Top Five Tips for Attending the Theatre with Kids


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Top Five Tips for Attending the Theatre with Kids

The theatre is a space of wonder, transformation and magic. It is a place where imaginations run wild and people young and old enter new dimensions, immersing themselves in vibrant stories and grand adventures. For first-time theatre-goers, this secret world can seem a little daunting. What will it be like to have your favourite characters standing right in front of you? How do you interact with everyone else enjoying the experience too?

To help you and your little ones prepare to enter the wonderful world of the performing arts, the expert team at Young People’s Theatre has put together their top tips for visiting the theatre with kids.

TIP #1: Set the Scene

Talk to your kids about what they can expect when they arrive at the theatre. From describing live actors and music to explaining intermissions to telling your little ones a bit about the story they will see, setting the scene both helps to ready your children for the experience and gets them excited about what’s to come. For many little ones, the dimming lights can be especially disconcerting, so make sure you explain that they signal the beginning of the magic!

TIP #2: Mind Your Manners

Your little one will likely be very excited about their first theatre experience – and they should be! It’s great to encourage kids to laugh and clap and join in the fun. Before you arrive, though, explain that it’s easier for them (and the rest of the audience) to see and hear the performance if they stay in their seat and listen very carefully. Explain that it’s ok to take a break from the theatre while the show is going on, but that this means they might have to wait for an appropriate moment to come back inside.

TIP #3: Take a Tour

When you arrive at the space, take some time to explore! Show your little one where the stage is and where they’ll be sitting, look at the actors’ pictures hanging on the wall and examine costume displays and other interactive exhibits. This is a great time to answer any last-minute questions about what’s going to happen, and a really fun way to introduce your children to the behind-the-scenes experience.

TIP #4: Do a Debrief

After the play is over, take some time to talk to your children about how they felt during the performance. Ask: who was their favourite character? What was the best or most exciting part? Do they have any questions about what happened? Theatrical productions are a great way to introduce your little one to issues or ideas, so try to tackle them while the experience is still fresh.

TIP #5: Have fun!

At the end of the day, the performing arts are a ton of fun for everyone, so relax and enjoy the show. There is nothing more exciting than watching your little one’s eyes light up as they watch the theatre lights go down for the first time.


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