Getting your glow with Huna Apothecary

What can I tell you about Huna Apothecary?  It is probably a #1 in my top favourite picks for amazing, therapeutic, high quality,  effective and natural skincare handmade in the beautiful Prairies of Manitoba.  I may be biased as I love my Winnipeggers but since using their products, I have been savouring every drop and I’ve seen such a change in my skin!  So much so that people are asking what I am using, that even when I went for a facial at Hand & Stone, my esthetician even commented on my healthy glow and the quality of my skin.

Here’s a before.  A little redness, some sun damage and fine lines around my eyes, a little lacklustre.   So, my skincare concerns are always about hydration, sensitivity and the quality of my skin.  I want flawless, healthy-looking skin. I can deal with wrinkles.  I want radiance. Huna Apothecary delivered. Big time.


 4 1/2 months of using Huna Apothecary.  I only have lipstick and mascara on. Complexion is healthy, hydrated and glowing.


With makeup.  My skin looks just as lovely as without.  Or is it just me?  But my make up goes on better when my skin is in good health. I’m 41.



Ucuuba butter replenishes moisture and nutrients while boasting ultra-healing and anti-bacterial qualities.  Ucuuba lends the Cleansing Creme its distinct natural earthy scent, which contributes to the characteristic rich, intoxicating aroma-benefits of the Cleansing Crème.”

I was sent their cleanser, toner, eye balm and serum to review.  This cleanser is EVERYTHING and it comes with a little cloth to gently remove. It’s called the Revitalize Cleansing Creme. I was looking forward to my nightly ritual with Huna Apothecary thanks to this cleanser.  I’ve never used a cleanser like it.   It’s infused with organic mango butter, unrefined ucuuba + jojoba. This cleanser has such an amazing scent and texture. It truly leaves your skin feeling incredible and clean. Gentle and effective, if your skin needs some TLC this is where to start.


Sugar Cane, Orange, Lemon + Strawberry extracts contain natural AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) and BHA’s (Beta Hydroxy Acids) to gently exfoliate skin to clear, clarify, renew, brighten and fade the appearance of dark spots and those pesky imperfections.”

Ok, this is another must.  The whole line is, I ain’t gonna lie because there is something for every skin type.  When that time comes for me to open my own skin care clinic, I’ll be using this for my facial line along with some others that I love.  I have three brands in mind.  Ok, so back to this.  This Clarify Exfoliate Fruit Toner is what helped clear up my little hormonal pimple scars, gave my skin the even tone and freshness I craved for my skin.   I did take a little summer break with it because of the AHA’s and with facial waxing.  It’s seriously magic in a bottle upon waking up with such good skin.

Made with neroli, citrus + strawberry exfoliates, clarifies, renews and brightens skin gently and naturally by sloughing away dead skin cells- leaving behind fresh new healthy skin.  The mild 100% fruit acid AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) exfoliating blend works overnight while you sleep- while your skin naturally repairs itself.  You will wake to beautifully clear, refreshed, renewed and glowing healthy skin.” ~ Huna Apothecary


“Made with Sea Kelp, Seaweed and astringent Witch Hazel to firm and tone the delicate skin around the eye area.”

I love the packaging of the Firming Eye Cream. One pump is all you need and it dispenses the perfect amount.  I gently tap underneath my eye, do some pressure points along the brow bone and gently do a lymphatic drain-circling around my eyes.   Bye-bye darkness!  It took Huna over 14 months of research in developing this eye cream.  I have found it to be gentle and helping with my eyes, as I am turning into a squinter.  I  think I need glasses but that’s a whole other blog post. Sigh…. 


“‘Age-Grace Botanical Complex’ created from our very own homegrown organic botanicals- specially developed to hydrate, heal, tone, calm inflammation, reduce the appearance of dark spots and protect skin with a potent antioxidant blend.”

I feel as though there should be a drum roll with this.  This, the Age-Grace Serum!  Oh, this beautiful bottle of Seabuckthorn! Made also with organic rosehip oil contains trans-retinoic acid which is a natural form of vitamin A. 
I literally have maybe enough left in my bottle for one more use. This was just fantastic and my skin loved it. Combine it with rosehip oil and my skin was even more balanced and redness subdued.   It’s not greasy at all, in fact, it’s lightweight. It has helped to heal my skin as my skin suffered great damage years ago when I tried microdermabrasion.  I knew it was a mistake the moment I was in the treatment room.  It was too much for my skin.  It also calms my inflammation, that is due to red wine and Caesars though 😉 But this gem of a bottle is top notch when it comes to revitalizing, healing and nourishing your skin. Thanks to the Carrot oil it imparts a healthful glow to my complexion.

