FAO Schwarz: My top 10 picks for toys this Christmas season

You will have until the end of December to take part in the FAO Schwarz Pop Up Shop located at all Hudson Bay’s across Canada.  I had the pleasure to attend their grand opening a few weeks ago and I was floored at how affordable it was, the great selection and having a piece of toy history with the coveted brand.  I will be doing most of Christmas shopping with FAO Schwarz as I found so many things to cherish and adore.  I even went back and bought my son’s teacher a teddy bear for her future baby to go along with a book and it was perfect. You can shop online at Hudson’s Bay and if you are in the Toronto area, head to the Bay to see the FAO Schwarz Christmas window.

The FAO Schwarz LED Unicorn Plush is another fabulous must have this toy season.  My twins love there’s and again the price. $25 but it is on sale for $21.50! kids will love this plush unicorn, which features LED lights. EXCLUSIVELY AT HUDSON’S BAY and $30! Become a Fashionista and create new styles with the Fashion Designer Activity Set. I loved Fashion Plates when I was a little girl.  I had big dreams of being a fashion designer and it was why I moved to Toronto. A Night Before Christmas.  Beautifully illustrated and new Christmas tradition will be us reading this book on Christmas Eve,  this will be a part of the opening one present on Christmas Eve.  Do you do that?  It’s a popular tradition in Iceland.  I love wooden toys. Especially gifting quality heirloom gifts like the FAO Schwarz Wood Castle. Build your own Fortress! Solid wood blocks allow you to build elaborate castles with bridges, turrets, arches and towers. Endless design configurations for endless hours of fun and creative play and for $40. Laser Tag   I know my son and his friends will have a blast with this! Get them out and playing with this laser tag action with this two-player electronic laser tag set. The laser shooter and chest plate feature hit count lights, vibration and built-in sound effects. Challenge your friends and family for exciting, interactive fun.   There is so much to discover with FAO Schwarz, I hope you like my top 10 picks and everything posted here is on sale.  Everything listed her is under $50.

FAOSchwarz GiftGuide


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  1. ivy pluchinsky | 23rd Nov 18

    These are some great gift ideas!

    • Mama Ash | 24th Nov 18

      Thanks, I am glad you like it 🙂

  2. nicky | 23rd Nov 18

    Some really cool items here that can’t be found elsewhere@

    • Mama Ash | 24th Nov 18

      EXACTLY! Everything listed is under $50

  3. jan | 23rd Nov 18

    Cool – a number if these items I have not seen before!

    • Mama Ash | 24th Nov 18

      I hope FAO Schwarz will stay!

  4. Janet Meisner | 23rd Nov 18

    I really like the selection and the elephant is my favorite.

    • Mama Ash | 24th Nov 18

      I LOVE the elephant. The price should be at least $50 not $30! My son loves it.

  5. Christine F | 23rd Nov 18

    My daughter has that unicorn! she sleeps with it 🙂

  6. Lynda Cook | 24th Nov 18

    I like your favourites, I love that elephant!!

  7. kristen visser | 24th Nov 18

    my girls would totally love the unicorn! so cool that it has LED lights

    • Mama Ash | 24th Nov 18

      It’s really a great deal and the lights light up in a rainbow

  8. kathy downey | 24th Nov 18

    Wow,these are neat ideas!

  9. Athena | 24th Nov 18

    Great list!

  10. Laurie P | 24th Nov 18

    I didn’t know about the pop up shops! I must locate one!

  11. Debbie S. | 24th Nov 18

    Very nice gift giving ideas here! The FAO Schwarz Wood Castle is really nice!

  12. Jonnie | 25th Nov 18

    So many great toys! The wood castle is adorable!

  13. Sarah | 26th Nov 18

    Great list! My daughter would enjoy the LED unicorn plush

  14. Jay M | 27th Nov 18

    We always open one present on Christmas Eve. I didn’t know it was a tradition in Iceland. (I want to spend a Christmas in Iceland soon)

  15. Cheryl H | 28th Nov 18

    i love the elephant plush!

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