Finding my design inspiration at Toronto’s furniture store: Decorium

The other day I stumbled upon a little-hidden gem, a furniture store called Decorium,  in the heart of Summerhill-my hood.  I love this area of Toronto. I have the iconic and historic Summerhill LCBO that was once a train station, I have the best little grocery shops where I can find the finest ingredients and quality for cooking.  Oliffe is one of my favourite butchers to get our meat from and there’s Petité Thuet where I get delicious bread and patés from.  Oh and the restaurants. It’s such a great area.

I feel as a mother of three which as you know includes twins I am finally coming around to me.   It’s been a chaotic and overwhelming 3 1/2 years.  We are working on some key pieces for the living room and bedroom as I kinda want claim my space back.  You know?  We got our amazing king size bed from Dormeo and we just need the final pieces of furniture to tie our bedroom for our little sanctuary. When my husband had the day off the other day I said I needed some “me time’.  I wanted to cruise the Yonge street strip from St.Clair and make my way down south to Roxborough.  Indulge in a fresh juice from Green House, pop into Aesop and oh, how I miss Patachou for my French pastries!   I’ve been wanting to check out some of the design shops along the way and being kid free I finally got the chance to pop into Decorium.  I’ve had my eye on their Stressless You chairs.  I mean, this beautiful shop has been family owned and in business for 30 years.  Since my husband is half Norwegian and since the Stressless You chairs come from Norway, I had to see them close up as I love the Scandanavian design. Here’s a little pic I shared on Instagram.  Oh, why didn’t I pencil my eyebrow’s in?!


I chatted with Decorium’s Yonge street manager, Lisba- which I must add is a breath of fresh air.  To meet with a sales person that know’s their shop and the product inside out, who is also extremely professional and extremely passionate about design, it’s truly something you don’t see anymore. Especially when you go furniture shopping.  This is what lead me to write this post.  That’s a big “win” for me.  Lisba knew so much about these chairs and more and I was just happy listening to her as I laid comfy in the Stressless You.  It had me at lumbar support.   I just have to convince my husband to indulge as they can run over a couple of grand but I did tell him, “There’s a customer appreciation sale.  It’s 20% off!”…we’ll see.  After three kids, I think I deserve a Stressless chair, ‘am I right?!  I need the lumbar support after all.   But I want to get to back to my chat with Lisba.  When it comes to design, I know what I like.  But to put every together I am not so good at.  She mentioned to me that she’d be happy to put me in touch with one of their designers.  It’s actually offered in their stores at no extra charge.  Being conscious of budgeting how amazing is that?! 

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If you follow me along on social media, you’ll notice I’ve shared some items I am coveting and I really loved seeing some of these products close up.  On my facebook page I shared the Alina dresser, look at the detail.  I love this dresser so much.
alina-dresser-decoriumI love the rose gold lamps pictured above too and the Love Love Love pic.  It’s me in a nutshell as I love a lot, lol!

As for the colour theme that I am thinking of going with for our bedroom as I love grey, I like this pop of colour. Fuschia’s , the patterns and the yellow/green- I love.  Look at the accents in their front window. I adore the Buddha and those bowls!
design-decoriumNow I only wonder what I’d find at their flagship showroom on 363 Supertest Rd(near Dufferin & Steeles).  I here it’s 100,000 square feet!  As a perused through the Yonge street location I found that it truly is a one stop shop. I even saw the prettiest dog beds!  I am getting close to wanting a little dog for the kids.  Almost!  

What I hope you take away from this blog post is that you can still find a Canadian family run furniture store that care’s about service and you.  Decorium is that  and they cater to quality, they have educated staff and I hope you find the beauty in design and maybe inspire you to claim some of your space back.  Like I said, I am finally coming around to me.  I finished a 30 day Live It plan with my Holistic Nutritionist, Maggie Chilton and I want to claim our little flat back!  It’s taking me almost 4 years but I feel as though now that the twins are 3 1/2 yrs old I am coming back to my needs and I don’t feel guilty about that at all!

So in the mean time- wish me luck.  There’s a $1500 giveaway on their site right now and I want to win it so I can treat myself but I also WANT YOU to check it out.  I would love it if an Everything Mom and Baby viewer won!   Their furniture comes from brands all over North America and one’s that will last generations.  You MUST check out the mattresses they sell from the Canadian brand, Marshall’s.

Check it out!
Let’s hear from you!  Are you looking for new furniture? What items? 




  1. Amy Heffernan | 14th Oct 16

    WOW! Love the lamp! Very nice style!

  2. Lynda Cook | 14th Oct 16

    Very nice styles, and sounds like a great giveaway they have going on, it would be great to win that!!

  3. Melinda | 14th Oct 16

    The lamp is fabulous! Nice selection of home decor.

  4. Cheryl | 14th Oct 16

    Love it! Such great pieces

  5. Kristina S | 14th Oct 16

    Looks like a great place!

  6. Florence C | 14th Oct 16

    I love the pillows. They would add a splash of color to any room

  7. kathy downey | 14th Oct 16

    They certainly have some items, love the lamp!

  8. Sherry K | 14th Oct 16

    I have tried the Stressless chairs and there are so many sizes and styles, there is one for every size person.

  9. Judy Cowan | 15th Oct 16

    Looks like they have some really neat items, love the lamp!

  10. jan | 15th Oct 16

    Some great looking items. Love that green bench chair.

  11. Wanda Tracey | 15th Oct 16

    I love the clean simplistic look, the lovely items you decorate with and the little pops of color.It’s all beautiful.

  12. Carole Dube | 15th Oct 16

    They have a very nice selection of home decor. I love the Lamp and Alina dresser!

  13. Lisa | 15th Oct 16

    It sounds like a beautiful shop with a lot of unique trendy pieces. I will definitely have to check it out when I am in town!

  14. Victoria Ess | 17th Oct 16

    I love going into Decorium for inspiration!

  15. Toby | 18th Oct 16

    So many great, unique items to make a room your own!

  16. Julie F | 18th Oct 16

    I love the dresser especially the pulls on the dresser

  17. heidi c. | 18th Oct 16

    I would love to upgrade our furniture someday. Looks like a nice store for that.

  18. Brandee H | 19th Oct 16

    This looks like such an amazing place! Great way to find a special gift or special piece for your home.

  19. kathy downey | 19th Oct 16

    What a beautiful selection of home decor,i wish this was closer to me !

  20. Marla | 24th Oct 16

    I love the unique designs. Love the lamp

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