First Food Organics Giveaway!

I must say,  First Food Organics is yummy food for your baby and toddler.
It’s made fresh and sent frozen to you for your convenience to use when need be.
The flavours are so good as well as the selection.

We added the purees to pancakes, we used the the Baked Apple last night as a dipper for Charlies favorite Sweet Potato baked fries. It was a hit.  Use the purees as spreads in a sandwich as well, really it’s more than just puree if you have a older baby like I do.

Cottage Cheese mixed in with their Banana and Blueberries is just delish as I had a spoonful before serving it my son.  It’s fun to explore what you can add her products too.

Who is First Foods Organics?
Jenn Clark is the fabulous Canadian mom behind this brand.  After she got tired of the selection and lack of flavours(how awesome is this blend for example, apple, beet and flax) available she started making her own and now she offers you what you’d make for your baby, just like you would in your own kitchen – baked, blended, frozen and ALWAYS 100% organic.
We all have those moments when we’re exhausted or running low on our own stock, I’m glad I have stash in freezer.

Their products are currently available online, see their special offers here but if you have a grocer or neighbourhood store that you’d like to see them carry First Food Organics let them know!


First Food Organics is going to give one lucky Canadian family a starter kit, which consists of 12 purees with these following flavours:

Apple Beet & Flax, Baked Apple, Bananas & Blueberries, Butternut Squash
Carrot, Carrot Apple & Ginger, Peas, Roasted Pear, Roasted Root Vegetables,
Sweet Potato, Sweet Potato Pear & Chick Pea, Savoury Squash & Quinoa
1. Tell us what is your baby’s favorite food and pop over to the site and tell us what you like about First Food Organics.  Please include your email address
2. Visit First Food Organic Facebook page and Like them
3. Pop over to my Facebook page and let me know you entered!
Please note this giveaway is open to Canadians only
Contest ends Jan.27, 2011 11:59pm EST


  1. Anonymous | 13th Jan 11

    What I love about First Food Organics is that all of the purees are made from basic ingredients without any additives. I also love all their different flavour combinations! It’s tough to keep babies interested in eating the same thing every day!


  2. Cass | 13th Jan 11

    I love all the different flavour combinations and the fact that they are simple and organic. My daughter is about a month away from starting on solids, so it would be great to have a bit of a stock built up.

  3. Annette Fitzsimmons | 13th Jan 11

    It would be great for those busy days when I cannot make my own or running low. There are some great combinations I am sure my LO would love.

    Winning this would great:)


  4. Kyla | 14th Jan 11

    I love that their ingredients are basic and wholesome with no additives. I also like that they have a variety of foods that you can’t get in a store bought food!

    kyflowerdust (at) yahoo (dot) ca

  5. Kyla | 14th Jan 11

    already “liked” on facebook via Kyla Jardine

    kyflowerdust (at) yahoo (dot) ca

  6. McG | 14th Jan 11

    They all look yummy, but I’m partial to the Butternut Squash for 6+ mos. Starting solids in a month, and would love to start with these.

    Just “Liked” First Food Organics.

    pinkytsx (at) rogers (dot) com

  7. Louise | 14th Jan 11

    My daughter just started solids. Her favorite is a prune and apple blend. I love that First Food Organics is Canadian and the food is organic. I like that it is frozen. I make most of my own food but when I buy I won’t buy food that ‘keeps’ on a shelf, too many additives.

  8. Donna | 14th Jan 11

    I love that First Foods is a product of Canada and that there are no additives, just pure organic produce. The carrot, apple & ginger and the sound great! For the 6+ choices I would love to have the butternut squash. My little one is about 3 weeks from starting solids so I would love to have some ready to go in the freezer. (Donna Hagen)

    I have liked First Foods on Facebook.

  9. Tara | 14th Jan 11

    first… i LOVE that they’re Canadian! second… i love that the foods are simple w/no additives but that they sound like they’d have tons of flavour, instead of bland baby food. my son loves food with flavour!
    taraz9 at excite dot com

  10. Tara | 14th Jan 11

    like First Foods on FB
    taraz9 at excite dot com

  11. Tara | 14th Jan 11

    commented on your FB page
    taraz9 at excite dot com

  12. Librarianess | 15th Jan 11

    My son’s favourite food is squash!

    I love that they “operate in a certified organic kitchen, which means that the only ingredients allowed to enter through [their] doors are 100% organic.”

    I liked their FB page and I’m about to comment on yours!

    ldmarshall08 at gmail dot com

  13. pamalot | 15th Jan 11

    Baby A has just started rice cereal so that is her favourite.

    I like that first food organics uses local Canadian farms to product their products.

    pamfreecycle at gmail dot com

  14. pamalot | 15th Jan 11

    I am now a facebook fan of first food organics
    pam w h

  15. pamalot | 15th Jan 11

    I commented on facebook
    pam w h

  16. Katie A | 16th Jan 11

    I love that it is organic food! We try to buy organic at home whenever possible.


    couponkatie at hotmail dot com

  17. thepricklypinecone | 19th Jan 11

    My babies favorite has to be pea puree! I love how First Food Organics contain no additives or preservatives.


  18. thepricklypinecone | 19th Jan 11

    I liked First Food Organics on facebook.


  19. thepricklypinecone | 19th Jan 11

    I went to your facebook page and commented that I entered.


  20. catamo | 22nd Jan 11

    Our little one is just about read for solids, but these all sound fantastic. Great flavours combined. I love the fact that the ingredients are grown locally

    catamorg (at) gmail (dot) com

  21. catamo | 22nd Jan 11

    I like First Food Organics on Facebook (Catharine Lou)

    catamorg (at) gmail (dot) com

  22. emilysaltzman | 24th Jan 11

    my DS has just started on solids and so far he loves everything.
    i love that first food organics is the same quality that you would get making it yourself, only more convenient when your stash is running a little low.
    i like first food organics on facebook

  23. Mama Lisa | 24th Jan 11

    I love how First Organics uses local produce with no preservatives or additives in their foods. My little man just started eating solids and so far sweet potatoes is his favourite! 🙂

    lcgauci at rogers dot com

  24. Mama Lisa | 24th Jan 11

    I “Like” First Organics on Facebook and I posted a message on their wall.

    lcgauci at rogers dot com

  25. Mama Lisa | 24th Jan 11

    I left a message on your Facebook page that I hope to win the starter set. (Lisa Gauci)

    lcgauci at rogers dot com

  26. Kari | 26th Jan 11

    My baby is just getting started on cereals. I love that First Food organics uses produce from Ontario.
    kstark9 at hotmail dot com
    Kari L.

  27. CJ | 27th Jan 11

    The roasted pear sounds good 🙂 cjpeters(at)zoho(dot)com

  28. CJ | 27th Jan 11

    Like First food organic on fb cjpeters(at)zoho(dot)com

  29. Anonymous | 27th Jan 11

    Well my sons fav food right now is nothing but breastmilk lol, but in just a couple months we will start solids. Here in our small town there is very slim pickins on organic baby foods and would love to win this starter ki not only for him but myself aswell. Good nutrition and choices mould they choices they make in the future. I would love to give these choices to him 🙂
    Thanks so much!!

  30. CJ | 27th Jan 11

    Like you on fb already and commented on your wall cjpeters(at)zoho(dot)com

  31. Bev | 27th Jan 11

    Babe’s fav food is pears. I love that the First Foods is organic and I like the different flavours for older children, particularly Carrot, Apple & Ginger.

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