My favourite booths at the Green Living Show #GLS18

What a busy day at The Green Living Show!  I saw some great booths and what a change in the focus of cannabis and clinics around.  There was lots of great information there.  From health and wellness to green cars to beauty and food and beverage there was so much to see and new things to discover.

AliveIntention was one of my favourites with their positive energy and affordable bracelets, I loved picking out the right one for me.  Show price starts at $15.  I hope you’ll treat yourself to her quality gemstone bracelets.  Booth# 1437


My friends at Omaiki have you covered for all your reusable needs! From reusable feminine hygiene products to reusable snack, handkerchiefs and cutlery bags to reusable grocery produce bags, they have it all with fun prints and designs.  Booth# 1341


Cardeau Au Set is a new brand of beauty and wellness products from the Niagara region.  I am in love with their essence sprays.  I am telling you it’s a quality product you need to discover.  The essential oils used are exceptional and I know this summer I am going to need their Repel because mosquitoes love me.  To freshen up I will also have to get Activate to start my day off bright and well.  The Rose Water is amazing too!  Booth# 1238


I was happy to stumble upon Provine Apothecary.  I received a coupon there to save 15% off a facial and I think I  know where I’ll be going for my next facial!  I can’t wait.  I received a sample of their Rejuvenating + Hydrating Serum, they are handing them out, so be sure to get one.  But Province Apothecary is a beautiful natural skincare line I hope you discover more of.  I need to get the new PA Facial Brush to stimulate lymph flow and improve circulation. Dry brushing is extremely effective. Booth# 1336


New to the scene is Maple Organics. This is a unique brand and I hope to discover more their products, but if you are wanting to venture into the beauty industry and work from home with a company that is non-MLM, this is for you.  It’s actually a remarkable line of products that are organic and of pharmaceutical claims when it comes to the effectiveness of their products.  From baby products to balms for pain relief and skin therapy, this is going to work. You have to check them out. Booth #1226


Let’s talk Food & Beverage!

As you know, I love a good Caesar and  I am thrilled that there’s a new mix on the scene that is DELICIOUS.  It’s far better than the other guys and I’ve tried them all.  Singers Mix along with my favourite vodka company, Beatties.  The Sweet Potato Vodka is probably the best and smoothest I have ever tried.  I can’t wait to pair up and make Caesars this weekend.  Singers is that good.  Check out the ingredients and get a bottle or bottles.  Find them in the Food Hall.  Tell them Mama Ash sent you.

When it comes to Chardonnay, Closson Chase Winery from Prince Edward County, oh my goodness, this was the best I have ever had.  Closson Chase is a quality-driven winery that helped spearhead the birth of the Prince Edward County wine industry, using centuries-old European traditions & sustainable, innovative techniques to create world-class wines using only the finest Chardonnay, Pinot Noir & Pinot Gris grapes.



Organic wines are Southbrook.  Local and delicious from the Niagara region. Better Grapes, Better Wine, Better World – Southbrook’s mission is to create delicious wines while regenerating the environment on their farm, and in their community.  I am a fan!  Do check them out.
Altavie. Once cannabis is legal my friends you are going to want to these treats.  I love toffee and I love chocolate and throw in some cannabis and well, you’ll have a heavenly treat.  I had this without the cannabis and it was amazing.  Booth# 414
AltavieLemon Lily Tea is still hands down the best in organic teas.  If you haven’t tried them, you’re missing out.  Booth# 321


Green cars!  I was fortunate enough to attend the award ceremony for the best of the best in hybrid and green cars.  Honda, Chrysler, Hyundai and Chevrolet were amongst the winners.  If a green car is something you are thinking about, you have to visit the Green Living Show.  In a couple of weeks, I’ll be experiencing my first green car with Ford, I can’t wait!


And lastly local eco-hero, Sawmill Sid. Milling/ Eco-friendly Lumber & Live Edge supplier.Utilizing  in the GTA. While conserving trees, they hope capture tonnes of carbon in the years to come.  When wood is not chipped it offers a carbon locking opportunity for the life of the product.  So a normal sized kitchen table would carbon lock 55 kg of carbon.  From wood chips to lumbar, this is the way to sustain wood.  Learn more at Booth# 321



There is so much to see and explore.  I truly can’t fit it in this blog post. The Green Living Show is North America’s largest consumer show dedicated to simple solutions for leading a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.  I hope you’ll head over this weekend.  Find them on Twitter and Facebook.


Disclosure:  I was simply invited to the Green Living Show as media, no compensation has been provided in sharing my favourites from the show.


  1. Janet Meisner | 23rd Apr 18

    I love all the wonderful Earth day products.

  2. nicky | 28th Apr 18

    Great overview – the Maple products look lovely!

  3. Carole D | 30th Apr 18

    Oh! I love these booths too, look at all the Earth products!

  4. LILLIAN BROWN | 30th Apr 18

    Thanks . I like the Maple Organics. In Nova Scotia we have great organic Maple Products.

  5. S. Stewart | 4th Jun 18

    I must say, the AliveIntention bracelets look quite pretty!

  6. wendy hutton | 5th Jun 18

    I have never been to a green living show but so many products everything looks great

  7. kathy downey | 8th Jun 18

    Great post,the Maple products look really good

  8. tiesha | 2nd Jul 18

    The bracelet is lovely.

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