Fuel by Trudeau for Back to School~ My favourite must haves

I’ve admired the Fuel line from Trudeau from afar for quite some time so I was very happy when I was offered the opportunity to review.  Well, let me tell you. It’s everything I thought it’d be.  High quality and design, it’s what I’ve always liked about the Fuel line. I like the earthy colours, sizes and variety and I am going to dish with you, my favourite picks.  The soup bowl is perfect for big kids.  My son is going into grade.3 and I like sending him off with warm soup for lunch along with some snacks.  I also have a great recipe for homemade “canned” Alphabet soup(posted below) as you can see on my Soup on the Go pic.


For example, even though it’s labelled for dressing and condiments, I like to use it for snacks like adding some coconut chips from Hungry Buddha, dried fruits from Patience, Seeds and Fruit from Enjoy Life.  Below I have Penguin crackers, dried apricots and seeds and fruit.


The Snack Pods are brilliant too.  I’ll make yoghurt parfaits or even smoothies or bone broth for him to sip on as it comes with a secure closure.
Snack-Pods-Fuel-TrudeauAnother must have from the Fuel Collection- The Snack ‘n Dip Container.  I’ll add dates or pretzels and almond butter, cookie butter from Loblaws, sun butter or cashew butter for him to dip into for a healthy and filling snack or salsa and tortillas. There are endless idea’s for great dips at lunch.  It comes with a little spatula for easy spreading too.  


For your salad loving child, I know you have them.  My son likes Caesar salads but the Fuel Salad Container is not only beautiful but it keeps salads fresh and not soggy!  It comes with an integrated ice pack.  It’s also great for pasta salads, grain salads…whatever is best eaten cool.
And lastly the Fuel Lunch Bag.
So these are just some of my favourite must haves for back school.  Whether your child or grandchild is going to first grade or high school.  I can fit everything in their lovely lunch bag.  It’s all Canadian designed, BPA free, easy clean and sturdy.  You can find them at a retailer near you.   I hope you like this post, and below you can find the recipe I use for homemade Alphabet soup so you can send your child off with yummy soup in your Soup on the Go container from Fuel. Don’t forget to pack your tshu’s, like my lovely polka dot reusable handkerchief 😉
Make your Alphabet Soup!  When in a pinch I do rely on Annie’s Organics but this is too good and kids love it.  I always add a little dollop of creme fraiche when enjoyed at home or a little cream.

[yumprint-recipe id=’15’]

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  1. Lynda Cook | 6th Sep 16

    Soup looks great and a great one for school lunches!

    • Erica | 6th Sep 16

      It’s a win-win! 🙂 I’m just happy the kids love soup. It’s so good for them.

  2. Jamie hall | 14th Sep 16

    That soup looks delicious , thanks for the recipe

  3. kathy downey | 26th Sep 16

    Your soup looks delicious and its perfect for this time of year.

  4. Chandra Christine O'Connor | 10th Dec 16

    They have such great containers for kids now.

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