Huna Apothecary is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  They grow their own herbs on a family acreage and have their own lab at the University of Manitoba campus.  Their Organic Skin Nutrition Garden is something I wished I was able to see when I was back home in August.  There’s something very special in knowing exactly how the skincare products you use are harvested and created.  I feel like Huna Apothecary is truly a wonderful company to support.  I mean, Huna is the first green beauty brand in North America, and possibly even in the world- to partner with a major University for production and research.  Their home(as I already mentioned) is at the University of Manitoba’s Richardson Centre for Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals (RCFFN), which offers Huna a state-of-the-art Laboratory environment for production and research.   How amazing is that?!


This skincare line is just phenomenal because it works due to the herbs and oils that are used.   Calendula is amazing, it has been scientifically proven to rapidly heal and repair skin damage, wounds and irritations.  Calendula significantly increases skin hydration levels and possesses potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.  It’s also antiviral-calendula is a little miracle plant.
It has blown me away in the quality & effectiveness ( this is a high-end, high-quality skincare line),  how it’s harvested, how the herbs are cared for, the process,  how it’s researched and their meticulous process in offering truly natural skincare.  This is the bee’s knees. I am so thankful for Huna Apothecary providing me with the opportunity to review their skincare line.  I truly hope you click on the links and indulge in serious skincare health and treat yourself to their products. $2 from every product sold goes to support Mental Health + Postpartum initiatives!

I leave you with this quote from Heather the founder of Huna Apothecary.  

“There is empowerment in being aware of what you put into your body and onto your skin. It is about feeling good- using products that contain good ingredients and supporting the company’s which are good for the environment. It comes down to living a happier and more fulfilled life.” ~ HEATHER URQUHART, FOUNDER

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Disclosure: This blog post is in partnership with Huna Apothecary, all opinions are always my own as I was sent products to conduct my review.


  1. kathy | 24th Oct 18

    Thanks for the review,you look stunning !

  2. Lynda Cook | 24th Oct 18

    You look great, these are amazing products!! it totally looks like you are wearing makeup and your skin looks so healthy!

    • Mama Ash | 26th Oct 18

      So healthy! I truly love it. This brand totally agrees with my skin. <3

  3. wendy hutton | 24th Oct 18

    you look great and these products sound wonderful, thanks love seeing new products and how well they work

  4. Kam | 25th Oct 18

    Wow! Look so good! Love the quote by Heather at the end!

  5. ivy pluchinsky | 25th Oct 18

    These sound like amazing products

  6. kristen visser | 25th Oct 18

    oh wow ! these sound like fantastic products…essentials really! i will have to keep them in mind

  7. Heather Urquhart | 26th Oct 18

    Thank you kindly for this incredible review Mama Ash. You just made my skin glow even more than our Revitalize Age-Grace Serum, lol! 😆❤️. Grateful for your time, energy, passion for clean Canadian products, and your love for Huna! 🙌

    • Mama Ash | 2nd Nov 18

      Thank you for creating such an exquisite skincare line! xx

  8. Sapana V | 27th Oct 18

    Woww!! It seems like a really promising product. Thanks for introducing me to it and for reviewing it. Would love to give it a try! <3

  9. kathy downey | 21st Nov 18

    Love to try those products,you look fantastic !

  10. ivy pluchinsky | 23rd Nov 18

    I had no idea that Huna Apothecary is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I’m from there.

  11. Shirley OFlynn | 10th Feb 19

    Sounds like wonderful products. You look amazing.

  12. Shirley | 29th May 19

    These look like amazing products I will have to check them out

  13. wendy hutton | 29th May 19

    these sounds like great products

  14. Nate | 30th May 19

    Very nice line up of products. Thanks for the review

  15. kathy downey | 30th May 19

    Love to try the face mist !

  16. Emily John | 30th May 19

    You’re absolutely glowing! My first time learning about Huna Apothecary and it seems superb!

  17. Lynda Cook | 31st May 19

    You look very radiant! these sound like great products!

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