First Foods for Chewing- Kiddie Slaw

Kiddie Slaw

1/4 head of organic green cabbage
1 organic carrot
1/2 red apple
1/2 green pear
 a half lemon or orange

Finely grate the cabbage and carrot separately.  Then grate the apple and pear separately.  All ingredients can be combined or remain separate but eaten together.
Arrange small scoops in a bowl and garnish with raisins that have been soaked in warm water.  A squeeze or two of orange and lemon juice over the grated apple and pear will keep them from turning brown.  The citrus juice stops the oxidation process.
*I’m assuming the apple & pear go well with the cabbage in the effects of how cabbage can be slightly gassy. Apple being high in fibre helps ease the digestion of cabbage.
Taken from my new great find  and new book, Kids Need Care by Judy K.Gray


  1. Mommycrat | 10th Jun 10

    Hmmm, I may note this one down to try in a little bit. We are still in pureeland at the moment.

    I tried boiled little bits of apple and pear yesterday – after a success with pieces of banana – but no go. So not quite there yet.

    Thanks for the post.

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