My favourite Fall fashion pieces from Mark’s #wellworn

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Mark’s  has really upped their apparel.  I am loving the new looks and I love my Alfred Sung courtesy of Mark’s.  I love Black and white, I never bother with much colour and do like to stay in my comfort zone.  Effortless fashion is instantly classic and easy to dress up or dress down.  Whether you’re heading out for drinks after work, date night with your significant other or heading out with the kids.  My top picks can be worked into any casual looks.  

Knit Leggings by Alfred Sung
Reversible Poncho by Alfred Sung
Boots by Alfred Sung
Turtle Neck by Denver Hayes
Tegan 3 Compartment Bag

My poncho is soft and my favourite wrap of the season. My boots are über comfortable, no need to work them in and I love the gold detail on the heel.  I practically live in my leggings and my turtleneck.  That little bag is perfect for date night or a night out with my favourite blogging ladies.



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Head over Mark’s and tell me your favourite pieces. Do you like mine?  Visit Mark’s on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and get inspired to pick up some Fall fashion for yourself.  I have my eye on the Mens Mark’s Chukkas for my husband!

Disclosure: This post was in collaboration with Mark’s.  In exchange for this post, I have received perks in the form of products and/or compensation. All opinions on this blog are always my own. 


  1. nicolthepickle | 17th Nov 17

    It’s a good outfit, and the poncho is just right.

  2. Janet M | 17th Nov 17

    You made lovely choices.

  3. ivy pluchinsky | 21st Nov 17

    I love shopping there, they have some nice things! I love your outfit!

  4. Elizabeth Matthiesen | 21st Nov 17

    Great outfit, it suits you to a tee. Mark’s has some great clothing these days.

  5. LILLIAN BROWN | 21st Nov 17

    Love my flannel shirt from Mark’s

  6. kristen visser | 21st Nov 17

    I am totally diggin your outfit wow!! love the combination of piece and that shawl is beautiful

  7. Lynda Cook | 21st Nov 17

    I love the outfit, I like Mark’s and used to buy a lot of clothing there, but sadly I gained a lot of weight and no longer fit into anything from the store, but I do buy hubbys work shoes and clothing there!

  8. Alison Braidwood | 21st Nov 17

    Love the whole outfit, especially the boots and leggings.

  9. Elizabeth Vlug | 21st Nov 17

    I love your outfit, you look fab. I particularly like those Alfred Sung boots. Might have to check those out.

  10. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard | 21st Nov 17

    Love Marks clothes

  11. Heidi Pawluk | 21st Nov 17

    Love that Marks clothes are so casual yet your feel dressed at the same time. Great outfit by the way

  12. Robyn Bellefleur | 21st Nov 17

    Definitely a cute outfit.

  13. Debbie White Beattie | 22nd Nov 17

    I love Marks because they have quality products and they’re always in style

  14. Diana Powell | 22nd Nov 17

    Love how stylish and comfortable their clothes are .

  15. Barbara Copeland | 22nd Nov 17


  16. SueSueper | 22nd Nov 17

    I think the poncho is fabulous!

  17. Nicole B | 22nd Nov 17

    I love the poncho! Looks comfortable yet very stylish!

  18. Suzanne G | 22nd Nov 17

    I love Marks and actually did not realize the fashionable clothing they carry until I happened to see a fashion show on Cityline couple of years ago.

  19. Judy Cowan | 22nd Nov 17

    Love the outfit you picked out. I love shopping Marks, I always come out with something when I go in there.

  20. Florence Cochrane | 22nd Nov 17

    I really like the outfit.I always find great styles at Marks.

  21. Wanda Tracey | 22nd Nov 17

    Those pieces are gorgeous and especially love the boots and bag.Mark’s is also one of my favorite places to shop too.

  22. Jenn | 23rd Nov 17

    I love the Alfred Sung boots. The subtle gold strip detail is so cute!

  23. Rick I | 23rd Nov 17

    Great outfit!

  24. Victoria Ess | 23rd Nov 17

    I love those boots!

  25. Cheryl H | 10th Dec 17

    I love the boots! So cute and stylish

  26. Yuen C | 11th Dec 17

    I like the knit leggings!

  27. NJ Nowoselski | 12th Dec 17

    I like the Chakka boots too! I really need to get hubby new shoes too. We do love Mark’s Infact that is where hubby’s current worn out shoes are from. Great value & Canadian so I appreciate

  28. Rhonda | 13th Dec 17

    My husband and I both do a lot of shopping at Mark’s…Good quality. I just got 2 pairs of skinny pants…

  29. Athena | 13th Dec 17

    great outfit!

  30. jan | 14th Dec 17

    I adore every piece you picked. Will you come shopping with me?

  31. Judy Ruffolo | 29th Apr 18

    I had no idea they had stepped up their game. I never even walk in the store anymore. Tis is good to know 🙂

  32. Michelle W | 4th Jun 18

    I’ve only recently started shopping at Marks! Got a winter coat, timberland boots and several shirts! Great quality 🙂

  33. tiesha | 29th Jun 18

    Beautiful poncho! It looks chic and cozy.

  34. Shirley OFlynn | 9th Feb 19

    Great outfit. I really like the Boots by Alfred Sung.

  35. Emily John | 17th May 19

    Wonderfully put together! Alfred Sung has great quality stuff!

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