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From selfie sticks to camera’s capturing the perfect moment or headphones to keep get you motivated( a great song can really get me moving!) here are my top picks from BestBuy.  Some of these products make a great gift  for Christmas too so bookmark this blog post.  Students have said goodbye to summer vacation, but what I always liked and looked forward to the new school was a fresh start.  Best Buy Canada is here to help us and your child translate the checklist of tech they’ll need for the dorm room such as a computer with an “i5 Intel processor,” versus “Celeron”?  I don’t even know what this means.  Or “Quad-core Premium,” with “750 GB HDD”.  Best Buy’s Blue Shirts can easily answer this for you. With back-to-school or completing their journey through high school, college or university, students can receive the help they need to translate the latest tech and make smart choices when buying a laptop or tablet.  I can’t even begin to imagine what it will be like when my kids reach this age and move to University.

Marley Headphones 
We got a pair of these awesome headphones.  I’ve always used the little ear buds that come with my phone and this totally blew away.  Beautiful sound.  I went for a walk and tuned into my old fave- Depeche Mode and the sound quality was really amazing.  I like how it really picks up sound in the slower songs. I also liked the in-line microphone allows you to take and make calls.  Priced at $179.99 I think this is a great gift for you or your big kid. 
10303223Some more great products for those extra curricular activities the Marley Speakers, FujiFilm and the SelfieStick!  Check out more at Best Buy where Blue Shirts can help translate all the options students have to have fun outside the classroom. Get inspired through the selection available at



  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) | 14th Sep 15

    We just got my son his first laptop at Best Buy! It;s THE place to go for stuff like that.

    • Erica | 16th Sep 15

      Totally agree!

  2. Jamie | 14th Sep 15

    Best Buy always has some great deals, especially for “Back to School”. I know that my husband and son would love it, if we had a store closer to us! 🙂

  3. Jessica Harlow | 14th Sep 15

    I love the look of the Marley headphones! I know both my stepson and my husband would love a pair of these for Christmas!

    • Erica | 16th Sep 15

      My husband keeps taking them from me!

  4. Maggie | 14th Sep 15

    My husband and I recently bought 2 tablets at Best Buy. They had great service!

  5. Sojourner | 14th Sep 15

    Best Buy is so convenient. They have everything!

    • Erica | 16th Sep 15

      Agreed! Even more online.

  6. Beth@FrugalFroggie | 14th Sep 15

    I don’t think a selfie sick would work with my cell phone. I have a dumb phone.

  7. Rosey | 15th Sep 15

    Best Buy has become my go-to in the past few years. And i love all they do w/the kids/for the schools.

  8. Elizabeth O. | 15th Sep 15

    Best buy is really making an effort for gift giving! Lol. These are really nice gifts for teens. They are going to appreciate all these.

  9. Dogvills | 15th Sep 15

    The Marley headphones look so cool! This is definitely a great gift for teens. I’m sure my son would love to have this.

  10. Liz Mays | 15th Sep 15

    It’s such a great one-stop shop for tech goodies. We need lots of those at back to school time!

    • Erica | 16th Sep 15

      Times have changed! No more wrapping books in brown paper, lol

  11. Mhar Sefcik | 16th Sep 15

    Best Buy sometimes has great deals on electronics especially on cameras. I bought one last year and my youngest sister is now using it whenever she gets the chance after school.

  12. Yona Williams | 17th Sep 15

    I wonder if the Marley Speakers featured here are from the same maker as a pair of earbuds that I have. They are my favorite pair, and I love the line. Best Buy is one of my favorite retailers.

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