glerups for kids: felted wool slippers

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I absolutely love glerups slippers.  Made in Romania founded in Denmark my little Vikings look like little sweet pixies when I want their feet cozy and warm!
With the cold weather here I was on the hunt for cute, warm slippers that I can put on their feet that would slide on quickly and stay on.  The shape contours to your childs foot and the little shoes are flexible.
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Why wool felt?
– Natural fibres is best(nothing toxic to be absorbed from the sole of the foot!)
– they stretch a little too being made of wool (no they aren’t itchy)
– naturally fire resistant
– they keep feet warm
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My kids do love them!  We are a glerups family and they are insanely cute, they have that European look and quality and they are worth every penny at $65 (handmade!) for the warmth they provide and quality .  Get a pair.  I know you’ll love them.  They can be worn with everything.  Did I mention that they are insanely cute?
With Christmas around the corner add glerups to your Wish List!  Get a whole set for the family by visiting TinShack.  “LIKE” in Facebook for more info!
Valued at $65 TinShack is going to give one lucky fan of Everything Mom and Baby a pair for their kiddo!
It’s simple to enter.  You must reside in Canada and are 18+yrs to enter.

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  1. Audrey | 4th Nov 14

    Those are cute…I am not a slipper fan..but i may like those…my kids would love them

  2. Zeta McMillan | 4th Nov 14

    These are greatquality and would keep your feet nice and warm!

  3. Nicolthe pickle | 4th Nov 14

    I like that they’re warm So important here in cold NB.

  4. Jonnie (JB) | 4th Nov 14

    I love that they are warm, natural and adorable!

  5. DKScott | 4th Nov 14

    I love that they are handmade. Perfect for the chilly Northern BC winters that we experience.
    kristina_ann_scott at hotmail dot com

  6. suzie | 4th Nov 14

    I like that they are warm & cute
    Cold days are ahead

  7. Soozle | 4th Nov 14

    I love the quality and comfort

  8. Nicky | 4th Nov 14

    i love the style and colours!

  9. Annie1 | 5th Nov 14

    My youngest daughter is pregnant with her first baby and he is coming in March! I’d love to be able to give my new grandson a pair of these lovely slippers.

    Anne Taylor

  10. Jeannie Lam | 5th Nov 14

    I love that they will keep my son’s feet warm and they are so cute!!

  11. Joelle | 5th Nov 14

    They look so cute and comfy.

  12. Carole D. | 5th Nov 14

    They look so cute and comfy and warm. My granddaughter would love them.

  13. Nate Fuller | 5th Nov 14

    Judging by last years winter we need to keep our little peoples feet as warm as possible! I like the simple style of these, no flashy logos or cartoon characters on them.

  14. flowerchild | 5th Nov 14

    I would love to win because my daughter loves wearing slippers and these look so warm and comfortable

  15. Tannis | 5th Nov 14

    I like that they’re made of wool!

  16. Anonymous | 5th Nov 14

    I love their look and the fact that they would keep my feet toastie. I always were slippers.

  17. Angela M | 6th Nov 14

    Oh I’ve been wanting a pair of these. They look so cute and cozy and like that they’re made of wool!

  18. Amy C | 6th Nov 14

    I like that they are cute and look really warm.

  19. Darlene Schuller | 6th Nov 14

    I love that their made of wool and non itchy!!

  20. Journeys of The Zoo | 6th Nov 14

    We have a new addition to the family and I only want natural products for them. I wish they made these in adult sizes!

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  21. Lisa Bolduc | 7th Nov 14

    I have a pair for myself and they are my fav pair of slippers, I would want a pair for my baby boy

  22. Monique L.S. | 9th Nov 14

    I like that they are warm and colourful.

  23. stracey2010 | 10th Nov 14

    I love that they are made of wool

  24. Tara | 10th Nov 14

    love that they are wool and that they’d keep my girl’s feel warm in our chilly Manitoba winters

  25. Claire | 11th Nov 14

    We love wool! They are simple, handmade and beautiful!

  26. Shannon Bridge | 12th Nov 14

    we are an all natural and homemade kind of household, so these are right up our alley! I love that they are made of wool felt

  27. Rick and Jennifer | 14th Nov 14

    Oh wow, I love the Euro look these have – reminds me of our travels! I would love to win a blue pair for my daughter. I love the HUGE variety of sizes, and that they are made of natural wool and leather. Nice product!

  28. Holly Messana | 17th Nov 14

    I love that they look cozy and warm. Warm feet is a warm body, and they are naturally fire resistant.

  29. Sue2Sueper | 18th Nov 14

    I like that they are handmade and very warm.

    I wear slippers all the time too.

  30. Brandee H | 19th Nov 14

    How beautiful are these!! My son is always in bare feet! These are so lovely I may be able to convince him that warm feet are awesome! 🙂

  31. maria | 24th Nov 14

    I like that it will keep the kids feet warm.

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