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We’re a family business trying to help our friends and neighbours (you!) eat healthy, planet-friendly food. We believe that food should nourish our bodies, protect the planet, and create community…not to mention taste incredible.”

Eat proud, eat well, eat local.  I recently had the pleasure to review and work with the team at Farms & Forks and let me tell.  They are awesome and offer so more than just groceries delivered to your door.  They offer meals too!  I am so happy to discover this company as I use a delivery service on a regular basis and love trying out new ones such as Farms & Forks.


Who needs Farms & Forks?
Well, you do of course!  But I also think this would be a fabulous gift for a new family with a newborn at home.  Or the busy mom and dad who doesn’t have time to go farmers markets. 

What do Farms & Forks offer?
You shop, they deliver. Choose from a careful selection of artisanal, sustainable food from across Ontario.  Amazing meat from local farmers raising happy chickens, cows and pigs.  Fresh organic veggies and fruits.  Baked deliciousness and grains and so much more.
In fact, you can I love their Full Meals that it is offered.  As much as I love to cook, I also love when someone cooks for me and Farms and Forks work with Green Zebra Kitchen(you know I love them!) Amy’s Kitchen, Feel Good Guru and few others as well.  

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What did Everything Mom and Baby get?
We got lots of delicious food.  I was in heaven when I opened the door and saw two boxes of fresh fruit, grass fed Beef, rich and organic 3,25% milk from Harmony Dairy, Coast to Coast freshly roasted coffee, tea, potatoes, onions, ginger, organic farm fresh eggs, organic Ambrosia apples(the best!)  and I ordered my kids their favourites and made a delicious Beef Stew with my farm fresh produce.
My kids devoured their apples and dived in to see what else was there.  It made me happy to see their excitement and love for food too.  I think Healthy Crunch makes the best Kale Chips I’ve ever had.
Farms&ForksMmmmm……Beef stew using ingredients from Forks & Farms


  1. Maria | 20th Nov 15

    Veggies and fruits for sure

  2. Victoria Ess | 21st Nov 15

    I’d order a Grill Sampler!

  3. Wandalee Newell | 23rd Nov 15

    I think I just spent an hour looking at everything and all I can say wow!!! how have I not heard of this before??? I really Liked the Large Fruit and Veggie box and also the grill sampler I think I would have a hard time choosing between the both, maybe would have to get them
    My postal code is M4K-3V2 thank you 🙂

  4. Kristy | 23rd Nov 15

    The Mac & Cashew Cheese (Vegan) is divine!

  5. kay Burke | 23rd Nov 15

    Love fresh veggies, fruit, eggs, delish

  6. melissa fowers | 23rd Nov 15

    The grill sampler would be great

  7. Selena | 23rd Nov 15

    I would love to order the grass fed beef, this just makes me happy!

  8. selena | 23rd Nov 15

    hello me and my son would love this!

  9. Jolie | 23rd Nov 15

    I would get some veggies and fish.

  10. aarone mawdsley | 23rd Nov 15

    the fresh veggies

  11. Sarah at Journeys of The Zoo | 24th Nov 15

    I’d get some grains and fish like this ->

    Truth be told, I’d like one of everything!

    Postal code is M4G 2Y7

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  12. Kayla Gilbert | 24th Nov 15

    I would order the Pre-Made Fruits & Vegetables Box.

  13. Matt Parik | 25th Nov 15

    I’d like the grill sampler

  14. toni v | 26th Nov 15

    yum! everything looks amazing!

  15. Christine | 27th Nov 15

    Would love the grill sampler!

  16. Robyn Bellefleur | 28th Nov 15

    Fruits, veggies and some eggs.

  17. June Murphy | 17th May 17

    This is the first time I heard about Farms and Forks. I like that they deliver the produce and they also have prepared meals!

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