Go banana’s this Spring with the Bugaboo Andy Warhol #TheBananaCollection

Your little monkey is going to love the new Andy Warhol Banana Collection!

This spring, Bugaboo continues its exciting collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation by launching a collection that puts one of the pop-artist’s most iconic images in the limelight.  The Bugaboo + Andy Warhol Banana collection is inspired by Warhol’s legendary print created in 1966.  The print became iconic when it was selected to adorn the first album cover of The Velvet Underground and Nico, also produced by Andy Warhol.

The Bugaboo + Andy Warhol Banana collection includes a complete Bugaboo Cameleon3,  as well as a footmuff and seat liner that can be used on all Bugaboo strollers, everyone can go bananas now!

Is a hint of Warhol’s rebellious Rock n’ Roll attitude just the fun element you we’re looking for to customize your stroller? Well don’t sweat it, Bugaboo’s Banana Accessories are available for all strollers. Simply add an extra dash of pop-art to your stroller and at the same time keep your child warm and cozy on cold days with the Andy Warhol + Bugaboo Banana footmuff. Made from water repellent material, the black coloured shiny footmuff is equipped with bamboo charcoal. This eco-friendly and sustainable fiber extracted from wild bamboo regulates temperature and humidity and provides more comfort during chilly months. The cover of the footmuff can be partly opened or completely removed when it becomes too warm. You can further customize your stroller with the breathable and padded off-white Bugaboo Seat Liner, which also features the iconic ‘Banana’. The seat liner has an extra top layer made from bamboo charcoal that wicks away moisture and ensures a comfortable and cool ride.
The Andy Warhol + Bugaboo Banana Collection is in stores worldwide from May 1, 2014. Please check the Bugaboo store locator on bugaboo.com.

Are you a fan of bugaboo and their Andy Warhol series?
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  1. Deanna T. | 4th Nov 14

    I already thought the Bugaboo was gorgeous. This just kicks it up a notch. Makes me wish I had need of a stroller.

  2. Randa Derkson | 4th Nov 14

    Look at the beautiful artwork on this! I love how now a days a stroller is a great statement piece 😉 This is gorgeous.

  3. Making of a Mom | 4th Nov 14

    WOW! That is cool! So much more than just a stroller and so beautiful too! That is awesome.

  4. Grace | 4th Nov 14

    I really love this design. I think it is great that they think out of the box and go with an Andy Warhol iconic image.

  5. Melissa Vera | 4th Nov 14

    What a cute stroller. Why didn’t they have then my girls were little.

  6. Margarita Ibbott ~ @DownshiftingPRO | 4th Nov 14

    I love it! I am a big Warhol fan. When I saw the Mao painting at the Met Museum in New York I was blown away. Great way to see art in an everyday context. He would have loved that!

  7. Christine McN | 4th Nov 14

    Oh, wow! That is adorable! Makes me want to have another little one! 😉

  8. Danielle K | 4th Nov 14

    This is so cute!!! If we have a second any time soon, I’ll be asking for this stroller – love it 🙂

  9. Heavenly Savings | 4th Nov 14

    Wow this looks really handy and I love that bright yellow!

  10. Everything Mom and Baby | 4th Nov 14

    I love the yellow too and really appreciate the work of art.

  11. Amanda Komoski | 4th Nov 14

    I love the baby buggy and the babies would sure love the brightness of the yellow.

  12. Aeryn Lynne | 4th Nov 14

    Oh WOW,that’s a gorgeous bugaboo. I had no idea strollers could look so classy. There will be a new niece/nephew in the family soon, and am thinking this Warhol is going to be in their life soon. 😀

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