The FlexBrew Coffee Maker from Hamilton Beach Canada

I am a little new to using products from Hamilton Beach and so far, I am loving my coffee maker called The Flex Brew.  It is flexible(hence the name) when it comes to enjoying a cup of drip coffee.  I can make a big pot of coffee or single cup easily and quickly because The Flex Brew also has a K-Cup feature which I love and am using the most.  There is no annoying loud beep to let you know when it’s done, the little blue light turns off and you know.  It also keeps my coffee warm so after I drop the kids off, I can pour a fresh hot cup coffee.  I love the warming plate(my old coffee machine didn’t have one!) and you can even choose a Bold brew or a Regular brew.  It’s also a good size for our apartment kitchen. Whether you’re brewing coffee for one or making enough coffee for family and friends, Hamilton Beach has the perfect design, size, and features to fit your coffee brewer needs.


I’ve never had a coffee machine that had a K-Cup option, I always wanted one, now that the “kups” are recyclable but The Flex Brew also comes with another “kup” where you can put your own coffee in it which is truthfully a better option for you and Earth.  I love this!   I tried it and it was one of the best cups of coffee I’d ever had.  



So simply put the 3 things I like about the Flex Brew are:

– Single Cup with K-Cups or fresh ground coffee
– I can brew Boldly or Regular (but only in the carafe option)
– I can brew a big pot or a single brew

More features:

  • Single serve side:
    • Brew up to 10 oz. with K-Cup®* pack or 14 oz. with ground coffee
    • Includes single-serve pack holder and brew basket
    • Regular or bold brew strength
    • Brew into a cup or 8″ tall travel mug
    • Storage area inside cup rest for single-serve pack holder or brew basket
    • Includes travel mug
  • 12 cup carafe:
    • Brew a full pot of coffee the way you always have
    • Regular or bold brew strength
    • Programmable timer with 2-hour automatic shutoff
    • Automatic pause & serve to grab a cup before the brew cycle is done

Also, the coffee machine is very affordable(starting at $99) and The 2-Way FlexBrew® Coffee Maker maximizes your brewing flexibility and offers more brewing options than most coffeemakers. I haven’t experienced anything negative with it.  It gives me a great cup of coffee every day.  So if you are looking for an excellent coffee machine, it’s reasonably priced at $169.99. 

Disclosure: This post was in collaboration with Hamilton Beach Canada.  In exchange for this post, I have received perks in the form of products and/or compensation. All opinions on this blog are always my own.



  1. kathy downey | 28th Jan 19

    That’s a sweet brewer !

    • Mama Ash | 29th Jan 19

      Right?! I really love it.

  2. Suzie B | 29th Jan 19

    I would love this coffee maker- it sounds amazing!

  3. Linda Bragg | 30th Jan 19

    I too have this FlexBrew coffee maker and love it!! Before I had a Keurig brewer AND a drip brewer, but now having this brewer from Hamilton Beach, it saves space also on my counter top by not having two separate brewers for when I make coffee each morning for us in the carafe plus the husbands thermos to take to work. …And then I can make one individual cup for myself later if I like with the kups feature. I have always had great luck and results with Hamilton Beach products and recommend them to my friends who are looking for products for their kitchen…. Can’t go wrong with this great FlexBrew coffee maker from Hamilton Beach!!!

    • Mama Ash | 1st Feb 19

      So glad you love it too! I truly think it’s great and I enjoy it just as much as you 🙂

  4. Alison Braidwood | 1st Feb 19

    This is a great idea. I have a Keurig I rarely use as I’m a drip coffee drinker most of the time. This would give me more options with less wasted counter space.

  5. Victoria Ess | 2nd Feb 19

    I love all the options! What a great price too!

  6. Brian Thomas Dubbin | 2nd Feb 19

    Less waste. Great.

  7. Anita Mitchell | 2nd Feb 19

    This looks like a good coffee pot. Thank you for the review.

  8. Elizabeth Matthiesen | 2nd Feb 19

    I like this aspect of the coffee machine the most “Automatic pause & serve to grab a cup before the brew cycle is done”. I don’t have a coffee machine at the moment and this sounds like one I should look into. 🙂

  9. Florence Cochrane | 3rd Feb 19

    Looks like a great pot to own. I like you have the single serve side plus the 12 cup side.

  10. ivy pluchinsky | 6th Feb 19

    I really need a new coffee maker! This one sounds great.

  11. Athena | 6th Feb 19

    This sounds great!!

  12. jan | 6th Feb 19

    the single serve feature would be handy

  13. Kristy Reid | 9th Feb 19

    I love how many options there are! During the week, we usually only have a cup each at home. On the weekends, it would be nice to brew a pot. This coffee maker would be a great addition to our kitchen!

  14. Elizabeth Matthiesen | 12th Feb 19

    I actually love a latte once in a while, can this machine make a latte?

  15. kathy downey | 2nd May 19

    When I need to buy again I think it will be this baby!

  16. Calvin | 11th May 19

    Cool, I have a toaster from hamilton beach I think, this sounds nice

  17. kathy downey | 13th May 19

    I love the price,it does sound nice !

  18. Victoria Ess | 14th May 19

    This would be great to save some counter space!

  19. Nate | 21st May 19

    very good quality machine and the price is good too

  20. Emily John | 23rd May 19

    I have heard and read many great reviews on this Hamilton Beach coffee maker.

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