Four Cow Farm ~ Handcrafted natural and organic skincare from Australia

Four Cow Farm is now available in Canada!  I really like this line.  It has such a wholesomeness and purity to it that I find remarkable.  It’s created on the farm and all the herbs and flowers that go into their products are also grown there.  Four Cow Farm is food grade so you could eat it! Four Cows Farm was created by a midwife who is also a mom and grandma and she wanted to develop a truly safe and effective skincare line for her family.  Products are made at a low temperature ensuring that it’s active and that it’s healing properties are in fact active and healing.  So let me tell you about the range.

Calendula Remedy:  This is a very healing and nourishing product that is loaded with Calendula goodness. It reduces inflammation and is very healing to angry diaper rash(which can happen when baby is teething or trying new foods) it’s also healing for contact dermatitis, eczema and antiseptic so I like to use it on cuts and scrapes.  Calendula is nature’s polysporin.

Do I recommend it?  Yes.  We’ve encountered great success in healing diaper rash and my husband’s dermatitis.

Tea Tree Remedy:  I never leave home without this!  You have the benefits of antifungal and antiseptic tea tree.  I also use this for nappy care as candida rashes can happen also when the derriere can get raw after introducing new foods.  My girls are sensitive to dairy and as I introduce it my one twin needs this on her bum.. It’s cloth diaper safe and I am finding with my one twin being so sensitive I need something a little stronger than the above Calendula Remedy.
It is a fantastic emergency balm treating wounds naturally and simply yet effectively.Do I recommend it?  Yes.  It’s a great first aid balm to have in your diaper bag.

Nappy Cream:  If you prefer a nappy cream and made with zinc oxide then this is for you.  This is rich barrier cream that works as well.  It’s really nice and I tuck it in my Elari Diaper Wallet.

Do I recommend it? How could I not?! It’s so gentle and lovely!


Baby Oil: I love, love, love this oil. It’s so nice and the smell is so gentle.  It takes me back to something.  I wish I knew what it was but I just love massaging my girls with it.  Maybe it’s the soothing Rosemary and calming Chamomile mixed with Sweet Almond Oil and Apricot Kernel.

Do I recommend it? YES!


Baby Wash: This is so pure and so gentle.  It washes nice and is not drying at all.  It’s 100% Pure Castile Soap Baby Wash which is made only from their Premium Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with no palm or coconut oils.  If your infant/child suffers from eczema, dermatitis, very reactive/sensitive skin I truly think this will be a wash perfect for your bubs.  Based on the ingredients and texture of the soap I think you’ll be pleased.

Do I recommend it:  It’s a very nice baby wash but if you prefer bubbles and foam this is not for you.

Baby Lotion: I love the pure raw scent of this.  Real ingredients, Pure Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Sweet Almond and Apricot Kernel Oils, infused with Soothing Rosemary Leaf Extract. No additives, fillers or texturizers.  No sticky residue and with the cold weather around the corner this is a must have to protect baby’s face!

Do I recommend it? You bet.

Overall Experience
This line is so pure and lovely I hope you’ll visit their site, shop and enter our giveaway.  I can feel the love and energy that has been put into this unique skincare line.   
You can know and trust that this line is completely toxic free and their approach to skincare and their creation is truly safe product and refreshing!  No greenwashing.  They get it-spot on.  If you know someone suffering from eczema please refer them to this skincare line as Four Cows has created an amazing brochure on treating such a skin condition and how Four Cows can truly help.
To download please visit this link taking you to Four Cow Farm where it explains Eczema.  It’s a must-read.
Disclosure: This was written in collaboration with Four Cow Farm. All opinions are always my own as I was gifted product.


  1. Annie1 | 6th Sep 14

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  2. Annie1 | 6th Sep 14

    like that they use preservatives that are non-irritating and non-sensitising so that ALLERGIC REACTIONS to them are rare.

    I appreciate this alot as I’m allergic to a preservative that is in many beauty, hair, and skin products!

    RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

  3. Carole D. | 6th Sep 14

    I like that there is no parabens, propylene glycol, sulfates (ALS/SLS/SLES), cocamidopropyl betaine, artificial fragrances or colours, synthetic detergents, petrochemicals or petrochemical derivatives, mineral oils, lanolin, chlorinated water or phthalates. I’m allergic to mineral oil and petrochemicals, I get hives.

  4. Amy C | 6th Sep 14

    I like that they are made from their own handcrafted recipes.

  5. Danielle | 6th Sep 14

    I love that the family still oversees all the production and uses Nanna’s recipes

  6. verycutekitties | 7th Sep 14

    I like that they choose the preservatives and emulsifiers very carefully and only after a lot of research.

  7. aperry | 7th Sep 14

    I love that they use food grade preservatives

  8. Nicky | 8th Sep 14

    looks like a great company – i love that they really care about the environment and animals.

  9. Soozle | 8th Sep 14

    I love their approach – using products with long safety records, against animal testing, etc..

  10. Victoria Ess | 9th Sep 14

    I like that they avoid using known allergens while also being environmentally and animal friendly.

  11. karine123 | 9th Sep 14

    I like their approach because they are a green company – their products are also good for the earth

  12. Anonymous | 9th Sep 14

    I like that they have a Pohnpei Sponge, Hand-Grown and Sustainably Farmed

  13. Lori Bazan | 11th Sep 14

    Four Cow Farm’s range of baby creams and balms are made at the family farm with all pure and natural ingredients! I love that the recipes for the products and creams are handed down from Nana and she is still part of the process

  14. Laurie P | 13th Sep 14

    “handcrafted at the family farm from the finest pure, genuine and natural ingredients” —-love this when it comes to baby products.

  15. Nic | 15th Sep 14

    I like that the family continues to oversee every step of the making of the products.

  16. jopfoh | 15th Sep 14

    I really like that they created these recipes themselves

  17. Anonymous | 15th Sep 14

    I like that they are a sustainable farm!

    It is very good that they don’t have parabens as well.

    -Aarone M.

  18. Vesper Meikle | 15th Sep 14

    I like their approach of not using any artificial fragrances or colours

    meikleblog at gmail dot com

  19. Erin | 15th Sep 14

    I love that they’re made at a low heat.

  20. Anonymous | 15th Sep 14

    I like that they use their own recipes

  21. tammy ta | 17th Sep 14

    I like that it is a family based bussiness

  22. Shirley OFlynn | 3rd Feb 19

    I like that she developed these products to meet her families needs. I would love to try the baby wash. A nice selection of products.

  23. wendy hutton | 4th Feb 19

    I love that they are made with pure and natural ingredients and I bet they smell wonderful too

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