Orange & Rosemary Chicken Recipe

This is good.  In fact, I may make this tonight instead of Friday night pizza!  I love my Le Creuset.  Some people collect wraps and carriers well now that my kids are getting older my new found love is cooking in Le Creuset.  I got this beautiful pot for Christmas.  It’s actually a risotto pot but as you see I use it for other things.   I am convinced that everything tastes better in Le Creuset and The Bay had a great sale recently where I picked up some key items I needed to build my collection.  But you don’t need Le Creuset to make this tasty chicken recipe I got from The Best of Bridge-The Best of the Best and more…

[yumprint-recipe id=’10’]


  1. kathy downey | 1st May 16

    Thanks so mmuch for sharing your recipe cant wait to try it

  2. Carol M | 2nd May 16

    Thanks for the recipe. I totally agree, love my Le Creuset.

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