extra inches. 

We really enjoyed the look, the drive and easy accessibility of the Ford Flex.  But the extra touches in the voice controls, sound, comfort, space/room, air conditioned seating, easy to access sunroof puts Flex in a category all by itself.   Oh and that middle seat between the twins- it’s a refrigerated console. Perfect for keeping things cool whether you are going on a road trip or taking the kids to their after school activities.  

Ford sees things in sustainable light too, something that Henry Ford envisioned back in the 30’s.  Did you know Ford cars are made with sustainable products? You have to read my post on this.  It’s one of the reasons I love working with Ford.   Ford recently acquired partnership with Jose Cuervo® and they  are exploring the use of agave plants to develop a sustainable bioplastic material to incorporate in vehicles, giving the agave fibre byproduct a second chance at usefulness!  Check it out.  When the time comes for us to buy a car, the Ford Flex will be it.


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  1. DARLENE W | 9th Sep 16

    Have always wondered how this car handled. My daughter is looking for a car/van that can carry all their family

    • Erica | 10th Sep 16

      Darlene, she should definitely take one out for a test drive. It has been our favourite so far when it comes to reviewing cars.

  2. kathy downey | 10th Sep 16

    Wow thanks for the great review,tats a sweet ride.Love the family photo!

  3. Carole Dube | 10th Sep 16

    That would be perfect for my daughter, lots of room for the children! I love the bell and whistle, my car as none of that it’s 10 year old.

    • Erica | 14th Sep 16

      Lots and lots of room!

  4. Darlene Schuller | 11th Sep 16

    Wow what a beautiful vehicle. I really love the low gas feature…

    • Erica | 14th Sep 16

      It really wasn’t bad. I was impressed with that, to be honest compared to other cars we’ve driven.

  5. kristen visser | 13th Sep 16

    omg that Ford Flex is stylin!! My husband and I have actually been discussing getting an SUV because we only have one car and need another vehicle and one that will grow with us. It is between the Ford Flex & Dodge Journey but we have been leaning more towards the Ford Flex 🙂

    • Erica | 14th Sep 16

      Let me know if you go with the Ford Flex! I think it’s wonderful as you know 😉 even though it was used for this review, we loved having it for a week.

  6. Kristina S | 15th Sep 16

    Looks nice! We just bought a new car though 😛 Next time! lol. Love your new logo.

  7. Victoria Ess | 22nd Sep 16

    Cute photo! This car looks so sleek!

  8. K. | 9th May 17

    I looked at the Ford Flex when I first found out I was having twins. I found that getting access to the 3rd row wasn’t easy – especially with a carseat in the second row. Have they changed the design? My oldest was 2.5 when the twins were born and she couldn’t get into the back row on her own (at the time). I haven’t looked at new cars in a while but this one remains on my radar because it has that 3rd row.

    • Erica | 9th May 17

      With the 3rd row, we just opened the back so my son could hop in and out but he was 7 when we got this to review so I can’t say what it would be like for a 2 1/2 yr old. With my twins, I didn’t find it too difficult at all as they are 3 in this photo but they are tall and can climb etc..But I love that it’s low too so easier for little legs to get in and out.
      I love 3rd rows as we need it. Maybe go into a Ford dealership and share with them the issue you had and see what they recommend.

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