Favourite things for Mom: Beauty and Lifestyle products to adore

Here are just some of my favourite products.  I’ll be sharing more on these products in the next coming weeks and everything mom related until Friday.  I hope you’ll like my gift idea’s!

Lotus Aroma is one of my favourite skincare lines, hailing from Quebec.  Their essential oils are amazing and excellent quality but I am here to tell you about their body care.  After a day walking or after a good work out I like to revitalise my legs with Lotus Aroma Gel for Heavy and Tired Legs.  It goes on light, it’s not greasy and it’s therapeutic. Peppermint, Cypress, Lemon and Camphor improve microcirculation while anti-oxidant-rich infused Peppermint leaves magnify hydration, leaving the skin wonderfully responsive.  I like to use sweeping movements starting from the ankle and moving up.  Light, sweeps to stimulate the lymph.  It’s sooooo good!

Tis the season for Bogs! I have never owned a pair of Bogs until recently and I am happy to tell you that these may be the comfiest rain boots I have ever worn.  The quality was one of the first things I noticed.  The sole is nicely constructed and I could wear them all day.  I love the new Quinn collection for Spring and if you’re a gardener or spend a lot of time outdoors, check out the Quinn collection. Their DuraFresh technology keeps feet dry and odor-free while Rebound cushioning atop H2OGrip outsole assures springy sure-footed ramblings, rain or shine! Love it. 

As we get older our hydration levels begin deminish sadly and our skin becomes flaccid.  But wait!  Have you heard of Toronto based skin care brand Schaf?  
I’ve been using their Radiance Firming Serum religiously and I have noticed an improvement with my skins hydration.  Makeup is sitting nicer and my pigmentation is beginning to look less and less from my sun damage.  Vitamin B3 helps shut down dark spot–causing melanin, while also serving up antioxidant protection; fruit acids boost brightness; hyaluronic acid plumps you up; and peptides give wrinkles a run for their money.
Speaking of money, use code: mommy and save 20% on your order for Mothers Day! 

From Italy with love.  I love my Caffitaly S22 Cappuccino maker!  I mean it’s a brilliant piece of machinery that Mom will LOVE!   I have made latte’s, of course cappucino’s and have used nut milks to make dairy free drinks that are to die for.  I love that their coffee pods are recyclable.  If you love coffee as much as I do, this is a decadent appliance that you will love using.  I love their coffee too and this has been a treat to use.  It’s also a breeze to clean.

CHO is enriched with natural vitamin E, luxurious beauty oils, creations of France’s renowned manufacturer of natural cosmetics are essential to your beauty routine.  Designed to care for a specific type of skin and purpose, these formulas contain high-quality plant and essential oils, and no preservatives.

I hope you love these suggestions, I also hope you’ll visit their sites and explore and maybe even shop for yourself. Tomorrow I am hosting a giveaway with ROMA boots for Mothers Day, so stay tuned!



  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen | 9th May 17

    I’ve never had any Bogs but I do have a pair of slippers from Uggs, they were a present from my daughter for child-minding whilst they went to Las Vegas. They are lovely and warm, since I live in a basement apartment it is very much appreciated.
    Love these suggestions, lots of good ideas too.

    • Erica | 10th May 17

      What a lovely present!

  2. kathy downey | 10th May 17

    I have never owned a pair of Bogs,but they sure sound nice and comfy.Thanks i’m going over to enter the ROMA boots giveaway !

  3. Judy Cowan | 10th May 17

    Love Bogs, I have to say they are currently my favourite boots!

  4. jan | 10th May 17

    That cappucino maker …. sigh!

    • Erica | 11th May 17

      It’s pretty awesome I must say.

  5. Carole D. | 11th May 17

    I would love the Bogs boots, they looks nice and comfy! Great gift ideas!

    • Erica | 11th May 17

      Thanks so much! I’m glad you like it.

  6. June Murphy | 11th May 17

    Great to hear the Cappuccino maker’s pods are recyable @MamaAshEMB

  7. Victoria Ess | 12th May 17

    The cappucino machine is beautiful!

  8. Lynda Cook | 12th May 17

    These are all great gift ideas! I love the Caffitaly S22 Cappuccino maker the most!!

    • Erica | 12th May 17

      It’s soooo good!

  9. Doris Humber | 12th May 17

    These are lovely gift ideas!

  10. kathy downey | 12th May 17

    Thanks for sharing these great gift ideas i am always at a lost for what to buy Mom

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