Spring fitness with Gaiam & Jillian Michaels will have you sweating and ready for Summer!

I have been getting myself back in shape since January.  Off and on and off and on.  But for the past 2 months I have been on top of my exercise regime and I am starting to see results with Jillian Michaels, new DVD, Hot Body Healthy Mommy.  

Working out with Jillian 5-6 days a week has been intense.  She’s intense, lol  but I love the care put into this DVD and attention to detail with certain exercises for us moms.  Jillian worked with renowned pregnancy fitness expert Andrea Orbeck to provide you with three incredibly effective workouts, each focusing on a different section of your body – an upper body workout that focuses on arms, chest and back, a lower body workout that tones the buns and thighs, and a core strengthening workout.  Ab Diastasis affects us all postpartum and you have to avoid certain exercises or the Diastasis may get worse.  But the best part of the work outs besides getting a healthier you is that these are quick workouts.   All you need is 20 minutes.  If I can do this on 20 minutes with my twins running circles around me, I think you can too!  

The struggles.
To me, my weight is a struggle.  From family members commenting on my size, I range from 16-18 I never thought I’d receive such silly remarks and judgment.  Granted I wasn’t eating well. Skipping meals because of being on the go, having wine at night and rich meals to make up for what I lacked during the day.  I needed to stop my poor eating habits because it was making me grumpy in the day and my body was holding on to the fat.  I got my new work out mat from Gaiam which I adore.   I adore it because it’s manufactured free of the top six most harmful phthalates, this mat is a healthier choice for both you and the planet!  I have made the effort to sneak out once a week for a yoga class to get my sanity back and much needed “me time” with a sneak out down to the sauna in my building.  I have started eat like a Queen at breakfast, a Princess at lunch and a peasant at dinner.  LOL.  I don’t remember where I saw it but it might have been on Instagram. I am loving that I am more active, I can feel the difference in my thighs and my arms, I am more flexible,  I have more energy and  I am down 12 pounds and 5 inches around my waist.  That’s 2 months of Jillian’s DVD, yoga and eating better.  


Now that I am officially finished with breast feeding, about 8 months ago I feel it was time for me.  I am tired of layering and trying to hide my mid section.  I am really tired of it, so once I get to my goal weight, I’ll share with you my before and after pics.  Raise your hand if you’re tired too of not being comfortable in your own skin?  I want this to be my Summer where I can walk out the door confidently.  I do try to not care what others think but I can’t help it.  But I want to be healthy, hot(for me!) and fit for my kids and not get winded when I chase them up the hill.  That’s just me though and if you’re ready, come join me!  I am a click away where you can find me on my Facebook page and Hot Body Healthy Mommy is a great video to take the first step in getting fit.  It’s just $12.99, you can buy it here and join me! Let me know if you do.  Maybe I can create a fun little group for us!

Coming soon, Cloub B giveaway!


  1. Brandy | 18th Apr 16

    I love Jillian and will definitely grab this workout.

  2. Kristina | 18th Apr 16

    Havent seen this workout video. Might have to get it! I like her other ones that I have, but something new would be perfect.
    Good for you for working out!

  3. Cheryl | 19th Apr 16

    I love Jillian but haven’t seen this dvd yet, it would be perfect

  4. Carole Dube | 19th Apr 16

    I haven’t seen this DVD yet, but it should be good. I love Jillian workout DVD.

  5. kathy downey | 20th Apr 16

    I haven’t seen this DVD yet,my daughter loves her Jillian workout DVD.

  6. Julie F | 20th Apr 16

    I haven’t seen this DVD yet but I am sure it is good!

  7. Lynda Cook | 20th Apr 16

    I like Jillian, she sure can get scary though for being such a tiny person, but she is a great motivator!!

  8. heidi c. | 20th Apr 16

    Thanks for the motivating post. I haven’t had the healthiest winter so I will took a look at this dvd,

  9. Judy Cowan | 21st Apr 16

    Sounds like a helpful DVD, I do need to try and focus on getting some weight off this summer. I have been stuck for a long time.

  10. Victoria Ess | 27th Apr 16

    I love anything by Jillian Michaels!

  11. kathy downey | 11th May 17

    Havent seen this workout video,sure sounds interesting!

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